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Town Hall meeting held by Constitutional Patriots

The Wilmington Chapter of Constitutional Patriots held a mock town hall meeting Saturday morning at the Northeast Library. They invited Senator Kay Hagan to attend, but a spokeswoman from Senator Hagan's office said the Senator couldn't make it due to a family commitment. Constitutional Patriots said they stand against the rising tide of socialism and fascism. They claim it is a movement that is destroying our constitution and our country. Most speakers voiced their concern about the president's health care plan, but all issues were open for discussion at the meeting. "Our main purpose is to give citizens an opportunity to speak to Senator Hagan their concerns and to ask some questions,” said Mary Kay Mason. “This video will be sent to Senator Hagan so she'll be able to understand how we feel in New Hanover County." The Constitutional Patriots have a conservative constitutional ideology. Their goal is to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States against all threats, be it foreign or domestic.

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oboma bankruptcy 2009 filing

The foundation of the Obama presidentcy is a bankruptcy filing he did with Tim G and Hank Paulen March 2009. That filing says American People no longer sovereign owing FEDERAL RESERVE 14.8 trillion. posted in the US TREASURY website and signed By Obama, Tim G and Hank P. Posted as a
public notice As it said directed to US Supreme Court. According to the Obama filing we would all now be bankrupt wards of the state (serfs).
After that event a budget probably not possible and all spending classified as investments.
Frank-Dodd came next with Health Care deemed constitutional in the light of bankruptcy emergency powers of the Obama administration. CLIMATE CHANGE,VAT TAX and who knows what else coming next. We should all be asking what Obama Adminstration doing with that filing.
I learned of it listening to a investment show before church that Sunday morning. Pat Kiley a little contraversial and doing a investment
show said you will never believe what your Government has done over the weekend. He said of the bankruptcy filing and explained how to look it up. I wrote down what he said looked it up later and it was sure enough there but a little hard to find no doubt to not garner response from tax payers which to my knowlege Ombama has been sucessful in keeping us entertained on other things.

Socialism is...

Paying for a government controlled and influenced Police Force. Its sending the poorest and least informed to die in another country, for whatever reason. We all ready pay for murder, but its not the old we kill it is the young. I truly believe all americans need to be involved in our government, but it seems that all americans want to do is sit quietly as long as we get stuff we want. We are a nation of subservient people doing what is best for the 1% (the Rich). So if we don't have public health care, and that means that we as a whole help elevate the financial woes of any american citizen so they can be healthy enough to pay the money back , You might as well say "Kill the Poor!". Now I know thats quite dramatic, but that is what we are talking about allowing the least of us dying is squaller so some of us can have the truly irresponsible "Dream" of making A million dollars some day. We honestly don't need a lot of money to live comfortably. So why don't we do what a Christian Nation is supposed to do : Help each other, and stop bickering about how we want more. Considering so many have less.

You liberals crack me up!

You want to keep God out of the classroom, out of the courthouse, out of the bedroom, out of the OB/Gyn clinic....but the minute the subject changes to capital punishment or wealth re-distribution, lo' and belold: You start whipping out Christ and using his teachings.! Well, guess again - we are NOT a "Christian Nation," we are a secular nation. The Bible can be no more a basis of governance than the Koran. We are governed by a CONSTITUTION, and nowhere in that document will you find anything about the federal government having the power to take over the helthcare industry OR re-distribute wealth.

We aren't a Christian Nation...

And neither am I. (Agnostic Atheist) I am not saying we should be teaching one Ideology over another or any theology at all. I also don't want to redistribute the wealth of the country, but I believe that those who are rich always want more. More money, power, more everything. And that is what I want to stop, but I can't personally do that. Only every American, what ever their person political, theological, or social beliefs, doing everything they can to steer our country to be the best. Cause whether you like it or not we aren't the best, and we can't let todays generation rest upon the great generations that came before us. We should never say we are a great nation; we should never have the time to pat ourselves on the back. Let us inspire the rest of the world to be great. Not force them to cow tow to us. I want my Country to be better than it has ever been before. Maybe providing the Best Healthcare in the world to All of the Citizens will get the ball rolling; I don't know. It would be awesome if we could get a look at the Bills before they go through the process so we can be part of the Process. After all the American People is the biggest lobby. We just need to rediscover our influence. Thanks


I have a question for Obama and Congress.. If you think this health care package is so great for the us, will you put in the package that the President and Congress will give up what you have now and use the the same health care you want for everyone else?

I don't want healthcare!

