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Town hall meeting tonight to discuss Monkey Junction annexation

Residents who live in Monkey Junction are encouraged to attend a town hall meeting tonight about possible annexation into the City of Wilmington. The meeting is sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina and will be broadcast live by the Big Talker FM. It will take place at Ashley High School from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. People who wish to attend are encouraged to pre-register at

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Before it's all over, the Name of New Hanover County will be changed to WILMINGTON COUNTY...So glad that i live out in Pender County In the woods :-)

Pender on a bender - Bee Buzz

I like the Hampstead Homestead that I have. But it looks like they are about to put on a growth spurt here like no other. Even moving in a dog pound to meet the need. Even Burgaw is trying to outlaw bees! No really, they are seeking to keep bees out of the city of Burgaw zoning district. I hope in the future you can still walk in your own backyard there. Burgaw Town Hall, this Thursday the 20th at 6pm. Be witness to the town of Burgaw trying to outlaw bees by a vote of the council. If you feel strongly about nature and still want your own rights to your property, SHOW UP! Burgaw Town Hall, this Thursday the 20th at 6pm.

you got to be kidding

As a resident of the great city of Wilmington not by choice my question to you all is if Landfall and all of their high priced attorneys could't do it what makes you think you can? You aren't fooling with a bunch of dumbies! You are wasting your time! Come, join the rest of us and pay your fair share. It's not so bad.


ARE right...if the town wants to annex....YOUR ANNEXED no matter what you WANT. I personally do NOT want to be annexed...double taxes SUCK and are UNFAIR!!! You get that FAT tax bill that includes the county and city tax and your jaw will drop. You get that tax even though the county is doing LITTLE for you because the city has taken over that care....maybe each subdivision should become a township to avoid it...LEAVE ME ALONE WILMINGTON!

Yes double taxation really

Yes double taxation really hurts!! This is the worst state for it too. It's like that great old personal property tax. How many years in a row should you have to pay a tax on a vehicle. As if the tax you pay the first time around isn't enough. Heaven forbid they worry about the infrastructure of the city before they suck up more property and add new residents. If they did the right thing with the money in the first place we wouldn't have this problem. Maybe they should start making big business pay for some of these upgrades, like the developers that are making huge profits and not being required to improve roads, and utilities. Instead they choose to make the citizens pay for it. The solution could be as easy as planning for the future. Wilmington certainly isn't going to get any smaller. And the convention center??? What good is the convention center if you don't have sufficient roads for people to travel on to get there. LET"S WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!