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The Titan Cement timeline

READ MORE: The Titan Cement timeline
In April 2008 New Hanover County Commissioners approved more than four-million dollars in tax breaks to help convince Titan Cement to reopen the facility. In exchange, Carolinas Cement, a Titan subsidiary, promised more than 150 jobs and a 450-million-dollar investment. But many residents in the area didn't like the idea; fearing the plant would cause health risks and air and water pollution. That is why they formed the group Stop Titan, to try and prevent the cement company from moving in. The group held a series of meetings highlighting the potential risks that could accompany the plant. Carolinas Cement responded by hosting meetings of its own, and applying for environmental permits. A year ago, WWAY accompanied several New Hanover County residents on a tour of a Titan Cement Plant in Roanoke, Virginia. Many of the residents left in support of reopening the plant in Castle Hayne. This year, Titan has moved closer to its goal. State Senator Julia Boseman's proposed moratorium that would have delayed any permitting until next year failed to move through the legislature. Last month, the state approved the plant's draft air quality permit, which brought us to Tuesday's public hearings; giving citizens the chance to voice their opinion of the plant and permit.

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Cement Heads

Every company has a right to earn a profit, but when its leaving the citizens of the community with this.....

* 6792 pounds of Benzene / year
* 636 tons of particulate Matter /year
* 438 tons of Sulfur Dioxide / year
* 1,645 tons of Nitrogen Oxides / Year
* 21,900 pounds of Ammonia / year
* 46 pounds of Mercury / year
* 170 pounds of Lead / year
* Equally horrifying amounts of 14 other known pollutants
(Source: and

We might want to think about it a bit more.
We all live on cement foundations and drive over bridges, but it doesn't mean that we have to live with a huge plant right next door.
There are plenty of wide open spaces in this country. Its 2011 and its about time we start using the technology that is out there to develop more environmentally friendly building materials.
I am from out of state (and wear flip flops ;-)) but I don't understand how some of the locals here can justify using that as an excuse to bash people with opposing views. Do you really think its a good idea to dump that list of chemicals into 'your' water and 'your' air? Do you really believe that Titan 'cares' about you? They are good salesmen and a lot of people being sold on this idea are being taken for a ride, which isn't the first time. Its enough having that
ancient nuclear power plant within striking distance but this would nail the coffin shut.

Who would be against an Environmental Impact Statement?

Think about it. Think about the words. Think about what is at stake. So, why on earth would anyone in their right mind be against such a prudent course of action? Greed. Manipulation. Results. Whatever the reasons one thing is certain, they do not include the best interests of the community. If this is how Titan is starting out their self-described role as a "good community member" well, God help us.


Me for one...I think it's shameful how this company is being treated. If they get their permits and due their due diligence they should be allowed to operate, just like any other business. They should be policed by the EPA and any other pertinent environmental agency. This whole thing has just turned into a witch hunt and impedes on free enterprise.


I would prefer a quality & environmentally friendly project that would create better & more sustainable employment for the future. But remember we are in an age where money talks big & environment walks. With the state of the economy & unemployment rates Titan will most likely open for business even though they will probably transfer folks from other places & very few will be hired from this area. Green living is the way & cement is definitely not green only a pollutant & health hazard. Other cities are learning that they can make sidewalks & park benches with recycled tires & get a much better return from the investment.

So how are those recycled tires....

...holding up for building foundations and overpasses? You can't live without cement, Albert, unless you plan on returning to mud huts and log cabins.


of all..GREEN THIS...GREEN THAT...I am sure you run around naked, live in trees and eat grass. If you want to live that way...PACK UP YOUR CRAP AND LEAVE! "Other cities" PLEASE say its California...since they are doing SO WELL...the FACT is that recycling ANYTHING is a loosing money proposition...again...common sense and facts don't let leftist loony toons keep on the fight.


Tell that "FACT" to the people working in recycling. On a different subject,why do the loons on the right got to bring up Obama in every subject? Not to mention,but I will, somethings you blame him for Bush did.Free phones for one.


You can't just stop at half circle when looking at has VERY little impact on saving the environment and the jobs...well..I know of MANY recycling business that have dropped off the face of the planet...because it isn't worth the LITTLE profit. Second...I am not a far right leaner...I am in the middle...I get to call a spade a spade and not worry about protecting anyone....Obama...IS A MORON...course that makes me a racist centrist...but..oh well..


I personally don't care about recycling but I do it. I wasn't talking about business's as much as the people working for them. And your "FACTS" are still wrong.Some say if you can't make money in recycling then your in the wrong business.Just like any business, some make it some don't. As for being a racist, that was a given,but at least you admit it.


I attended this afternoon's meeting regarding the draft air quality permit for Titan. I wonder who recruited all those folks from Georgia, Virginia, and other states to come here in praise of Titan. Titan, you know, that Greek cement company banned from building their plants in Europe......


