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Today is the day that many dread most

READ MORE: Today is the day that many dread most

Tax day is here and for some it is a day that's not welcomed. If you can't pay what you owe, don't panic, there are some solutions that can at least buy you some time.

"I think it's something that people just don't like to deal with. It's not a fun, feel good thing to do. Your always worried that you are going to owe or get back and putting it off is so much easier,” said Peggy Stone who was filing taxes on Wednesday.

This year, the pain for many comes from having to find the cash to pay what they owe. “We are seeing a lot of unemployed people, a lot of foreclosures it's been kind of a sad tax season,” said Joanne Karwacki, an H&R Block Tax Advisor.

You must file your taxes today or file for an extension to escape facing a penalty. Filing for an extension will buy you six-months, until October 15th, to get all your documents together, but this doesn't mean you don't have to pay. It just helps buy you some time.

If you still need help, you can apply for an extension and a four-month payment plan. This, however, will also come with an added fee and interest. "You’ve got to file that's the thing. You have to come in. If you don't file today and you don't file an extension, starting tomorrow it's five percent failure to file on time and a one percent failure to pay on time,” explained Robert Quesada, manager at Liberty Tax.

The message is, file even if you can't pay. The worst thing to do is ignore the IRS. Those who simply neglect to file a tax return could risk big penalties in the future. The majority of the tax services out there, like H&R Block and Liberty Tax, are working on extended hours and most won't close until midnight. However, if you planned on dropping your taxes in the mail, you're too late.

Post offices all around our region closed at 5:00 pm, as usual. The USPS said so many people file online nowadays, the demand to stay open late just isn't there.

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Today is the day many dread

Putting it off is much easier, but the average person knows theres got to be someting to not filing on time. It just can't be that easy, nothing is. I lost my job about a month ago so I had more time, but it wasn't stress free time as anybody knows when their in the same shoes, to get all my tax stuff straight and put together. Thank god I didn't have to pay any more than I had already paid in. I do feel so bad and sorry for the people that can't say the same. Luckily I didn't have to "find" money that was owed, and we all know money is one of those things very hard to come by or find. With things the way they are, makes it hard to find any "extra" money at all. If I did owe, I would definitely file for an extension, and probably a four-month payment plan too. People please do file for an extension, or some kind of similar arrangements. I hate it for so many people.

Don't forget about the

Don't forget about the illegal aliens laughing all the way to the bank each Friday. April 15th means nothing to them!

Yes indeed, that's why many

Yes indeed, that's why many attended T.E.A. Parties across the area!