What exactly is your major malfunction? We spend more and get less out of healthcare than any other country (as % of GDP). We're the only first world country without socialized medicine. And we rank triple-digit low in healthcare in the world. This Adam Smith line of thinking should have died with the sub-prime mortgage. Capitalism favors the rich. If you're not rich, educate yourself and get on board before you get sick. I'm a social worker. I deal with a lot of the people that you literalists despise. You know what? There is such a thing as cyclical poverty in this country. Deal with it. No one s having a town hall, and it's darn unfortunate, because you people won't let anyone actually discuss anything. You're nothing more than thugs and should be treated as such. I wish I'd known about your meeting so I could've been there.

You're obviously an ANGRY social worker

Capitalism only works for the rich? Well, in a way, you have a point. I was born into dirt-poor poverty, and thanks to Capitalism I now enjoy a wonderful life that is in part due to my financial success. So if I'm rich now, it's because of free enterprise and America's tatse for economic freedom, not because the government handed me anything. Capitalism is GREAT! Like most social workers, it's apparent that Economics isn't your cup of tea. What's truly sad, however, is that the poor saps who have to listen to you because you're their case worker will be trapped into that poverty you mention. They need good, original ideas, not rehashed, previously failed Marxism.

Right to die- Obamacare

So let me ask why it is so harsh that Obama's health care plan would allow sick elderly people to die rather than draw it out for years? Wouldn't you want your pet to be put to sleep if it was suffering? When my father died he had spent my inheritance by just staying alive for a little over a year. If it would have been a healthy year and a half great, but he was 78 years old, and suffering. He would honestly been better off just laying in a bed for the month or two that it would have taken for him to die rather than keep him around shelling out over a hundred thousand dollars for home care and assisted living for the last year. The doctors and hospital raked in the dough, god knows what that cost medicare. My disability has stopped me from working, since I was 43 I havent worked a day, how can I afford insurance unless the government gives it to me? Some nights it is tough to be able to go out to a nice dinner and movie because I can barley make ends meet. And this has been my life for the past 14 years. Call it socialism, I call it mercy and jesus said to help those less fortunate. That's what Obama is promising.

Right to show

Your true colors. Wow, how can you look in the mirror? Your Father "spent your inheritance" staying alive. It's hard to go out for dinner and a movie because you can barely make ends meet. What a blood sucking attitude to display. You are part of the problem. Rather than remember your Dad, you display anger because he "spent your inheritance". You refer to Jesus. How about this -- "honor they mother and father" What a low life you must be and perhaps that explains why you are diabled. But if you are diabled, and living on the public dole, why do you think dinner and a movie are okay?

Eating out

Only some nights it is hard for you to go out and have a nice dinner and a movie. That's really tough. Sounds like you don't have it to bad if you can go to a restaurant some nights and a movie. Try using that money to buy your own insurance. I'm paying for my own and I don't go out to eat so I can pay for myself. Try it you might like it.

You better read your Bible again

Yes, Jesus said to help those less fortunate. NOWHERE did Jesus say that it was the government's job to do that. In fact, when he referred to "rendering unto Caeser," he specifically said that we have an obligation to "render unto God the things that are God's." So I gladly give money to help the truly less fortunate, either directly or through bona fide charitable organizations. I simply don't want the government skimming off the cream to feed the massive Socialist bureaucracy that Obama and the Democrats are trying to create while protecting the lazy, incompetent slugs who have done nothing to provide for themselves and their family.


"my father died he had spent my inheritance by just staying alive for a little over a year." Wow, what a great kid you where. My Father is 80 and healthy, he is also quite well off. I would rather see him live and spend the entire fortune on himself (either to stay alive or travel) than have it for myself. He has a living will that I will honor when the time comes. Your Fathers money was HIS. I hope you have greedy kids that treat your money just like you treated your Fathers..... Heck, let him die so WE GET HIS MONEY. Disgusting.

Your Inheritance?

Apparently you feel that everyone else should be helping you instead of you taking responsibility for your self. Your father's money was his. An inheritance is a gift not a right of passage. There are a lot of people right now that can not go out to a nice dinner and a movie. Pick yourself up by your boot straps and take some resposibility! Unfortunatly many Americans feel the way you do. I have worked since I was 16 years old, and so have my 4 siblings. I am now 56. I don't expect the government to take care of me, and quite frankly I am tired of taking care of people like you. So go ahead and praise the almighty Obama, and lets just see where this country is headed.



Sorry but.......

