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Traffic Snarl Around Wilmington & Brunswick County 2 Days in a Row

READ MORE: Lumber spill causes traffic backups for second day
While the drive might have be clear Thursday morning, Wednesday night's commute over the Cape Fear River to Brunswick County was an absolute mess. The cause of the traffic was the lumber truck that overturned Tuesday afternoon. The truck dumped lumber all over the road as it came off Highway 421. While the truck was removed promptly, most of the debris was not removed until nearly 24 hours later. That led to more lines of cars and frayed nerves last night. "I was over on Dawson Street at Oleander and Dawson, so I decided to come this way. At least I'm not going to be way back there yet because it's all the way past Independence," said Brian Eberhart of Leland. Patti Briscoe of Leland added, "I'm tired. want to go home, I'm having a hard time getting across the bridge and this doesn't make any sense. I've got panic attacks and I've got anxiety." The traffic tie-up is due to a continued cleanup effort from Tuesday's tractor trailer accident. When told this, Brenda Byrd got even more agitated. "That'stupid that it wasn't taken care of. Someone needs to pay all these people some money for the gas they're burning having to spend in these lines." Johnny Walker added, "We've been off for for 2 hours and haven't gone anywhere. I heard it's cause they're cleaning that wood up. That was supposed to be done yesterday wasn't it? " Some people do not let the bottleneck ruffle their feathers, such as Sandy Brooks. "We're going to head home to open birthday gifts. We went down to that bridge turned around, then came down to this bridge to get stuck again," she said. County Line Wrecker finished the cleanup last night, which we hope bodes well for Thursday night's commute.

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First I will have to agree

First I will have to agree that the decision for the County Sheriffs to allow clean up when they did was absolutely the wrong one. I imagine this will be a learning experience for them. A wiser decision that someone had mentioned was to place an officer at the location until night for cleanup then, this I think would have solved the whole problem. They could even bill the time for the police assistance back to the drivers insurance. Now to address the other side of the situation and all the commuters to and from Brunswick county. I am sure most of you choose to live in Brunswick county and commute to Wilmington over the bridges, did not take into account how awful a route this is and how prone it is to backups. I bet you looked at what kind of a home you could get in comparison to New Hanover County and thought it was a good deal, more bang for you buck; which I am sure that it is. But what you have to realize is that there is a reason that its such a good deal and that is because there is only one way into Wilmington, and this one and only artery is so prone to backups its ridiculous. You need to get use to this as it is not going to change. from what I hear completion of 140 and the Skyway Bridge are problably decades away. Next time its backed up, do what I do go downtown have a drink eat some food at a local establishment and wait it out. You need to expect these types of things from time to time. Don't get me wrong I am still pissed that I didn't get home until 8:30, but I blame myself for living in Brunswick county and commuting back that way over the river.

Trafiic Jam

I work in street repair and maintenance and (NOT FOR DOT) DOT will not allow us to work on or near a busy state roads during the day time. We have to schedule our work at night. So I guess this changes everything.If no one has the authority to get these people off the street during rush hour then I guess this gives us the right to do our work anytime of day.And I hope a DOT rep shows up on the job then maybe I can get some answers out them. There is a time and place for everything and yesterday at Hwy 421 & Hwy 74/76 was not a good time or place to tie up so many people. As so many people have said it is only going to get worse.I think the state of North Carlina has weighted too long to build a another road from Wilmington to Brunswick County. It makes you think which is more important,my home or my work, which one should I give up to avoid this Hwy.I have too much time tied up in both. Hope for the best.

Leland traffic getting worse!!!!

At 3pm traffic was going good on 421 to Leland and then 10 minutes later it was a dead stop. Why did they not start cleaning up right after morning rush hour traffic instead of right before afternoon rush hour! Leland traffic is getting worse and worse!!! Someone Has to do something about it!!! The Amber Alert sign on 74-76 needs to be put in a different place instead of right after the Leland exit coming into Wilmington. Even on weekends, when that sign is on it stops traffic because of everyone trying to read it. There are already too many distractions to have to deal with that as well!!!! There is one further back on Hwy 17 (Myrtle Beach direction). They could move that one further back on Hwy 74-76 coming the Whiteville direction!!! HELP!!!!!!!


I drove past all that traffic on the left lane yesterday; quite a sight.


who can i charge for this delay. my wait time cost me valuable money in missed appointments. it is about time someone is held responsible for their actions.

Traffic jam.

Why hold up traffic two days in a row when the wreckage should have been cleaned up Tuesday night. Pure incompitence on the county's part.

Worse Is Yet To Come......

You think these past two days were bad well get ready for more days like this. We all know more and more people are moving over to Brunswick County and nothing is being done to help improve the roads. UNTIL WE ALL STAND UP TOGETHER AND DEMAND SOMETHING TO BE DONE IT WILL STAY LIKE THIS!!!

Lumber was insured

Did anyone else read the other article that stated that the lumber was insured. Why did they make this decision to clean up so quickly b/c of theft of the lumber when the owner was already getting paid by the insurance co. for it? I don't get it....

Tale of 2 Traffic Cities

My family and I moved from Wilmington to Atlanta for a job transfer and lived there for 3 years before moving back here. A 16.5 mile round-trip commute cost me 2.5 hours out of my day every day because to be able to live in an affordable area with better schools, we had to suffer a commute. I'm glad we're back living here now. But, Yesterday reminded me a little of Atlanta traffic and how the infrasturcutre wasn't prepared for the rapid growth, which led to the daily jams. Then I was thankful it's not an everyday occurence in Wilmington... for now. If this keeps going, which it will, look for a lot of these ads: For Sale: 5 Year old 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch, with 1 car garage in established community with swimming pool, tennis and walking trails, just minutes from Historic Downtown Wilmington and Area Beaches. Convenient to the New Wal Mart, shopping and dining. Lower property taxes and a quick, easy commute accross the bridge. Sound Familiar?

