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Tractor trailer, SUV crash

WILMINGTON -- A tractor trailer triggered a nasty crash in Wilmington today. The accident took place around ten Friday morning at the intersection of 16th and Wooster Streets. Police say the truck driver wasn't paying attention, ran the light and clipped an SUV. The impact flipped the SUV, which was then struck from behind by another vehicle. The passengers -- a mother and her child -- were taken to the hospital, but are expected to be OK. Both drivers of the truck and the SUV walked away unhurt.

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{"Both drivers of the truck

{"Both drivers of the truck and the SUV walked away unhurt"...............} Guess that's closed, until 5 years or so from now when the Mother and child are both suffering with ailments from this crash, then wished she (the Mother) had not let the news print such info as this, or made such a statement if she indeed did say that. Shame on someone here!!

Read the article before you comment

The drivers of both vehicles walked away unhurt. THE PASSENGERS, A MOTHER AND HER CHILD, were taken to the hospital. Looks like paying attention is a problem for more than just the truck driver.

Long term

Long term effects...dump-ski! Ever had someone plow into you just to find out a year or so later the suffering/effects of the accident sets in???


The driver was'nt paying attention. Is that what they call talking on the phone while driving now. That's Probably what was going on. I'd bet on it.