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Titan economic impact uncertain

More jobs and more money -- two things county commissioners say Titan America will bring to the area. One local business professor says that might not necessarily be the case. While the environmental impact has been the most controversial issue with residents, now the dollars and cents are in question. Everyone from the governor to county commissioners have touted the economic benefits of Titan coming here. The company has made promises of more than 150 new jobs, and nearly $500,000,000 investment in the county. UNCW Business Professor Curt Stiles says those numbers are based on an economic method that barely scratched the surface. "There are no economic benefits that have been confirmed at all. It's completely unsteady so it's completely incorrect to be talking about it as if those benefits are even likely, much less certain," said Stiles. Professor Stiles said UNCW has the capability to run more detailed studies, including the impact the cement plant will have on everything from infrastructure, to retail stores. Commissioner Greer says there aren't any further plans to dig deeper into the economic impact of the plant. Greer says the county has already offered $4.2 million in incentives, and Titan has accepted.

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I would suggest that complete trust in government at all levels including the EPA at both the federal and state levels and the Army Corps of Engineers is something that should not happen. Having been responsible for the countless reports,forms,petitions and interactions between my employer and government agencies for over 20 years I can assure you that there are countless loopholes and plenty of corruption involved in these processes....... just look around NHC and see what the development community has gotten away with so far.........Titan already knows this , the sooner the general public does the better off we will all be!

Thanks for confirming what I wrote....

You will not accept the government's standards and want to substitute.....whose....instead? We have reached environmental anarchy, where due process of law gets thrown out the window, and the mob rules.

Since when has the EPA done it's job correctly?

OK Uncle whatever, since you already know everything, then I'm sure you know that the EPA was such a big huge help when Wilmington was the single largest pollution source on the Coast of NC. Even the state regulatory commission had to be a subject of a writing campaign to even get the to look into the problem of Wilmington's sewer spills. Being that you already know all of this, then I'm sure you know exactly how the state and the EPA will effectively do their job. Oh please, your illogical rants really don't have their effect anymore. People can see through your BS pretty quickly.

So fix the problem

If the EPA isn't doing their job, fix the EPA. If the state regulatory groups aren't doing their job, MAKE them do their job. Instead, like the Luddites, you want to scream and rage against any industry coming to the area. But YOU are not who this country relies upon to set standards for pollution and emissions. Your bullying lynch mob has been exposed, and when you won't even allow Titan to go through the permitting process, it's pretty obvious who respects the law and who doesn't. Have you shined your jackboots and ironed your brown shirts yet? is starting to look like something out of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. "If they try to call upon the law, we'll simply shout them down." I'd say that it's not MY BS that is starting to stink, sweety. I simply want them to have the same rights as any other corporation or citizen in this country - to go through the permitting process. Your little group wants to deny them that right.

So who sets the standards?

If you people dismiss the EPA, the various state environmental agencies, and the Armcy Corps of Engineers, then who sets the standards that a company must meet? You? How does ANY corporation know what standards it has to meet ANYWHERE in the nation to be allowed to build, if the standards are made up by whoever is the self-appointed expert this week? Four thousand different standards? Five? You people are advocating mob rule, plain and simple. Your little group of Chicken Littles doesn't like Titan, so you now want to conveniently ignore the government agencies that are tasked with deciding what poses a health risk and what doesn't. Good luck with your letter writing campaign - just remember that you're not the only ones who will be writing. Some of us won't tolerate a lynching, even if it's a multi-billion dollar corporation being lynched. You people won't even give them a chance to meet the legal requirements, because you reject the legal requirements. What a sad commentary on the future of this nation....

Who Sets the Rules?

Yes, it's true that we have environmental standards to protect us, and that industries must meet these standards. But that is not the whole issue here. First, new projects must be approved by our elected officials, who are there to represent the citizens. Are they meeting these standards? Possibly a huge industrial undertaking with such wide impact on the area should be more carefully approved WITH citizen input. That's a bid decision for five people. And, do you think that this small, crowded, tourist/student/retirement driven county, with a fragile coastal area, and inadequate roadways, is the right location for large scale and heavy industry?

