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Top Republican asks top Dems to block Soles


RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) -- The top Republican in the state Senate wants the governor and the Senate's top Democrat to block bills filed recently by Sen. R.C. Soles. Soles has come under widespread criticism, even from fellow Democrats, for introducing three bills that could personally benefit him and his political allies.

Sen. Phil Berger wrote to Gov. Perdue and Sen. Marc Basnight, asking them to do everything in their power to keep the bills from becoming law. Berger also wants action on ethics reform bills that passed the house last year but have been sitting in the senate.

The governor's office tells us transparency and accountability are some her top priorities, and if Soles's legislation makes it to her desk, she will review it carefully.

Our call to Sen. Basnight's office was not returned.

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I dare the Republicans try to stop the democrats from introducing bills that would target a specific group or inidvidual. Why is frank eiler co-sponsoring a bill that will ban felons from running for sheriffs. Could it be that they are afraid of Ronald Hewett running again and that the wife beater, womanizing, divorced and separated, John Ingram can't beat him......Voters PLEASE get rid of these people...The republicans are no better than the other people... Republicans have always wanted the districts devided and I am just curious as to why not now.....I smell your pockets...they are coming...

The only difference between

The only difference between a Republican and Democrat is the direction from which they approach you to pick your pocket. Time to clean house and lose them ALL.

How, in all candor

do we go from a post concerning retiring Senator Soles to Brunswick County, disgraced former Sheriff Hewitt, and incumbent Sheriff Hughes?

Oh, I get it now. You're a Democrat promoting that new miracle drug Tryphorgetten.

The saviour of the Democratic party. Faced with the reality of prior public statements?? Take a good healthy dose of Tryphorgetten.

Worked wonders during the Clinton years. Sadly for Easley, too many of his cronies will not take the miracle drug so he can avoid jail.

Well, it's late in the evening here in Raleigh. The legislature is hard at work; not certain what they hope to accomplish.

But, thankfully, this good Republican does not prescribe to Tryphorgetten.

Throughout the ages, a miracle cure for Democrats. Tryphorgetten; if you're a Democrat, don't leave home without it.


Does anyone seriously think that Soles doesn't have an "in-road" in Perdue's office??? He has probably already been guaranteed she would sign off on these bills. I think we need term limits in both the House and in Congress. We don't let a President keep sitting after two terms, thanks for that, so why would we let these money-grubing state Senators, House Reps, or Congressmen and women!!!

Soles is a low-down for even trying this.

Not only were your calls not returned,

but you haven't finished writing the story. Isn't it about the three bills? What three bills? Yikes!

The reality is

they will likely need his influence and vote to get a budget passed which the Governor will sign.

That's politics on a local level.

It is sad, as he ends his days in public office, he could not go out on a higher moral level then he lived.