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Traffic concerns driving people crazy in Leland

READ MORE: Traffic concerns driving people crazy in Leland
A string of accidents along a major highway has police stepping up patrols. For drivers on Highway 17 in Leland, the problem may just be getting used to more cars on the road. It's called the "super street". A portion of Highway 17 in Leland was designed to make room for the growing population in north Brunswick County. “This is new, it hasn't been here three years, so all these people and all this growth in the Leland area, it's different,” said Courtney Flowers. It seems some drivers are having trouble navigating the roadway. Three severe accidents took place within the last month between Wal-Mart and Waterford. Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne says the accidents don't have a common cause, but traffic through the corridor increases during the summer months. He hopes increased patrols will help prevent another accident in the future. “What we need people to realize is you need to slow down, you need to pay attention to signs and the lights that are available for your safety, and keep a safe travel distance between you and the vehicles in front of you,” Jayne said. But drivers say police patrols aren't the problem; they say the roadway is just confusing. “Having to go down and turn around, that's one bad thing, and two I don't think there are enough lights,” said William Holland. Department of Transportation engineer Alan Pope says it's not fair to compare total number of accidents because there are so many more cars on the road, but the crashes haven't increased. Still, with more drivers on the road it can't hurt to use a little extra caution. “Just because they've got a red light doesn't necessarily mean someone is going to stop,” Pope said. But keep that in mind and maybe the accidents will. Chief Jayne says the weekends are the busiest for the roadway thanks to Brunswick beach visitors. To help with the congestion, Leland police will step up their patrols Thursday through Monday.

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My office is there at

My office is there at Waterford-the accidents that are happening is because the traffic pattern is so misguided and arrows showing traffic flows blend into two lanes from four and instead of going straight across or constantly making lefts instead of a four way signal. It seems the thought pattern of the "experts" need to be rechecked as well

"Super street"??...more like

"Super street"??...more like "Stupid street". I have lived here since Hwy 17 was two lanes and you had to stop for the train at Lanvale, and this is probably the stupidest thing I have ever seen DOT do. Statistically, the majority of accidents happen at intersections. How could anyone POSSIBLY think that replacing 1 intersection with 4 intersections is a good idea???? In addition to the safety aspect, forcing drivers to make twice the stops and twice the turns than what is necessary increases wear and tear on their vehicles and increases fuel consumption. It seems to me that this would be counterproductive - especially in our current economic situation. The state should have simply installed access roads along both sides of Hwy 17 when they had the chance. This is just another example of no long range planning combined with idiotic short sighted fixes. The real shame/problem is that DOT seems to be in love with this design. It is spreading across our state faster than kudzu.

Not the street, it's the speed

A quick search of the local newspaper's website clearly shows the vast majority of the most recent accidents along the US 17 corridor have been the results of rear end collisions involving vehicles that were LEGALLY stopped at traffic signals. In every case, a driver slammed into the REAR of a parked car as it sat at a light. It's about speed and enforcement. Slow them down thru enforcement and install the red light cameras that worked so well in Wilmington (until the politicians got involved with the funding)

Leland Traffic

If people would STOP running the red lights at the turn around sections, we might not have so many problems! EVERY SINGLE DAY I see many people run the lights if they are in the 'turn around' lanes. Folks - it is NOT ok to turn left on red!!!

Alot of the problems in the

Alot of the problems in the area are because people driving that area do not understand that a red light means STOP, not drive really fast to get through it. Red arrows mean STOP, not go when you think you can. If drivers would remember this, things could get better.

Road to Nowhere

The state funded leg of the I-140 bypass over the Cape Fear River has been putonthe shelf in order to build the leg from 74/76 to 17. It does nothing to alieviate traffic, but it will help developers create more houses to create more traffic. Good job wasting our money!

