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Titan opponents bring petition to Commissioners

READ MORE: Titan opponents bring petition to Commissioners

Residents opposed to a cement plant in Castle Hayne protested outside of the old New Hanover County Courthouse in Downtown Wilmington. They have a petition with thousands of signatures for the County Commission.

The protesters are members of the group Citizens Against Titan. Carolinas Cement, a subsidiary of Titan America is proposing the cement plant. The folks who gathered are concerned about the possible negative environmental impacts of a cement plant.

The petition has about five thousand signatures gathered in what the group says is a short amount of time.

Carolinas Cement was offered a tax incentive by the County to build here. Representatives from the company say the new plant will bring much needed jobs.

"The opposition has done a good job of making a lot of noise and getting a lot of bad information out there," Carolinas Cement General Manager Bob Odom said. "We have said from day one we are going to meet all the current standards and any future standards. Once the plant is open it's going to be a brand new plant. We're going to be paying $2 million in taxes. We're going to bring in 160 good paying jobs to the plant."

Odom also says people are welcome to tour the company's other facility in Roanoke, VA, any time if they have concerns.

Gov. Bev Perdue has called for an investigation to make sure the permitting process has been by the books.

Titan still hasn't received air quality permits yet. Odom expects that to happen in the next month.

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I am surprised by the hostility in many posts. Studies show that Titan will bring 40-60 jobs, but the costs are 1) 4.2 million dollars incentives 2) health costs in increased respiratory ailments in adults and children, 3) potential clean-up costs of our water. Those are just a few of the consequences.

Many of the writers don't seem to know that the Cape Fear River is already contaminated and that one of Titan's operations in Florida was shut down for many months for possible benzene contamination in the water. That's benzene, not mercury. Many of the toxins that Titan will release are never mentioned. Also, they don't seem to know that the EPA has not said Titan is safe. Titan has avoided the State Environmental Policy Act and also refuses to incorporate cleaner technology in its current plans. Furthermore there is now a state investigation of possible corruption in the whole process.

As for Ideal Cement, Titan's plant will be much larger. Imagine a 40-story smokestack greeting tourists - one of our major industries is tourism. That's many stories higher than the PPD building.

Please read all of the information now available about Titan and the cement process. You may yet change your mind.


I find it sad that the FACTS about the Titan cement plant are not enough to have people understand the determent to their health and our economy that this plant would have- We are not so desperate and living "for the moment", which even approved would be years away...That One, we are allowing our government to make side deals, allow loop holes around laws ( laws that are put in place to protect your tax dollars)and bring a heavy polluting industry to town. You can not rely on this type of Government to bring jobs and you should not wait for a company that is fighting MANY lawsuits, including price fixing, to bring jobs.
I agree we need jobs, but the 160 jobs that Titan claims would only be IF THE PLANT IS OPERATING at FULL AND PROFITABLE levels.Their past employment history in other states have also PROVEN those jobs do not always come from within the area. The non computerized studies show the actual job availability at 46, that would also mean trusting that Titan would fulfill them from the surrounding county's.
The NC STATE PEDIATRIC SOCIETY just released their OFFICIAL STANCE that the Titan Cement plant WILL cause illness to children and adults.
Do you think TWO 40 STORY smoke stacks on route to this vacation destination will do anything for are already low tourism? That will not put anything back into the economy. It will hurt every business who enjoys profit from tourism.
THIS Is not the answer, its not a quick fix. It is not worth the health of every citizen and the down turn of the quality of life we live here and tourist expect here.
We deserve better.

Entire point is being missed....

I don't understand why residents call these anti-Titan people so uninformed. In every public hearing held on water, air, zoning, etc... all the pro-Titan individuals have only talked about jobs, but have not adhered to the specific topic at any of the given public hearings. These are not uninformed individuals, but yet, quite the opposite. Easley's lawyers illegally cut deals with buddies at the NC Div. of Air Quality to rush permitting for this plant, and our extremely close minded County Commissioners looked at the proposed 160 jobs and thought it would be a great idea.

Fact of the matter is that the actual U.S. EPA noted that the NC DAQ lessened NC's own air quality standards for Titan and also indicated the fact that Titan's emissions of mercury and other toxins would far exceed existing U.S. and future U.S. requirements for acceptable levels of toxic emissions.... in this instance, Fed trumps State.

What strikes me as shocking is that we live in a state with a proven track record of poor air quality per population and per capita, which is a direct reflection of the lack of air quality standards and large number of air quality permits issued to companies who do not meet our existing regulations.... regulations that are stricter in 45 other states.