NO NO NO and h3ll NO! This is part of the problem. So many sorry, lazy people think they are entitled to "government cheese". This frees up their cash flow so they can spent their money on nights out!? Leave me out of your health care issues. I have my own battles to fight thank you very much.

just a thought

according to your line of should be "put down" also. You are an unproductive drain on our society. You said "since I was 43 I havent worked a day", "And this has been my life for the past 14 years. I personally do not believe or think that way. The constitution does not state anyone has a "right to DIE" but it does say everyone has a "right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". It doesn't say it is my fiancial responsability to take care of you or provide those things for you.

Right to die - Obamacare

OK. You have not worked a day since you were 43 and it appears that has been 14 yrs ago. I assume you are on disability as you state your disability stopped you from working. My mother is on Social Security but it is very little income. She lives with me. I work 40 hrs per week; am gainfully employed (at least for the moment - we have had layoffs), and my job is not real safe right now. I have a problem with what you say - "Some nights it is tough to be able to go out to a nice dinner and a movie because I can barely make ends meet". If you can barely make ends meet, how can you go out for any kind of dinner, nice or not, and a movie? I have not been to a movie in years. Rarely go out to eat. I don't get it. My mother also has cancer. My mother was a single mother who raised myself and my sister alone with very little child support. My sister and I are 49 and 52 respectively. My mother was NEVER on any kind of government assistance. It's not that she did not need it or could not have used it - she had no help and never asked for it. Probably would not have received it anyway. She worked 40 years in a factory on a production line. I do not want to take part in any kind of government-run health care. If you folks do then that is fine. I want no part of it. The thought of being forced to do that burns me a new one! Some people say that is not going to happen, but I believe NOTHING that Obammy, his cronies nor his minions say. NOTHING! I know there are folks out there that do - GOD HELP YOU. It is not up to Obammy nor his minions on how or when someone dies. When it is your time, you are going no matter what happens or what you do, how much health care you have or don't have. I can rest easy at night in the thought that my vote did not put him in office. January 20, 2013 - the end of an ERROR. God help us all because we are going to need it. Just wait and see.

More like FORCED to die

Clevenative, "He would honestly been better off just laying in a bed for the month or two that it would have taken for him to die rather than keep him around shelling out over a hundred thousand dollars..." Sounds like you are simply bitter that your inheritance was cut short. How would you have recommended the hospital speed things along? Starve him like Terri Schiavo ??? Or a FORCED Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)???

Just the facts

As an organizer of Contitutional Patriots I know the truth of Sen. Kay Hagan. I contacted Sue Wink at her Raleigh office asking for a "date" for a town hall meeting since May 1st. I was told no appointment for you! BUT we will place your request "on file." "But surely there's one day in her future that isnt's filled with appointments right? Plug us into that day," I said. No, we'll get back to you asap. May came and went, more calls, more emails, then June came and went, then July, more calls. Come August I had had enough. "OK I see it's never going to happen. So where is Sen. Hagan going to hold a town hall near Wilmington? We'll go to her." Oooopsy! No can do. Sen. Hagan isn't having a town hall meeting near you, Sen. Hagan isn't having a town hall anywhere in the entire state of NC. She's busy with FUND RAISERS and the like. Many folks in the opposition make valid points I agree with. Bush made many socialist moves too. Duh! We're mad at him as well. Also, we need tort reform. Where were the Dems all these years on tort reform? Why is it only an issue NOW? When the Dems were listing victims of "hate crimes" sodomites and pedophils, why didn't they list the victims of discrimination with pre-existing conditions? I'll tell you why, because they wanted to USE it to shove socialized healthcare down our throats to control 17% of the US economy.It's called S O C I A L I S M. Folks this isn't merely about your doctor's visits and tests, this is about CONTROL. If they control your healthcare they control your life. They now CONTROL the banks, they control the energy industry, they control the auto industry, and now they want to control healthcare. And WHEN they have our health in their control, they'll have us in checkmate. Wake up America. They're coming!

Thank You

I rarely agree with these comments, but for once i have to. Yours is well thought out and puts plame on both sides of the aisle in Congress...not just Dem Haters or Rebublican Bashers. Both are to blame. Thanks!

Mock Patriot Town Hall

These poorly informed "town hall" screamers are shouting down America's only chance of any reform of our bloated, inefficient and unfair system of insurance and soaring medical costs. When the Republicans get back in control, they'll claim to have a "public mandate" from the "town halls" and "teabaggers" to abolish "socialist government programs" like Medicare and Social Security.

