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Topsail Humane Society and Pender County to sever ties

READ MORE: Topsail Humane Society and Pender County to sever ties
Back in July, the Pender County Health Department and the Topsail Humane Society agreed the humane society would take over operations of the county animal shelter. But with a tight county budget, the humane society said there is just not enough money to cover costs. Who will care for the animals? The humane society said they can not afford to do it anymore. This week, the humane society gave the county a 30-day notice, saying it will no longer be able to operate the county shelter in Burgaw. The humane society agreed to take control of the shelter in July when the county offered them $60,000 to run the facility. Humane society executive director, Cathy Williams said when they took over it needed more than $60,000 worth of work. The budget did not cover many upgrades the humane society said the facility needed. The society dipped into their donation pool to bring the shelter up to code. "We knew we were going in the hole and we wanted to do it because we wanted to make better conditions for the animals,” said Williams. “They had not passed a couple of their Department of Agriculture inspections so we wanted to go in there, we knew it was going in our budget and that was okay." Williams hoped the county would increase their budget the following year to cover expenses; the humane society wanted three times the amount the county offered. “It's been a good relationship. Unfortunately, she needed more money to operate than we have available to put in the budget," Pender County Health Director, Jack Griffith said. The humane society said it takes at least 4 full-time workers to run the shelter properly, plus the cost of vaccinations and food. Under a tight budget, the county will only be able to keep two full-time workers on staff. Griffith said, "They'll have a clean environment and plenty of food and water. They will not be mistreated and they will be taken care of as best as we possibly can." The county will retake control April 1st. Because only two shelter attendants will be kept on staff, there is the potential for five people to lose their jobs. The Topsail Humane Society will continue business as usual in Hampstead; taking in animals and finding people to adopt them.

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Unreturned Phone Calls & Emails

What's wrong with this picture?
You have homeless furbabies in your care and your website mission statement is: " end companion animal homelessness by ...placing them in loving, permanent homes." With reference to "placing them in loving permanent homes", I have to wonder how one does this when phone calls and emails from prospective "loving homes", are not returned. I have been attempting to make contact, with this facility, for several weeks now, ...per their website instructions: " 910-270-2660 or email, and a THS worker will contact you with directions and assist you in setting up a time and date to visit with the animal you're interested in. We are open 7 days a week by appointment only." All of my messages continue to go unanswered...I don't doubt that someone there loves animals, however, I have to wonder if they are truely trying to find homes for them or are they just collecting them? I wish someone, who lives closer to the facility, would follow up on this situation. I would love to find that my concerns are unfounded.

Interesting about the

Interesting about the euthanasia part. I adopted a dog from there a couple of years ago and they told me it was a rare occassion when they had to put one down, and it was usually due to illness, injury, or being vicious. They were telling me about the rescues they worked with then and that they always had someone that would step up. Maybe the Humane Society should have planned the repairs and upgrades a little better. If the Dept. of Ag knew the situation, I'm sure they would have given some time to make repairs. If the county ran it on 60,000 and the repairs had already been made, why would you need to triple the budget? I could see alloting a little more to repay what they spent, but did they spend 120,000? If you have an animal to give away and a computer, you can go to or and sign up for free and find them homes. That is better than leaving them at the pound or just dropping them off somewhere.

Pender Animal Shelter

I am glad that Topsail Humane is giving up running our county animal shelter. I know a county employee who works closely with the animal shelter and I am told that under Topsail Humane's leadership they have euthanized many, many more animals than when the county ran things. I am also told that they were charging to drop off strays, leading to loose animals all over the road there as people rightfully did not want to pay to drop off a stray animal. Let's get the county running what should be a county dept. and run it right. We have good animal control people employed here, lets let them do their jobs. Darlene there is wonderful about working with rescues and finding homes for the animals.

With less funding and less

With less funding and less staffing and pet abandonment at an all time high, how much better do you think the county is going to be able to do at this point, exactly?