Instead of calling these anti-Titan individuals whatever uneducated name you can think of, how about the pro-Titan people give me one other reason besides "jobs" as to why this company should come here, and give me definitive proof against what the U.S. EPA already indicated--- that NC DAQ is violating it's own air quality standards for this company. In addition, how about instead of investing in 160 (which will only be half that) jobs, we give companies tax breaks to bring high tech green jobs to Wilmington that will be better paying and provide healthy working conditions, not to mention those jobs are the jobs of the future... which will only GROW our economy. Other cities, such as Pittsburgh, Birmingham, and Chicago, are doing just these things, and have shown dramatic job growth in the process.

This is not an argument between Republican vs. Democrat, North vs. South, or Environmentalists vs. Developers, it's an argument about the facts that are presented and doing what is right that will benefit all of us. Not ONE pro-Titan person can cite anything to me that indicates appropriate levels of emissions will be met, or that we need these 160 types of jobs, even as much as the biased media wants to portray this company as being necessary to the citizens of NHC.


While driving by the Titan protest on Monday, I happen to notice one woman smoking a cigarette - talk about danger to our health. Something seems ironic about that situation....

This country is financially

This country is financially doomed. Why not let Titan build the plant. By the time all the mercury and other pollutants start to affect the evironment this company and most other businesses will be bankrupt. Live for the moment. Let 'em build it.


MAYBE...JUST MAYBE by the GRACE OF GOD...all you liberal LOONS will ALL believe this...and head for your blessed North for protection and never come back!

“Grace of God”, if you

“Grace of God”, if you are going to bring God into this discussion, how about you explain to our maker why we let Titan destroy 3,000 acres of beautiful wetlands, spew toxic pollutants into the atmosphere, contaminate the Cape Fear river, coastal waters & expose 8,000 school children to 8 times more mercury than what the EPA has deemed safe for humans? I'm from Georgia and I do believe that makes you a Northern on my map.

If they comply with the laws

Let them come.

Get real

Please for the woman that they showed on TV last night about there was only 46 internal jobs coming only. HELLO that is 46 people that need housing, will buy goods here and help with services, Look at everything that will do, help shipping, labors, docs, etc.. there hasn't been one person or report that has showed this company hasn't stood up for the standard,,, Show me that on the news. I wonder do the kids that on the street with signs that (by the way are poorly written) even know what they are standing up there for. give me the facts just the facts. Come on TITIAN BRING THE JOBS AND SERVICES TO THE COMMUNITY.


Dear Get Real.

There have been many FACTS about Titan not living up to the standard, which leads me to believe that perhaps you have not been following the actual facts of the story.
Titan is currently being sued for contaminating the Miami Dade Drinking water. Fact.
Titan is currently being sued for Price fixing. Fact.
Titan brought in ringers to state run hearing to make it look better for them, and con us into believing their stories. Fact.
The NC State pediatric Society just released their actual findings to how this pollution will effect the health of the children and the adults in this area. FACT.
The FACTS about the effects this plant will have on the health and the future economy of this area stand for themselves.
Titan has a lot of Spin, but the facts and their own track record with safety and not standing up to promised jobs, speak for itself.
Let's focus our energy on how to create 46 good, safe paying jobs that will put a roof over heads and not create health problems, medical bills and kill tourism. Lets be real.

What we do for a living

I was one of the people holding up signs there yesterday. Where I work, Titan would be of direct financial benefit to us. Yet I was still out there holding a sign.

(and here's some free advice: Proofread your own posts very carefully when attempting to deride others for spelling and/or penmanship.)


We need the jobs that Titan will bring to this community. 5,000 signatures out of a community the size of Wilmington is not a lot of signatures.


What a joke. All this yelling and screaming from such an uninformed group.

Titian Cement Plant

Let them in!!!! Shut-up and let them come here and help boost our economy!!! They have been in business for a very long time and have a very good record in keeping up with all standards of pollution. Jeezzzzz people lighten up and get a life.
Welcome to the Carolinas Titian!!!!!

Apparently, you have not

Apparently, you have not been examining Titan's “standards of pollution” in Miami, Florida. Titan Cement, Greece's largest cement maker had its mining operations in Florida closed down by U.S. District Court Judge William Hoeveler after it was linked to contamination in Miami-Dade’s water supply. Titan's mining operations have been stated as the cause of elevated levels of benzene, a hazardous chemical with links to cancer, were detected at a water treatment facility in Northwest Wellfield, the main water supply for most of Miami-Dade County.

Titan Cement

I am amazed at the protesting against this company coming to Castle Hayne. It will provide some much needed jobs. The people doing all of the protesting along with the 200 doctors that are against it doesn't appear to be worried about putting a roof over their families head or food on the table.


