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Towing companies looking to increase rates

With the high price of gas, Wilmington towing companies are looking for some extra compensation. Tow truck drivers say they are struggling with the cost of fuel, labor and insurance. Since 2001, the Port City has had a standard towing rate of $100 dollars per pick-up. To keep up with the times, towing companies are proposing an increase, ranging from $140 to $180 dollars. Atlantic Towing owner Will Hewett said, "To get an increase is just going to level us out. We are going to get a little bit of our profit back. We aren't going to make extra money. The cost of living is going up, so we are just trying to stay even and be able to pay our bills." The increased rates would cover every time a tow truck moved an illegally parked car, or responded to a wreck in the city of Wilmington. The idea is still in its early stages. WWAY will let you know if the proposal goes any further.

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I tow in Wilmington and although I don't own the business I can tell you it ain't cheap. Fuel, insurance,storage lot,break downs cause tow trucks do that too. I burn 2 tanks a day on average at $200 a fill up. If you get towed for being illegally parked and you failed to practice looking where your going in my opinion we should be able to charge way more for stupidity. Oh yeah whoever is paying 20 dollars an hour I need their number after 10 years at the same place I make 11 dollars an hour to get out of bed at 3 in the morning to pick up your wrecked or broke down vehicle and that's after a 13 hour shift princess. Also I know Will he's an honest man with a family and if he says the rate needs to rise you can take it to the bank. Most think it's an easy job because they watch these shows on Tv and think oh no problem. A bit of advice (stay on the couch). Good luck with your tow dolly hopefully you aren't struck while trying to load it.

How can you argue with this argument????

This is outrageous!!! I just got towed, while shopping at one of the stores that I got towed from. Having to hassle with the towing company that is charging me $150.00 for the tow. Everyone on here arguing the fact about the rates are correct to do so. In Port City the going rate for towing is usually around 50 to 65 dollars. If it is outside the city limits, then it is around 35 hook up charge and 3 dollars per mile. The towing company is located only around 9 miles from the distance it was towed -- ILLEGALLY -- but the most they could charge me if I asked them to do so would be 65 bucks, at the most. 30 bucks in mileage and 35 for the hookup. And the companies are making a profit in doing that. But being it isn't a tow initiated by the customer of the vehicle, they say they need 150 now to recoup the cost. So if you're able to make a profit from one customer at 65, how can you argue the fact of gas being the reason you HAVE or NEED to charge 150 now for just certain tows. Sorry, but I'm not buying it. If you can turn a profit of a tow of a certain vehicle, from and too a certain location for one customer, you can't argue that you need around a 300% increase for another customer to tow the exact same vehicle to the exact same destination. Argument on those facts are just futile!

I know Will it would not

I know Will it would not bother me a bit to see some one like him get more on a tow If you could elimnate the crooks in town that hide behind the tow truck to rip people off like they do time ane time again.

fair enough

That sounds fair enough to me. Most people don't know the price of diesel is about $4.70 a gallon and that is what most wreckers drink. The truck is sitting idling while the driver is cleaning up the wreck or throttled up if any winching is being done.


ME A BREAK! Gas is 4 bucks a gallon and those trucks even IF they only get 12 MPG..which they probably get around cost only 4-8 bucks in gas...PLUS the 20 bucks an hour they guy it is costing them 24-28 bucks a tow.....They are making a 300 percent profit...GET OUTTA HERE WITH THIS CRAP...don't want to do business within reason around here...LEAVE.

people are ignorant...

There is no 300 percent mark thats required on those peices of equipment run $1200-$3000 dollars a month depending on the coverage that is required...theres garage keepers insurance, inside storage, $5.00 a gallon for DIESEL not gas....the trucks average 12mpg 16 if they are lucky. With gas going up so does everything else...back up off the towing industry they need to make a living time your in a bind push your car to where it needs to go or leave it in the street and get fined by the city of wilmington. Like i said gas goes up so does everything else so back off!

People are Ignorant!

I own a small towing company in Illinois. It's amazing that I try and offer the most reasonable rates for towing and people still complain and try to chew down the price. $45 for a car and $55 for a truck to tow local up to 6 miles is more than reasonable. I don't have the overhead like some of the companies in the area. But come on, if people think that is still to much then I agree with the last post, push your car where it needs to go!


should we back off. You guys act like this is going to last forever....IT ISN' I assume your increase will go back DOWN when Diesel goes back down...RIGHT? You guys are just looking to do what everybody else is doing...take a bite into the consumers rear ends....INSIDE STORAGE...NOBODY...NOBODY I know of has INSIDE STORAGE...its all outside in a fenced in area.

inside storage

John Russ wrecker, Wayne's Towing, Chambers, Kirby's just to name a few for you ALL have inside storage AVAILABLE if needed. Most wrecks don't have to be stored inside, out in the lot is just fine. The police request that some vehicles involved in fatalities are stored inside to preserve evidence.

get a clue

And Ford/Chevy/Dodge just gives away tow trucks. How do you figure they get 18-20MPG when loaded down with the gear and the weight of the vehicle they are towing? You really should get out more often. A properly fitted truck will run about $70k, plus insurance. It isn't gas genius, it is diesel that is used and it is close to $5 a gallon. Call it the price of business.


COME ON...IF insurance is that guys are in the wrong business because there is NO WAY you can make it even with the far as ME getting a tow...NO THANKS!!! I'll go borrow my uncle's tow dolly for FREE and do the tow with someone else's truck...Even if I had to rent one it's cheaper and easier than waiting for one of you guys.

better move fast

Don't get hit trying to load your broken car in the roadway. People don't slow down for emergency vehicles, so they sure won't budge for you.

check this price

Go buy a set of six 22.5" tires and see how light your pocket is.

completely missed the point

The tow companies are not asking to raise the rates for every tow, they can do that if they want to. Then you can call around and price shop. They are asking to raise the "set by the city" rotation fee they can charge when a car is involved in an accident and they are called out by the police to remove the cars from the roadway. Sorry, the police won't let you leave your car in the road waiting for your uncle to show up with his dolly. Most of the time that fee is paid by the insurance company of the person that is at fault anyway. It is well apparent you have never shopped for insurance for a commercial vehicle because you have no clue about the cost.