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Tour sheds light on treasures hidden upstairs downtown

READ MORE: Tour sheds light on treasures hidden upstairs downtown

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Port City is lucky to have a downtown area with shopping, eateries and historic sites, but sometimes downtown's bad reputation can distort the unique setting we have on the waterfront. A tour this weekend aims to change that perception.

"When you walk downtown you usually notice what's eye level, but you don't look up and realize people are living over the pizza shop or the restaurant or the retail store," said Susan Johnson, chair of this weekend's Downtown Lifestyle Tour.

There's a lot of hustle and bustle on the streets of downtown Wilmington, ut it's a whole new world within the walls of these buildings.

"People don't realize. They think there's a lot of horror stories about living downtown with the rush and the crime and so forth, but when you actually live here and you get up above these shops and you see how nice these properties are and how different they are, it's a really nice place to live," Libby Beccarino of Plantation Building Corp.

Wilmington Downtown Inc. will host the Downtown Lifestyle Tour this weekend to give people a chance to see what makes downtown living so unique.

"The first time I went through some of them to figure out who we're putting on the tour my mouth dropped, because I was amazed at what exists over some of the places you take for granted as you walk by downtown," Johnson said.

The tour showcases 15 lofts and condos. They range from traditional to funky and from small to large. Some showcase historical preservations, while others are a taste of modern style. Bottom line is there's something for everyone.

The tour runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Organizers say despite showcasing 15 different locations the tour is walkable.

You can get tickets in advance at or at Finkelstein's at Front and Market Streets.

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no curfew

we are suppose to be a free society- so i have a real issue with arbitray curfews. The many should not have freedom constrained by the behavior of a few

Invest in earplugs

Having lived on Front St. for ten years in a fantastic loft, all I can say is that any potential tenants better invest in some high-end earplugs. Between the noise, lack of parking and no grocery store, the "coolness" wore off eventually.

Why not combine it with "adopt-a-rat?"

Since it's obvious that someone in downtown or the historic district is genetically modifying rats to reach the size of capybaras, why not let each ticket holder take home a new pet?

IN By 10

Here is an idea that might help that works for Philadelphia...put a curfew for those 18 and under from 10pm to 6am 7 days a week downtown.


You have GOT to be kidding me!! You are going to charge $11 a head for a tour you hope will change people's minds about living downtown??? $11 a head for a tour I could take on my own, maybe with a downtown realtor?? What a friggin' joke! Good luck with that!!!

Re: Tickets?!?!

You may be thinking this a realty tour. In fact, it's not a tour you can do yourself or get from a realtor. These are primarily private residences that aren't typically accessible to the public and aren't on the market. Many of the owners will be in their homes during the tour to talk about their space and why they choose to live downtown. It's a nice opportunity to learn more about the benefits of living downtown.

Proceeds will benefit WDI and downtown redevelopment. Typically, local home tours run about 2-3x as much, so it's actually a pretty great deal!

...and by benefitting WDI...

...their staff will be able to buy groceries, because they'll always be room on the corporate card.

I doubt that

Since most of the places on the tour or private residences (including Dennis Hoppers old place) I doubt seriously you'll be able to get a realtor that can get you into most of these places.
But you go right ahead.