You know whats flipping HILARIOUS??? These nitwits will fight what the EPA has to say on this and how safe it is...calling them liars and that you shouldn't follow government standards...but those SAME NUTZOS...will defend Global Warming using the same can't pay for this kind of comedy...ITS PRICELESS!

Where are all the health

Where are all the health problems caused by the Ideal Cement plant that operated on the same site for years?


One would think with unemployment being as high as it is, residents would welcome an industry that could bring much needed jobs to the area. They will be required to meet all air quality standards, otherwise they will not be issued operating permits.

Titan won't bring jobs

Titan wont create but 160 jobs, at its peak of operations, most won't be filled by anyone currently living in wilmington.

You ignorant 8th grade dropouts either work for Titan, Talk Pr, or you just dont read. Cement production is highly-automated (that means few people involved).

The 10 jobs created wont put a dent in unemployment, and the risk to tourism could cost far more jobs than titan would create, even indirectly.


That's 160, ONE-HUNDRED SIXTY, new individuals, or individuals now with jobs that will now be paying taxes, off unemployment and spending money in our county....looks like someone didn't take Econ101 in college...all looks like positives to me on the money side.

The Ideal plant ran for YEARS WITHOUT hurting our precious tourism...

No wonder you're

No wonder you're misinformed, you've only studied economics at an intro-level. I personally, have an MBA, BBA in finance & BS in marketing. I suggest you read Craig S. Galbraith, MBA, PhD report “Negative Economic Impacts of Titan Cement and Mine” Dr. Galbraith is a senior Professor of Entrepreneurship and Technology, and GlaxoSmithKline Faculty Fellow in economic development at the Cameron School of Business at UNCW. The Ideal cement plant was far from ideal, farmers were unable to harvest crops because they were covered by cement dust and for workers the dust was so thick they sometimes couldn't see their hands in front of them. The Ideal cement plant was a dwarf compared to what Titan's plant will be. The Titan plant will be the fourth largest cement plant in the nations and occupy the skyline with 420 feet smoke stacks. The population of Castle Haynes was far less than what it is now and 8,000 school children didn't attend classes within a 5 mile radius of Ideal cement.

Just because people dont

Just because people dont agree with your opinion on Titan you assume they are not educated.It is my opinion that you are not educated,Titan will bring much needed jobs to the area and how is Titan going to affect tourism there was already a plant there for years.I gaurantee you believe global warming is real and voted for Obama.What you say makes no sense.


whether they hire all the people from wilmington or not, it still will be money into this economy.


Some of these people would invite Satan himself to town if he promised them a job. Our children's health is not worth it. Sell-outs!


THERE IT IS...its "for the children"...I bet you VOTED for Obama...and believe in partial birth that's the case...YOU don't deserve to be able to use that phrase!

DO SOME RESEARCH...the flipping plant isn't going to exceed EPA standards....

Are you making a statement

Are you making a statement that only people who voted for Obama care about children and their health? Don't make such broad assumptions about people and this is an environmental issue not political. I have yet to hear anyone that is against Titan coming to our community state their political party or positioning on abortion. You can obtain the EPA report online: a summary of their report - An EPA official stated that Titan's air permit doesn’t address the proposed rules that would significantly cut emissions limits for a number of pollutions, including particle pollution, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury. Titan’s draft permit was “significantly less stringent” than EPA’s proposed emission limits for cement kilns—such as allowing Titan to emit eight times more mercury and placing no limits on hydrochloric acid at all. They went on to state that the weak permit and emissions controls proposed by Titan could significantly contribute to future violations of National Ambient Air Quality standards for the Wilmington region. EPA also formally asked DAQ to explain why the state agency isn’t requiring Titan to comply with the new tougher federal regulations.


I don't know if Titan should be allowed here or not. But what I do know is when someone doesn't have a very good arguement for something they resort to name calling.


Ignorance is a condition in which people ignore facts and information readily available to them. hosts an abundance of information on this topic, all well researched and bullet-proof. If Mr. Odom, Talk PR ("official PR agency for big pollution") or anyone else wants to dispute the facts at, then we'd be interested to hear from them. Not surprisingly, they have never disputed a single fact at

If you are relying on the media to keep you informed in 30 second spots strategically placed before and after commercials except on nights when Cougar Town is on or you're out drinking with the boys, then you're not going to get all of the facts.

So, ignorance comes not from refusing to believe facts you have seen or heard, but from a failure to make an effort to inform yourself.

I see a lot of ignorance in the posts above - sad and embarassing ignorance.

Sadly, you just can't

Sadly, you just can't confuse some folks with the facts - they know what they know.....