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Titan protestors fear environmental dangers

READ MORE: Titan protestors fear environmental dangers
Titan held its last informational forum on its plans for a cement plant in Castle Hayne Monday night. But for many residents, there are concerns that still remain. Members of the group Stop Titan believe re-opening the cement plant in Castle Hayne will bring poisoned air and cancer. Neighbors of Titan's Roanoke Plant say pollution hasn't been an issue, since the company took over. Still residents here have concerns. They say the jobs aren't worth the pollution. ”There are countless, almost an infinite list of businesses in this community that put out no pollution and create at least 161 jobs,” said Cliff Cash who does not support the plant. Titan said it will provide more than 1700 jobs during construction. General Manager Bob Odom says that number is probably closer to 1300. Once the plant is up and running, about 160 people will work there permanently. Another 200 plus will gain jobs as truck drivers, or maintenance workers. Titan representatives vow emissions standards will be stricter than the EPA's. For some locals, that is just not enough. “State governments are bringing lawsuits against the federal EPA. Obviously the EPA can't be trusted to regulate these types of pollution,” claimed Cash. Titan's Virginia plant manager says importing cement to this area may actually cause more harm to the environment, than making it here. “Pollutants that come out are a global issue and that's what we're learning with carbon dioxide and the amount of materials that come from overseas,” said Kevin Baird, plant manager. Still, Stop Titan said Castle Hayne did not have the large residential population in the 1970's that it does now, and it is no longer suitable for an industrial plant. They also believe that because of the nearby water sources, that our area is more vulnerable to mercury pollution. In Virginia, the plant lies about a quarter mile from a drinking source, which according to county commissioners, is unpolluted. Titan officials say when they are done mining in a quarry, a new water habitat is usually created. The company has also promised to make their technology state of the art as part of their $450 million investment in the plant.

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Just think how many jobs would be created if our community and others around the country cleaned up our environment. It seems "Green Jobs" are growing & are above average pay for the intelligent & environmentally conscious person. I've lived in a house that had polluted water & believe me it wasn't worth it even though I had water views especially after a shower I still felt "dirty". My father spent 30yrs working in one of the polluted plants on the Cape Fear River & now he has a terminal illness along with other past coworkers plus a large number that have died right here in Wilmington. So No I don't believe the EPA has the peoples health & safety as their top priority when making decisions. All the money in the world will not make up for my dad's or anyone else's health & quality of life.

Did Titan sign a contract?

Have they promised you people to pollute the ground water? What if (GASP!) they DON'T? What if it's not a foregone conclusion? What if, just as in Virginia, they cause no groundwater pollution at all? ( the frustrated e.e. cummings with the broken shift key will come in and start screaming like a hysterical school-child because I dare to suggest that we not accept assumptions as established fact.)

keep your polution in greece! oh that's right you're not allowed

to imply that wilmington may become a ghost town if we don't let a highly polutant cement plant come to town is almost as ignorant as thinking that titan and industries like them don't polute. wilmington has a huge tourism industry that will not go away (that is unless of course, we let a lot of polution move into our area). we have a booming film industry. a booming fishing industry. numerous high tech positive businesses moving here every year. we are a coastal town with natural beauty and amazing beaches. you would have to have an i.q. in the double digits (that's low) to think that we will become a ghost town if we do not let huge corporate poluters pump poison into our air and put 5000 of our kids in their self proclaimed "5 mile danger zone". you would have to be slow to think that our economy will dwindle if we make responsible business development decisions. this is how these bozos got elected. a bunch of other bozos voted for them. why don't you google cement plant explosions or environmental lawsuits. rent a civil action or erin brokovich. these are the kinds of situations and the kind of poluters that end up in true story movies. we have a great film industry here but i'd rather not see a true story made about our groundwater being contaminated or our fish becoming unsafe to eat. but hey as long as our booming town is saved from ghost town status from 160 crappy jobs, who cares about water and fish?

fair and balanced? wow that's creative. do some research

the epa has been sued by more than one state for refusing to regulate certain types of polution. titan is involved in a long drawn out lawsuit right now in florida. get em to take you there on a field trip, interview some of those citizens. five state and federal agencies have already spoken out against this plant. does the u.s. fish and wildlife association not have any clout with you experts? let the federal govt. protect you from polution like they are handling banking, education, social security etc. yeah you're right! they are way more trustworthy than local scientists, physicians, marine biologists who know this river, our air and our circumstances. research the situation with their florida plant and the army corps of engineers. research their florida lawsuit and alleged ground water polution. google cement plant explosions. as far as all of these people being treehuggers, did you not see the sixty year old country folks out there with signs? did you not see the politicians out there protesting. you should refer to those from now on as the "the people who know what they are talking about" as far as the chromium plant/sulfuric acid, don't worry they are next. i for one do not plan to stop here. we plan to clean up the cape fear and keep all other polutant industries out of our town. you just stay at home and depend on 6 minute bias news stories for your information. we'll protect your town so that you don't have to. OH YEAH, for you bloggers who are very clearly on the pay roll of this company, don't worry i'm not going anywhere. i plan to disprove all the propaganda you post on here and i plan to help people learn the real facts about you and your industry so get ready to do some typing. as for the angry frustrated uninformed folks on here, you're wrong and i know your anger is all you have, so if i start to bother you; you can just go blog on american idol's website. it may be more appropriate to your level.