Next UNCW protest against Titan Cement

The next big push against the Titan Cement Pollution Project is a writing campaign aimed at Titan, the Governor, NC State Legislature, Senate members, NHC Commissioners, the UNCW Board and the New Hanover Regional Hospital Board. All students and alumni are asked to write in opposition to the Titan Cement Project that will bring pollution to the Cape Fear River region, adversely affecting the people of the area that are dependent on both the health care resources and tourism industry. When a hospital (New Hanover Regional) that is a private enterprise acts participates in bringing a company to the region that will only contribute to the cases of lung disease and mercury poisoning (but not limited too these), we wonder about the motive. Do they intend to 'do no harm' or seek to capitalize on the degradation of the public health due to pollution of another dirty industry? They are a member of the Committee of 100 who as business leaders have talked under the table to Titan and sought to bring them here. UNCW that promotes a learning atmosphere is a member and they are at least complacent in the bringing of Titan Cement to this area. This goes against the whole idea of a learning environment that prides itself in the Science Departments that are all about the environment and ecology programs. The Star News (also a member of the Committee of 100) are a news source that we the community have to be concerned about, for they themselves cannot honestly and objectively report on a dirty industry that they sought to bring here. I for one will not be buying that paper expecting a fair representation of the issues surrounding the Titan controversy. I for one will probably not by the paper again. Come to Katy's (5-9pm)at 1054 S. College Road in Wilmington, Jun 8, 2008. Food, drink, live music (Sai Collins, Organix) and general good times. Your $10 cover charge will help support an outreach campaign to keep Titan's hands off Island Creek. Remember, if you cannot make it to Katy's, please continue with the writing campaign!


Your post asks all UNCW alumni to write in oppostition to bringing Titan to New Hanover County. That mighty presumptive of you to think all, or even some, alumni will support your cause. I am a UNCW alumnus, and I think your knee-jerk oppostion to this corporation is unfounded. Let them go through the permitting process. If they meet the federal, state, and local requirements, then let them build their plant. Your naming of NHRMC, UNCW, and the Star News smacks of paranoia.

It's a free country

You can be paranoid all you want!

Very True

And sometimes, the paranoia is justified!

You people are so naive....

Folks, you can scream and rant all you like about voting them out but bottom line, your new round of candidates will also be selected by the Realtors and builders associations. It will be more of the same. Those groups want this thing to come because it equates to building contracts and more home buyers. Check out who the largest campaign contributors are. Your new mayor was put into office by the builders/Realtors and he's one of them. Jason Thompson talks all this smack about shacking up and straightening out the county government but he's one more person financed by the builders/Realtors. Pat Delair and Nancy Pritchett were the only two who didn't accept their money and you see what happened to them. Talk all you want, you'll only vote for more of the same and the new round of candidates will vote for Titan, things like Titan and every single rezoning that comes across their desk. Money controls this and every other county in the US and all you can do is accept it. Titan is coming and you need to accept that. The only thing you can do is watchdog them as best you can and report them to every state and federal agency you can think of if you see reason. If you really want to put up or shut up, get a job their and make sure that they're doing best practices in order to make their money but protect the environment. Short of that, quit wasting your energy and accept this because it's coming.

You cannot be more wrong!

With all the input from the Senators and elected officials of NC starting to step up and take a stand against something that the public does not want, we won't give up. You need to accept that people want to protect the environment and our future generations.

Don't know the impacy ... My tail!