Not doubt

With all those Michigan turns it is no doubt there are more accidents! But the DOT will never admit this is the problem. Some Brain decided this was a good Idea and will never budge from that thought. Also signs need to be added to the already confusing situation letting drivers know Right on Red is not permitted with Michigan Turns.

leland traffic

First I wanna ask...where are the Leland town limits start and end? Second...this is the most confusing place to have to drive...too much growth..too fast. This area will need a bypass soon and the planners of this county should have the cost takin out of their pockets! This area should have had only two lights to get around...the place has an access road, so why so many lights? It's a mini Wilmington...just wait and see!

A major problem along this stretch of road

The complete lack of signage indicating which of the many confusing turn lanes one needs to take to reach a destination is ridiculous. People unfamiliar with the area are left confused as to where to turn, and they tend to make very poor decisions in driving when they get confused. I've seen people stopped in the middle of 17 trying to decide if they needed to turn or continue to the next turn. I've seen people running red lights while not paying attention to the road or right of way while trying to look for something one one side of the road or the other. It sure would be nice to have some road signs indicating which services are at which specific turn, and while the NCDOT's at it, why can't they add a couple large signs with road names on them for the likes of Lanvale rd, Brunswick Forest, Magnolia Greens and Waterford. It's beyond this Leland homeowner why it should be so hard to give someone directions to this vicinity and have to use landmarks like fences or counting stoplights to explain where to turn. It's embarrassing, really. A road should be marked with signs, on a highway where speeds of 45-55 mph are being driven, that can be seen in plenty of time for a driver to safely indicate their intentions and get to the appropriate lane.

More lights????? This is

More lights????? This is one of the problems..there are too many now! I have lived here since US 17 was a 2 lane road. I knew that the so called "Super Street" was going to be a castrophe from the beginning and it has. When I go to Wilmington I go 133. I would rather put up with the 2 lanes and the curves than the Super Street. If going to Leland, I use Lanvale Road and avoid the Magnolia Greens area all together. That is definitely one area where you need to cut off the cell phone and pay attention to what is going on.

HWY 17 Accidents in Leland

Exiting from Waterford, it is clearly marked that there is no right turn on red. This applies to all lanes of traffic. But frequently those in the right lane ignore the sign, and dart out into traffic, apparently feeling it does not apply to that one lane. More accidents will occur until things like this are corrected.

Not quite accurate there...

The no turn on red signs are for the two left lanes that are for traffic to cross 17, not for the far right lane that is entering 17 south. Waterford even had to print this in a newsletter to its homeowners. There are two signs, not three. You're welcome to verify this with NCDOT. You're also welcome to verify that the solid white lines indicating a no lane change are on 74/76 to Wilmington are not legally enforceable and merely a suggestion, though not clearly marked, as a traffic pattern change study.

Idiotic Intersections

You have got to be kidding me! We surely dont need MORE lights around the walmart intersection in Leland. There is only what, 14 or 15 lights in a mile and half section of road. The Leland police practically live in this area 24 hrs a day so stepping up patrols wont help either. The problem is all the idiotic lights that are there NOW that force everybody to make 3 or 4 U turns. 3 standard normal lights like we have all over town would have worked just fine if not better and would have cost the taxpayer thousands and thousands less. Just like our wonderful Gov't they cant leave things alone and now they have also screwed up Monkey Junction by redesigning it just like the walmart area in Leland!

Couldn't have said it better!

I don't know about Leland but I have to go through that Monkey Junction fiasco everyday. Who in the heck ever did the design work on that crappola u-turn junk should be banned from ever laying a pencil on paper again!!!! I have never in my life seen such screwed up and confusing u-turn, back-turn, upside down-turn, no u-turn, turn here, don't turn there bunch of messed up traffic cluster-mess in my life. Sure, we are a small town that is growing, but my God, try effective solutions and solid planning rather than this ill-thought out, dangerous and confusing mix of turn off-shoots and concrete islands. Again, my hat is off to the great DOT. Mostly in sympathy, prayer and wonder of what the heck they will do to waste money, manpower and the display of great engineering feats next. GEEEEEEZZZZZ.....


It is crazy and causes more problems than it solved.