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Titan meeting with Army Corps to go on as scheduled

The July first meeting between the Army Corps of Engineers and Wilmington City Council members to discuss Titan America's proposed cement plant will go on as scheduled. Councilman Jason Thompson requested to have the date changed, but the Corps confirmed today, it will not move the meeting. An Army Corps of Engineers spokeswoman said, since the meeting was already re-scheduled from mid-June to the July 1 date, to change it again would only create confusion. The Corps said considering how many people are concerned about the possible cement plant, it doesn't want to create any more confusion about the date. It also says it is difficult to find a place to meet to accommodate the large crowd expected to attend. Councilman Jason Thomas wanted the July 1 date changed because of its proximity to the July 4 holiday. The meeting is what the Army Corps of Engineers is calling a scoping meeting. That basically determines public concerns about the potential impacts to the wetlands located near the proposed site in Castle Hayne -- a place over which the Army Corps of Engineers has jurisdiction. The July 1 meeting is just a preliminary meeting. The Army Corps of Engineers said it hasn't received a site plan from Titan America or a formal permit application.

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Protest Titan!

The time is here, so come celebrate Independence week by exercising your democratic right to tell the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers What to Do! All you have to do is show up Tuesday night, July 1, at 6 pm at Wilmington Christian Academy/Grace Baptist Church, 1401 North College Road. Then tell Corps officials what you want included in Titan’s Environmental Impact Statement.

What incredible arrogance!

" tell the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers What to Do!" Are you so presumptuous as to believe that they will not know "what to do" without your little lynch mob trying to dictate terms to them? Titan will be required to adhere to federal and state laws relative to environmental impact. Nothing less but CERTAINLY nothing more. We play by the rules and if you don't like the rules, you get the laws changed. You don't try to bully governmental agencies into bending to your whims.

Go Titan!

I am all for bringing this industry to Castle Hayne, assuming they meet all the current environmental standards. We certainly use our share of concrete/cement here, why not make it here too? Go Titan! This NIMBY mentality is just stupid.

Jam it through - quick!

So the meeting is July 4 week, and nobody can budge. The subsequent meeting will be three days before Christmas - because nobody takes vacations or travels then, either. And all those other attempts by Titan and our local govt to evade public scrutiny - that's not about the huge air and water pollution problems the plant will create, right? No, i'm sure it's about how a few low-paid menial jobs will save our local economy for all time. And how polluting and ruining our watershed won't hurt this tourism-and-recreation-dependent county at all. OH YA, SORRY, I BETTER PUT SOMETHING IN ALL CAPS AND MISPEL IT BEFORE I FINISH!

Let's go over this again....

July 1st is a Tuesday and a workday. The world does not shut down for a week because of the Fourth of July. If some people who wanted to attend the meeting were planning on being out of town, they can STILL attend the meeting by simply altering their plans....or, they can go on vacation: Their choice. It seems a bit ridiculous to gripe about the Army Corps of Engineers not changing their plans, when people are unwilling to change theirs...

smells like a rat

When a company and a public board meet secretly, avoid oversight from citizens, and schedule public meetings for July 4 weekend, you pretty much know they're trying to put one over on you. Don't drink the water, people.

Sounds like a whiner

July 1st is a workday, a Tuesday to be precise. That hardly schedules it for "July 4 weekend." Why shouldn't the meeting be scheduled on a NORMAL WORKDAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK? Sometimes desperation starts to border on silliness....


Silly are just SUPPOSED TO READ that and believe it...NOT CHECK UP ON THE POST...OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

good for them

Titan meeting with Army Corps to go on as scheduled As Titan should. If they meet all the requirements, let them build.

Area Citizens Approve First?

The first part of the process is resident approval of an area project, through our elected officials, under the belief that they will represent the will of the people that elected them. This should mean involving the local residents/voters in the final decision. This is the FIRST part of the process. Then comes the regulatory requirements of the state and federal agencies. How was the first, LOCAL part of the process implemented?


The local people's input was heard when they went to the polls and voted these representatives into office. It is now the elected officials job to make decisions. They are there to make decisions, not to consult the public for everything - they would get a hundred different opinions if they asked a hundred people for their opinion.