Hmm.. Lets see.. Mercury compounds being released by the beautiful Cape Fear.. Let us see.. Desrtroying wetlands, permanently harming the area ecosystem, loss of fishing and recreational habitat, polutants into the water from which you purchase fish that were caught from, endangered species without habitat, without food, the river changed negativly forever thus taking away natural resources for our children and grandchildren, and no positive economic impact except tax dollars that our schools and maintenance of the river for future generations to enjoy being stolen out of our pockets (Or to repay their tax screw-up without penalizing me and forcing citizens into a class action suit against the county for negligence......) Uhm.... No Spanky... It soes not sound like a good idea. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TITAN! THE CITIZENS DOO NOT WANT YOUR COST AND DESTRUCTION! WE NEED A NEW LOCAL GOVERNMENT NOW BEFORE THE CURRENT ONE DESTROYS US!!


You don't know much about the world around you, do ya? Might want to check the status of the river and what goes in and guys sure aren't speaking up about any of that right you guys just jump on bandwagons without doing research..or do ya just follow like liberals do without asking questions before you follow someone???

Tagging this a "liberal" issue doesn't make it less valid

Tagging this a "liberal" issue doesn't make it less valid. So you are wrong, everyone with children and grand children should take this issue and stand for what is right.

To stand for "what is right"...

....would be to allow Titan to proceed with the permitting process, and if they meet existing legal requirements, allow them to build their kiln. If they can't meet the legal requirements, they don't get to build their plant. But people won't even accept due process of law. Titan has no rights at all in your book. You people want this thing stopped now, because you know better and more than the EPA, the state, the Army Corps of Engineers....


TO REALLY do whats right for our children...PARK YOUR CAR, TURN OFF YOUR ELECTRICITY, DISCONNECT YOUR WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, don't add to the landfill and do all the things it takes for YOU to be a ZERO problem to the environment. I can see through guys haven't done all of your homework either. What is right is to allow progress in this county that will be monitored in a way that safety is a priority. That is the way to move forward. I promise you that the Titan environmental reports will be MUCH more transparent than say individuals polluting the area. I don't jump on bandwagons just because someone tells me to without educating myself on BOTH sides of the subject and seeing the truth based on FACTS not basing them on MY FEELINGS. I SURELY hope that UNCW Science students don't make scientific decisions based on FEELINGS...when I got my handy dandy Environmental degree I learned to back up my science with SCIENTIFIC testing and fact...ALL OF the facts not just a portion of them...You cannot see the truth when you toss out portions of it, those that you don't like and are against what you think...

Why do you want to add to the pollution we have?

Why do you want to add to the pollution we have? Do you think that some more won't hurt anything? Do you not have any comprehension of cumulative pollution effects? Must not. So your perfectly fine with the poisoning of future generations of children. Shame on you!


You sound like Al Gore just before he boards his private jet.


And the county commissioners can rest assured if they don't stop this thing they will never get a vote from me, or anyone else that I talk too.


YOU actually think they are scared of the VERY small percentage of you that attended that meeting compared to the total voters of the county......

Spend twice, calculate once

Maybe they can save the $4.2 million and apply to their budget miscalculation and avoid trying to imposed a new perpetual tax on the citizens.

How About Those Tax Incentives?

Let us not forget the $4.2 million in tax incentive most of us did not we were paying. Heck, most us did not even know the cement plant was coming. It's all about representation, folks.

Didn't know?'s been in the news for a long time. If you didn't know it was coming, I guess that's because you've got your head buried in the sand. As far as the $4.2 million dollars, that's a whole other ball of wax. That can be credited to the people who voted (or didn't vote) these self-rightious individuals into office (or out of office). It won't matter, because most of those who stand in opposition (or support) for this won't vote the next go around, anyways. I really hope I'm proven wrong on this, but I doubt it.

Find it in the public record!

Please find it in the public record and point it out to the rest of us that the New Hanover County Commissioners were going to go out and entice a polluting industry with a 4.2 million incentive. You cannot do it because it doesn't exist in the public record. The only ones that knew of this were the Committee of 100 and the NHC Commissioners plus Titan. They admitted keeping it a secret in case some other competing market might make the same overtures. Simply, you are proven wrong. But I agree, if this moves forward, A LOT of people are going to vote their opinion in the next election. It's time for the back-scratching club to be broken up.