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Arrest Made in Traffic Fatality

WILMINGTON -- Late Wednesday afternoon, Kelvin Deshawn Cardwell, age 22, of Wilmington, was charged with Death by Vehicle, No Operators License, and Reckless Driving for the fatal crash that occurred in the early hours of March 30. He is being held at the New Hanover County jail on a $100,000 secured bond. 22-year-old Annie McLeod of Wilmington was killed in the accident that occurred on North College Road late Sunday night. She was a passenger in the Acura that was southbound. McLeod was a student at UNCW. The driver of the Acura was Tyler Roberts, age 19, of Raleigh, NC. The second passenger in the car was Sarah Brown, age 18, of Colerain, NC. Both are students at UNCW. The driver of the northbound Lincoln was Kelvin Cardwell, age 22, of Wilmington. Roberts, Brown and Cardwell remain hospitalized at NHRHC. All sustained serious injuries, but are expected to survive. The investigation is continuing and charges still are pending.

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the truth

first of all my blessings & prayers go 2 the mcleod family.well I am the girlfriend of cardwell & these comments sum of u r leavin r ridiculous.i know wat happened.the media takes stuff 2 the extreme.race isn't a factor nor do I point a finger.yes he was wrong & I talked 2 him bout that.second degree murder?cum on,there r kids killing people,rapist,robberies & other things & they get off wit a slap on the hand cuz all of a sudden they want 2 say they were can u say that?thats crazy.he has a family 2 that luvs him sooo dearly & he's not a bad person so please don't judge him off of this.then u go 2 the extreme 2 look up his record.this is his FIRST offense.he knows he was wrong & he's paying 4 it.he wants the chance 2 it won't bring her bak but that's wat he wants 2 do.i heard so many stories of wat happened by people who won't there.dont assume things if u were not a witness.the bottom line is that he's payin 4 his mistake!i can go on & on but I'm done.r.i.p. annie...& I luv u kelvin.......

How Dare You

How Dare You to get on here and defend him!!! He should have received 2nd degree murder! It's not fair that he gets out in August and can continue his life. Annie's life is gone. She was a good person that didn't do anything wrong. Why should she have her life taken by his act of stupidity and his life still here? He's at a work farm, not even prison, so he's really not paying for what he has done. He chose to drink and he chose to drive.. Do you think Annie chose to die? How dare you. How dare you!!!! I'm just calling it like I see it. Let this sink in and think about the person you're with. Do you have kids?? What if that was your kid that he killed? Wear that shoe on the other foot...

Out of PURE respect of the

Out of PURE respect of the McLeod family and friends, please don't use this site to defend Cardwell. I am sure you are hurting too, but you STILL have him. I am in no way trying to take away from your suffering, BUT THIS IS NOT FOR YOUR COMFORT! I am so sorry to be so blunt, try to understand. Cardwell made choices that night for himself and others, who didn't have a choice!!!

The hearing was today.

The hearing was today. Anyone know what happened?

I know that he ONLY got 3-5

I know that he ONLY got 3-5 years for taking Annie's life. My heart goes out to the McLeod family and friends. ><>

Still missing Annie and

Still missing Annie and praying for her family and friends.

This shouldn't have happened to Annie.

I haven't talked to her in months but she was my best friend in middle school. She was the sweetest and most down to earth person I've ever met.

Annie should not have died.

Annie should not have died. She should not have been taken from her family, friends and community at the age of 22.

I went to school with annie,

I went to school with annie, years upon years ago. She was really sweet and always had a smile on her face. She will truely be missed by all those that have been touched by her humor and sensitivy. I would like to pay my respects to her family, and will be joining in the vigil at UNCW campus in the near future. She will now be watching over everyone, and become a guardian angel

What an angel...

Annie McLeod was a very beautiful, smart and selfless individual. I have watched this adorable little girl turn into a confident, intelligent young woman. Such a tragedy for the McLeod & Johnston family. I hope Annie's spirit will be forever alive. Her citizenship to her community and her vibrant personality will be truly missed. Please pray for these families and for the individual who was responsible for this senseless and untimely death.