WHY WOULD TITAN AMERICA BUS IN EMPLOYEES FROM OUT OF STATE FOR A HEARING FOR LOCAL CITIZENS? At the DAQ Draft Air Permit hearings yesterday, it seems Titan America hired transportation and brought in their employees(don't know how many yet, but eventually they'll be a hard number) to speak in favor of the project. Locally, Titan had about 20 "supporters". Most were contractors/realtors/developers who would stand to benefit from Titan's building here. Locally, close to 5,000 local residents, as well as almost 500 medical professionals, have signed independent petitions against the Titan project. Several dozen local and state organizations think this project is inappropriately sited. Our local state legistlative delegation favors full review for the project and/or is opposed. Johnathan Barfield is opposed (see his facebook site). And the following state and federal agencies think its a bad idea: North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Division of Marine Fisheries, NC Wildlife Federation, North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission, and US Fish and Wildlife Services.

Considering there are about

Considering there are about 250000 or more residents in the surrounding three counties, I hardly think that 5000 is anywhere close to a majority.

Titan Cement factory

If you would take a public pole,in favor or not in favor of the plant.I would bet it would not even be close.There are not to many people that want that plant to go in.Theonly people that want it,are the people that don't really know what problems that it is going to cause or just the people looking to make money off the deal.So if your not concerned about the future of our area then you will probaly vote for the factory!


I think you would find that it is YOU that is wrong. YOU don't even KNOW what the problems just jumped on the band wagon and starting yelling THE SKY IS FALLING...without doing ONE SINGLE piece of FACT finding...course...that's how Obama Lama DING DONG got elected...whats new...

Wait WAit WAIT

first of i didn t just hop on the wagon if you go and look and try to find some actual facts you'll see that out of 100% all these below will be increased carbon monoxide by 25% mercury by 115% pom by 247% nitrogen oxide by 30% and thats not even half the list i have!


"5,000 local residents, as well as almost 500 medical professionals" Pray tell...exactly WHAT qualifications do these individuals have to inform ANYONE about air quality, etc...."medical professionals" should stick to their jobs and not try to sound educated on things they don't know anything about. Smarter people than them have been put in the chain to protect the environment. Course....cold hard FACTS never deter left wing nut jobs.

That's right - what do

That's right - what do health professionals possibly know about keeping a community healthy. And what do doctors possibly know about what is bad for their patient's health. The cold hard facts are that the regulations in place do not always keep us safe - if so we would not have any pollution problems, would we??? And even if they were effective, 80% of cement plants have had violations in the last 5 years. That's why a judge has ordered Titan's plant in FL to close it's mining operation - unfortunately the benzene they are suspected of dumping into the aquifer is already there in the drinking water. It's important to be informed before spouting an opinion on something - But,please, don't let anyone confuse you with the facts...


don't just jab and up some FACTS...lets see the FACTS you think you have. I bet I can walk up to ANY DOCTOR, health or medical and give them a simple environmental chemistry problem...and their heads would explode....SO NO..if I want information on the ENVIRONMENT I go to someone who KNOWS what they are talking about...not a plastic surgeon....the regs in place DO keep us safe...they are FAR BELOW any range of danger to smart old lefties just spout off...DANGER DANGER DANGER..its for the children...ITS's always about three things isn't it.. YOUR WRONG DANGER MONEY Come back with a different some FACTS...

FACT #1: The EPA states

FACT #1: The EPA states children may be more susceptible than adults to the harmful effects of particulate matter pollution. FACT #2: A World Health Organization study on particle pollution found that air pollution caused a host of harmful effects in children, including: -a worsening of asthma -an increased prevalence and incidence of cough and bronchitis -and an increased risk of upper and lower respiratory infections FACT #3:The American Lung Assoc. states the current standards set by the EPA are insufficient in protecting the health of sensitive populations - such as children and the elderly, and those with heart and lung disease. FACT #4:the Clean Air Director for the Natural Resource Defense Council, says that the federal rules are “abysmal” when it comes to protecting our children and that the laws "just don't take into account the different susceptibility of children to pollution, or the proximity of pollution sources to places children frequent". These only pertain to the particulate matter they will be spewing from their smokestack. There are 100's more facts on the mercury and other toxins they will emit But I won't waste another second on it - again we wouldn't want to confuse you with the facts...

We are a nation of laws

If Titan can meet all environmental requirements, they get to build. If they can't, they don't build. That's the ONLY way it can work, or you are basically advocating anarchy and mob-rule. If you don't like the laws, get the laws changed...but don't expect people or corporations to meet arbitrary requirements that are based upon whim rather than statute.

Thank You Common

I totall agree. This entire fiasco has turned into nothing more than a witch hunt. People out looking for an "issue" to whine about


they can't whine about the ANOINTED ONE they elected...even though he's a screw they just make stuff up as they go.


WOW-using the expression "Annointed One"-how many hours do you spend prêt ell listing to either Sean Hannity or FOX News?.


you don't know me very well...I despise BOTH sides...and since I fall squarely in the middle...I get to bash both sides for their idiotic ideas.