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Titan Cement Plant update

READ MORE: Titan Cement Plant update
For a short time yesterday, the proposed Titan Cement Plant in Castle Hayne appeared to have gained an ally. A news release was sent to WWAY and other local media indicating the Castle Hayne Steering Committee supports the Carolinas Cement Project. But according to members of the committee, that is not the case. Steve Gause has been a member of the Castle Hayne Steering Committee for 5 years. He is concerned about a news release sent to the media this week, by the public relations company representing Titan America. Eight Castle Hayne residents, 5 of them members of the Steering Committee, visited Titan's Roanoke, Virginia plant last month. Gause called it a 'fact finding mission.' Committee Chair, Tom Radewicz wrote a letter about his experience. "He was reporting back to our Steering Committee what he found as to help us make a determination as to what our next step should be,” said Gause. Gause went on to say, "Then what happened was Titan got a hold of this document and read it to be a vote of the Steering Committee which it was not. The Steering Committee has not voted to support or not support." This contradicts the headline on the news release, which indicates the committee supports Titan moving in. Gause said a vote on the issue of support or opposition of the plant may be called for during a meeting Monday night. The Castle Hayne Steering Committee worked with Titan to draft a revised news release. WWAY received it earlier today. It clarifies that the committee does not officially support or oppose the plant. It does note the fact finding group found Titan to have a 'genuine interest in maintaining a quality operation.'

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Titan Tactics

I simply would like to point out that if Titan was on the up-and-up then they wouldn't need to stoop to these media steering tactics to move public opinion. We don't need their dirty tricks or dirty pollution here!

Hampstead Guy very SMART

You are on the money my friend. I worked for this company in Tampabay florida and all they did since taking over our company was flat out lie. My boss Chris Riordan told me how this company works and it is very sneaky. I have been to meetings were this company only cares about themselves, They are write up happy they will drug test you if you run over a curb. So to all want to be Drivers, dont think this company you can grow with, they will use you to the end. and they will set you up, when it is time to hire new drivers I know first hand.

Dirty tricks?

Show me a large corporation anywhere that doesn't have a Public/Media Relations Department. Every time GE installs a new cubicle we get a press release. If AT&T sends two technicians to help out wiring internet into a school, we get a press release. Don't be so naive. Titan did nothing more than ANY other company would have done, and had they known it was a leaked document, they likely wouldn't have done it. They didn't get to be as big as they are by being stupid.

Titan Lies

Speaks volumes about the lack of integrity shared by TalkPr, the Committee of 100, Titan America, LLC and our elected officials. It really is time for a change.

Need more proof...

...that Titan will twist the truth?

Yep, sure do.

In a word, yes. I do need further proof. Exactly HOW did Titan get "a hold of this document"? The document pertaining to the results of the fact-finding mission SOMEHOW left the custody of the Steering Committee and found its way into the hands of the public relations company representing Titan. How, I wonder, do you suppose that happened??!? What version of the document has been made public? There's really no way to ever tell what the public relations firm actually read and based their claim on because members of the committee can claim anything they want to at this point and there would be no way to prove or disprove. Knowing that said document would eventually become public knowledge, the PR firm would have to filled to the brim with morons to claim support if there was absolutely nothing in the document to back that claim up. I do believe that it is the members of the Steering Committee who need to come clean and start answering questions.


even can't explain it...he's probably voting for Obama as well...