Annie McLeod

It is reality that few people understand 'why' this would happen. You hear things like: 'God has a bigger plan', or 'she's in a better place'. It's hard to keep your faith, when something like this happens to an extraordinary young lady. The sentiments are nice, but often fall on 'deaf ears'. Annie was funny, caring, proud. A wonderful daughter, friend, sister (Alpha Gam's) and dance partner. She will be missed, but if you believe the sentiments above, then this tragedy does not have to 'make sense'. It should motivate every day, laugh as hard as you can, think of others first, dance like there's no tomorrow. Annie loved to perform dances at competitions that were self-depricating, but brought laughter to everyone who has ever seen her dance and she loved that. Live like Annie, carry her torch. And every chance you get...make your voice heard when it comes to Drunk Driving! One voice can start a song; Annie would want you to sing! Our family is praying for your family, and for all who were touched by Annie's joy. Angels will watch over you. God be with you...Julie A. Curry

No license and drunk

The alleged drunk driver that killed the young woman also has no drivers license, wonder why. I say second degree murder!

second degree murder



You have got to be kidding! Throw the race card if you want...whatever. I do know the facts and you are so wrong. Lets go over the facts...Cardwell was drinking. Cardwell didn't have a drivers license. Cardwell drove into another lane and hit an oncoming car. Cardwell killed a young lady. He chose to do these things. He chose to drink, to drive...grow up.

very simple

Because of a little thing called toxicology exam. The driver you are defending was drunk and on a revoked license. His color has nothing to do with it. Nice tray on the race card, now off the planet with you.

all i have to say is that

all i have to say is that you don't even know half of the story. none of the individuals in the acura were drunk, nor had any of them been comsuming that night. if you want to know the truth they were the ones looking out and driving those who had been drinking home. they were the ones being responsible that night and i can't get over the fact that this young man of 22 had the audacity to get behind the wheel drunk (he was still drunk when he woke up the next morning)and do something so wreckless. now we have lost a friend, a sister, a daughter. annie mcleod was probably one of the greatest girls ive ever met. she was selfless, caring,vibrant, and beautiful. as for the young man, that is between him and god, but he should know who he took from this world. annie, we love you, we miss you.

to guest 12345

You are 100% right... there is nothing more needed to be said...

Ok, so you think people

Ok, so you think people don't know what they are talking about ... Mr. Cardwell has other cases still open in the state of Maryland.. I'm also checking on Virginia and D.C area. He was suppose to be in Maryland on March 25th. He also has 2 closed cases.. The matter is very simple you don't have a license you DO NOT drive. What gave him the right to get behind the wheel. (DRUNK)!!! His color does not matter.. He was driving... End of story..

no license you just don't drive

Ok, you think you know so much... He has 4 other cases in the state of Maryland. 2 are closed and 2 are open, He was suppose to be there on March 25, 2008. look it up. go to Marylands website. This person should have NEVER been driving. end of subject. It doesn't matter what color he don't have a license you don't drive case closed!!!!!I'm looking into the District of Columbia and Virginia now. Lets see if more stuff comes up..

How did you find that

How did you find that information, Guest4?

2nd Degree Murder

come on now. did they charge the young lady who was talking on her cellphone and hit an innocent mother and her child killing them both.noooooo! what about the young lady who just got "6 MONTHS" for her careless actions.if 1 get get 2nd degree murder they all deserve 2nd degree murder!!


It could possibly have something to do with them not being drunk and not driving on a revoked liecence.

I agree that the guy needs

I agree that the guy needs 2nd degree murder. He chose to drink, he chose to get behind the wheel and kill someone. He didn't plan it, but he did, that's the difference between 1st degree and 2nd. Life's about choices. My Uncle Bill and Aunt Karon decided to have another child after their other children were almost grown and independant. Annie chose to be a great kid, with good grades, great personality and values. I have never heard anything bad about her. She will always be remembered by me as the cute little blonde haired girl with the most adorable dimples when she was "Little Miss Wilmington". She was 22 years old with a promising life in front of her. This guy reaks of problems from what I gather of his records. She lost her life and he needs more than a slap on the hands for it. Uncle Bill and Aunt Karon are left without their daughter. Dana, William and Johnathon are left without their sister. What is he left without? He's still breathing and his family can see him. My family has to visit her grave. How fair is that? For the person that commented about "you have it in for the black peoples", you can't see beyond color. We're seeing right and wrong not black and white.