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Titan opponents gather outside County Commissioners meeting

READ MORE: Titan opponents gather outside County Commissioners meeting
With signs in hand, protesters of all ages lined the street in downtown Wilmington to show their opposition to a proposed Titan America cement plant in Castle Hayne. "This is the wrong thing to do and we need to keep the environment as safe as possible," said protestor Rosemary Toumey. "If you have children, it's a real big deal,” said Allen Walker. “With little ones, it's a whole different program." The group UNCW ECO organized the rally with a few goals in mind. They want to hold elected commissioners voting to offer more than four million dollars in tax incentives to Titan. They also want to show their support for a recent bill proposed by State Senator Julia Boseman, which would put an 18-month moratorium on cement plants in North Carolina. They also want to raise awareness about clean air and water, and promoting green jobs. "Although we are in opposition to Titan Cement, we are not in opposition to economic development in this area, but we believe it can be done in a way that is going to improve the environment," said David Pinsky of UNCW ECO. While the rally continued outside, the commissioners meeting started inside. The whole process is at the environmental review stage. Commissioner Bobby Greer said it is really out of the county's hands. "The county commissioners have made their decision and we've made a contract,” he said. “We would be liable if we backed out of that contract." The state and federal environmental permits may be the turning point in this debate. Titan is pursing its cement plant and the Titan opponents are not backing down. Titan America said the plant would bring 160 jobs to the area and vow emissions standards would be stricter than the EPA's.

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Titan Cement

I noticed that most of the protestors looked to be retirees. They're probably not worried about getting a job to provide for their family, so maybe they should go complain somewhere else. This area desperately needs jobs.


Bottom line is that it's people with nothing better to do than complain about something. A big something that will bring jobs and money to our local economy. My main problem, however, is that as long as Titan passes the laws and regulations that are ALREADY in place, then it would be flat out wrong to shut them down because of mob mentality. You can't live decisions like this up to the masses

Ignorant or Paid Flack for Ttitan

Titan is spreading loot to local PR firms and good ole boys to diseminate disingenuous information to desperate and ill-informed unemployed folks. Few new jobs will be created for the long term. Cement production is mostly automated and most of those touting "we need jobs" are on Titan's payroll. Audit Talk PR and Bob Warwick's firm and you will see who is behind these manipulative claims of jobs. Titan is bad news for the area, and just because retired folks or mothers with kids routed to schools under the smokestacks deserve credit for doing their research, not ridicule from those taking money from Titan or the naive followers. One storm does more damage to jobs, real estate/tourism/etc... if titan moves in than the entirety of jobs created by this disastrous example of greedy County Commissioners and good ole boys sticking it to the masses.


Most of the people AGAINST it are left wing nut jobs that don't know the facts or just simply choose to IGNORE the facts. Of course left wingers are EASY to get in a line to follow as they just react with knee jerk and scripted responses.


Unfortunately, Titan does not have a history of adhering to or complying with government regulations. There are many others to add to this list. Please, play connect the dots and do some objective research. 160 jobs today at the cost of our clean air and water equals how many jobs lost in our tourism industry over the course of the next 5, 10, 20 years? Wilmington has never planned properly for the future and I feel that this is one of those huge issues that will have everyone wondering how it went to such a mess 10 years from now. Whatever your opinions, I only ask that they are derived from objective research and education.

I'm tired of the complaining

I have researched and I am educated. Maybe you are not as educated as you may think. Have you looked at ALL sides of this issue? No you have not, like many others on your side you have tunnel vision. This plant will not only be good for this area, but it will be GREAT for this country. Cement is one of the most IMPORTED materials for the U.S. and yes, more so than oil. Do you know what all cement is for and what it does? Every building and every home constructed, all roads, highways, bridges, and much more. Having this plant in the United States is important for this country and we should be proud to have it here, in our home. Are you a true GREEN conservative? Then educate yourself more please. This facility will do more than you have wrapped your mind around. Think about it as a whole and way the pro's and con's, just like anything else should be.


Lets build it in your back yard. The river and local environment are still polluted from the last plant. Ship the materials in. Its good for the world economy. Let those country's deal with the mercury.


It's comments like yours and people like you that are the reason the United States depends so much on foreign companies. If you are going to make an educated comment, you need to refrain from posting anything at all. You are plain ignorant.


guys DO realize there is a nuclear facility on the river...RIGHT? ITS GOING TO GET BIGGER as also know there are MULTIPLE plants with methyl ethyl bad stuff all down the river up and down...I'm not saying that it wont EVER be a problem, but up until now...the WORST thing that happens on the river to raise mercury levels is the DREDGING done by our own government...