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Too much adult merchandise at Pandora's Box

The decision to cite a local business for violating city ordinances is because too much merchandise at Pandora’s Box was deemed "adult." According to city ordinances, an adult store is defined as an establishment having as a substantial portion of its revenue coming from products limited to customers 18 and over. That could include both retail space, and percentage of sales. Just how much is too much was up to the five-person board of adjustment that made yesterday's decision. The section of Oleander where it's located is not zoned for any type of adult business. Pandora's Box was licensed as a lingerie and novelty shop. The owner says he's not sure if he will appeal the decision.

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I'm not a patron of this "legal" business. I do hope "Pandora's Box" wins all its privileges back to stay in business. I’m very tired of the local area governments getting their kicks out of pushing honest folks around.


Is it just me, or does it seem silly for a Government crying about a money crunch to shut down a legit business paying taxes? There was nothing illegal going on at Pandora's Box. There was no false advertising. Just a locally owned business, selling stuff. In a clean, non-sleazy environment. Where is the commonsense in Wilmington? Obviously those governing do not have it!

and they thought....

From the story "Pandora's Box was licensed as a lingerie and novelty shop." Did the city think they were selling lingerie made for children? Pandora's didn't try to hide what they were when they went through the permitting process. If the city missed it, too bad for them. They should do better work, not force out a business.

Wilmington Zoning Needs to Get their Act Together

OK, once again the government has screwed up and is making the taxpayers pay for the screw-up. The City approved the zoning. The City has been paid their taxes. Now, the City is using the taxpayer's money to shut down a business that they approved!! Sweet!! I wish I could mess things up like this at my job and still get a paycheck. Hey, who do you think is enjoying all of the adult movies that were confiscated as "evidence"??? Hmmmmm? I hope this store does appeal and I hope they can sue the City for the mess they have been put through. I don't care whether it is a mom-n-pop donut shop or an "adult" store. Right is right and wrong is wrong. The City is wrong. Hope it comes back to bite them.

I guess the WPD will just

I guess the WPD will just have to go in there and confiscate some of the merchandise, seeing that they have too much.