Abolish Medicare and Social Security?

GREAT idea! The best thing that could ever happen to this nation would be for us to once again embrace self-reliance and individual responsibility. The only people who should ever qualify for long-term government assistance are those who are truly disabled, do not have family, and cannot provide for themselves. Other than those unfortunates, we should all follow the basic premise often credited to John Smith at Jamestown: "If you don't work, you don't eat." The same can be said about improper preparation for the golden years - if you squandered your money and didn't save and invest, then don't complain when they aren't so "golden." BTW, if you don't like the sounds of democracy and have a problem with the First Amendment, I'd suggest you move to Cuba or North Korea. This is the United States of America, and we're not shutting up to facilitate your Socialist take-over.

God forbid you or a family member do not get cancer

as my dad, who earns a good income and does not spend beyond his means, recently found out. Even with a decent insurance plan and a better-than-average income, he already has amassed a bill of $15,000 just for two biopsies, an emergency surgery to remove what was thought to be a bladder stone (turned out to be malignant bladder tumor) and a few visits. And this is after the insurance having picked up some of the cost! Now, he's facing multiple weeks of expensive treatment and possibly chemo, along with radical cystectomy (removal of the bladder, lymph nodes and prostate), all of which will mean another $30,000 that he will be responsible for. He is 61 years old. What would happen if he lost his job? He wouldn't be able to pay the COBRA premiums, not even if he ate ramen noodles all day. Never mind finding another insurance willing to take him on with cancer. So, Mr./Ms. Commonsensenot.. good luck and good health to you. Consider yourself lucky if you and your family do not have cancer or any other catastrophic illness. Sadly, however, financial disaster for most people in the U.S. is only an unexpected disease (or accident) away.

What about you?

Why don't you use your time and your money to help out your Dad. I'm sorry that things like this happen but, I don't think you or anybody else has the right to impose or force me by law & legislation to finacially take care of your responsibility. I have my own 97 year old Grandma, 73 year old Mom, 18, 19, 21 & 23 year old children and my own 1 1/2 year old Grandson that I try and take care of or help out in anyway I can. I want my kids do grow up to be self sufficient/reliant and not to be dependent on Government. Socialism works great, until you run out of my money. Get involved with your local church and with charities, someone just might be able to help you and your family out. In turn you should likewise help others out. Quit looking for the government to help you out because in the long run they will screw all of us, including you.

Cancer Schmancer

I_got_mine_so, "he already has amassed a bill of $15,000....which will mean another $30,000 that he will be responsible for." I don't see where ANY other citizen should be responsible for helping your father foot the bill. I can't help but wonder how much your fathers vehicle cost when he purchased it. The average price of a new car sold in the United States is $28,400 If an American can afford to spend that sort of money on a vehicle----then they can afford to PAY THEIR OWN health insurance and deductibles. As for those denied coverage due to pre-existing would be like having a car accident and then calling around to get retro-active coverage. ---PREPARE AHEAD people.

did nuclear testing cause

did nuclear testing cause cancer? How about Agent Orange?

Ah...but you miss her point!

If her dad has to spend $45k of his own money, that's $45k less in his estate when he passes away. This is what absolutely amazes me about our national mindset: People think that they shouldn't have to spend their own money on their own healthcare. Someone OWES them something.

Are you blue collar? Did

Are you blue collar? Did your boss invest in your future, or his? What were your health risks AT WORK? I'm a former employee of Barton's Mines, a garnet mine. I like Peter Barton, I went to school with him...but while I was earning 5.15 and hour in 1988, he was in Aspen, Colo. SKI-ING. The air is nice and clean on top of that mountain, isn't it. Barton's Mines had a pretty good retirement plan, but I watched my co-workers kicking the bucket before they had a chance to enjoy it. And you think nobody owed them anything? Think again.

So....were you and your co-workers slaves?

Or did you actually think that hard rock mining was a healthy profession? Anyway, that's not my point. My point is that if you have insurance, but have co-pays of $45k, you should not gripe about paying them when you have assets of $45k or more. Instead, we have a cottage industry in this country, with financial advisors and lawyers teaching people how to hide assets and plead poverty to be placed on Medicaid. I personally know of a guy who transferred his eighty acre farm to his son so that he could claim that he was broke. It's an outrage!


Has your father retired from anywhere? Normally if he has he would carry insurance through them and I doubt it could be canceled. But this day and age you never know. My husband already retired from the military and is 10 years away from retiring from another employer. Best wishes.