You proved my point better than I could have!

You certainly didn't disappoint. "I must have my way! Don't believe the EPA - I know more! Believe ME!" Love your latest mantra: "Virginia doesn't count. Disregard the good reports." I'm not on Titan's payroll. I simply believe that every applicant deserves a fair investigative permitting process. If they pass the permitting process, the plant gets built. If they can't pass, the plant doesn't get built. If you don't like the permitting process, work to get it changed, LEGALLY. In other words, Titan deserves far better than your lynch-mob anarchy. They deserve the protection of the laws as they are established and as guaranteed by our Constitution. If that's "propaganda" in your mind, then YOU are the one with the problem. BTW, is writing an essay in one continuous paragraph, devoid of upper case letters, the mark of a true enviro-warrior...or are you some kind of e.e. cummings fanatic?

Great report - fair and balanced

Stoptitan, of course, probably hated it. They have their minds made up and don't want to hear anything that questions their Chicken-Little talking points. "Don't believe the EPA. They're the enemy! Believe US!" Anarchy is not exactly a strong selling point.


I grew up and lived most of my life in the Roanoke Valley, Titan never had a negative impact on the region. I think it would be a gret source of jobs for this area. I do know of another town not so far from Roanoke that wouldn't allow anyone to come in for fear, well guess what that town is almost a ghost town, kids have to leave home to find jobs, schools and doctors are not worth going to. Be wise not dumb, let titan come in and be a contributor to the area...

A reminder to the sign carrying blow-hards

There is an existing old wore-out large cement plant currently on the site that has probably been poluting the area for years. Titan promises to clean this up and bring the whole project, old and new, up to current standards.

STOP the stop Titan tree huggers

Somebody please offer these people a job or something to do with their time. They have qualifications, they can rant continuously, they can look stupid holding signs by the road and they kiss trees.

Re: Titan

Trust me, you won't care how clean your water is or if air quality is perfect if you're living in your vehicle because you don't have a job and no one is hiring. First, suitable employment by Titan and THEN environmental issues.

Titan Won't Hire YOU!

Few people will get a job with Titan anytime soon. Maybe 20 jobs will go to locals in its first five years operating, mostly truck driving and hourly security guard type jobs. Any construction jobs will be temporary and the negative impact the pollution has in discouraging other businesses from locating here, lower property values and hurting tourism will cost far more jobs well into the future. The higher paying jobs will go to people who don't live here, who posess special skills, not the barely literate tough guys posting here. Wake up. Put down the Kool Aid! I don't want to pay higher taxes so the County can give $4.2 million to a greek company. You communist pro-Titan simpletons have no right to rob me of my hard earned income and give it to Titan because you have a fantasy that Titan will bring in tons of new jobs. Cement manufacturing uses little human labor. I'm no tree-hugger. I don't beleive humans cause global warming. And I know Titan is bad for the economy, bad for the environment, bad for traffic, and they don't deserve millions in special treatment while taxes on my properties keep going up! Pinkos.

Hey Mr. Gifted, If you're

Hey Mr. Gifted, If you're going to refer to others as simpletons and question their literacy, perhaps you should make sure that you can at least spell all of the words in your critical writings correctly. You should capitalize Greek and you misspelled believe and possess. Also, humans have caused global warming. If the atmospheric scientists at NASA and the climatologists at MIT believe it, that's good enough for me. You probably majored in English or Political Science or something similar, no? I'm guessing you also sat in the back row while taking those valuable classes?


If you believe that humans are SOLELY responsible for Global are very naive. We aren't THAT bad if you look at what nature spews out into the atmosphere EVERY DAY! I guess you believed in Global Cooling back in the 70's and 80's too right...I sure am glad we survived freezing to death like these SAME GUYS said we would!

Ah, but there are other people at Oxford...

...and equally prestigious universities who say that the current warming is part of a natural cycle. Still others claim that the evidence for *gobal* warming is thin, and that what we many be seeing is a major climate shift, with some parts of the Earth warming while others are growing colder. Whichever theory you care to accept or reject, we still need cement. We still need to drive. We still need to generate electricity. We still need to raise cattle. We're still going to have volcanoes. So while we may try to minimize the unessential CO2 emissions, we cannot eliminate CO2 emissions. What's the current theory from the global warming experts? If we stopped ALL indutrial CO2 emissions right now, the Earth would continue to warm for the next one-hundred years? Man, as a species, will either adapt to a changing Earth or become extinct. It really is that simple. (BTW, if the experts would stop mixing Socialism with science, they might find that people are more receptive to their ideas. As long as we hear that the United States and industrialized Europe must severly cut emissions while emerging economic giants like Brazil, India, China and the entire Third World don't have to, you can rest assured that the feeling that this is more of a wealth redistribution scam than a "rescue mankind mission" will do nothing but grow.)


amen brother .they all seem so concerned about this cement plant .what about the dinasour of a plant already sitting next door elementis chromium has 82.000 lbs of sulfer dioxide onsite a release could be felt as far as downtown wilmington.and would certainly wipe out castle hayne,the alarm system on this unit has never operated efficently .they only have 3 operators at this site who know anything about it and they are overworked 50 to 60 hrs a week .what if say 'they got sleepy and neglected their job' due to being over worked good bye castlehayne .worry about the plant there with obsolete equipment and understaffed not about the modern up to date unit titan wants to build these people have no clue