Traffic Nightmare...

Yesterday was one of the most ridiculous rides home I have ever experienced. And, to think it could have been avoided makes it even more maddening. Unfortunately, some people take their stress and irritation out on other less-aggressive drivers which only adds to the mess.

Take heed, the handwriting

Take heed, the handwriting was on the wall with traffic control. Picture the same scenario 10 years from now when Wilmington's infrastructure has shown its true colors, or lack there of an adequate road system.

C'mon! Didn't you read the other posts?

"Youse doan know nuthin' abowt no traffic. Try drivin' on the BQE inna raistawm aww takin' da Batry Tunnel in rush ow-ah." Unless we grew up in New Yawk, we are neither qualified to drive nor comment on traffic.

Just wait until the new

Just wait until the new Convention Center is built, and the Bug Tussle Review plays there. You think that traffic jam was a mess??????


It's no wonder drivers have road rage. As a caller to one of the local radio stations expressed, "This is further proof that men should not be in charge of things." Maybe, if they do exist, some of those intelligent men could go ahead and get the bypass from Wilmington through Brunswick County completed. And, NO, we don't need another stupid bridge to be stranded on during rush hour.

Why did they wait until rush

Why did they wait until rush hour to start the clean up? They had all day to get it done. There is no reason why all of the traffic backups happened last night. No excuse.

Just for the record, they

Just for the record, they did not wait until late yesterday to begin the clean up. I left my office at around 3:00 yesterday and waited in traffic for almost an hour to get to Leland. I know how frustrating it is to drive that road every day. Something must be done to improve the roads before someone, or many divers, get killed in a massive accident. My commute home each day is determined on what time I can get out of my office. If I can leave right at 5:00 I can usually get home in about an hour, if I leave even 10 minutes later my commute is anywhere from an hour and a half to an hour and forty five minutes. Usually it is the hour and forty five minutes. You can forget getting home at any reasonable time during the summer, the traffic backs up for miles during any given Friday evening during torist season. Brunswick County needs to put a building moritorium into place and not allow one more house to be built until the highway system will handle the traffic for the forseeable future.

Just for the record.....

..they did wait until yesterday to do the clean up. Pay attention.

Just for the record

I do know they waited until Wednesday to do the clean-up, but they did not wait until rush hour to start the clean-up. When I was leaving Wilmington around 3:20 Wednesday afternoon, traffic had already started to back up. It took an hour to get out of town at 3:20 on Wednesday because of the mess being made in the clean-up process. Please read all the comment before you so rudely put your 2 cents worth in.

My kids had not ate

One can tell who is from Leland and who is not.. Sounds like the clean up crew must have come from that side of the county.

No, that's what happens when

No, that's what happens when people type and are extremely angry and frustrated, not ignorant like you for making a joke out of it. You must be with the DOT or something.

There was absolutely no

There was absolutely no reason for this to happen at rush hour. I did not get to my daycare until 7:30pm. My kids had not ate anything for supper and still had 2 hours worth of homeowork to do. Not only did it affect me by sitting in traffic for 2 hours, it affected my kids. They had to go to be so late, that they will be exhausted in school today. Whoever made the decision to clean this up at rush hour, needs to pay the price. If someone was stealing the wood, they should have had a sherriff stand there until rush hour was over. The whole thing was ridiculous!

Thanks so much...

Usually my commute is a nice one and a half hours back home. However, due to the bonehead decisions of those in charge, it was four hours. Four hours! By the time I got home, it was already time to prepare for the next workday. I hope that changes can be made in the future so that traffic clean-up is not continued into rush hour!

Yesterday was completely

Yesterday was completely AVOIDABLE.... They should have cleaned up the spill the night that it happened!!!!!!!!!!!!! and none of this would have occured.. STUPID!!!! WHERE are the people in charge and WHY cant they THINK? I bet somebody is getting A LOT of phone calls today.. STUPID!!!!!


Seriously? It was an ACCIDENT. Get over yourselves. Stop blowing it completely out of proportion. You could very well have an accident and hold up traffic for just as long so try to show some compasion and understanding.


Were you sitting in that traffic the past two days?? The accident happened on Tuesday, and even though I am glad the driver was okay he was driving when he should not have been, speeding, etc. Also the accident was on TUESDAY, NOT WEDNESDAY. I am not angry with the DOT, there is just no excuse for what happened. They should have been there overnight, or first thing in the morning. My husband drove past that scene at 11:30 a.m. yesterday and there was absolutely noone there. Probably taking a lunch break right? This city should be ashamed of themselves, and I think every person that had to sit through two days of that, watching their gas tank lose money, losing dinnertime with their family, etc. should be apologized to!


I meant to say I am ANGRY with the DOT. Sorry!

Correct yourself again....

You also meant to say..... What does the city have to do with all of this? And I bet all of you would have paid that $1.50 toll on a new bridge yesterday. Saved you money (in time and gas, childcare, etc...) . Also, not only was he exceeding a safe speed for his truck his license was revoked. If you sat in traffic go to court on his court date, sue his insurance company, find a lawyer to do a class action for all of you.. or get over it.

Not completely

You're point is valid however, this tie up was not due to the actual accident which you cannot time or predict. The clean-up however could have been planned at a different time and this should have been avoidable. There is no compassion needed for this incident. Traffic was so bad in every nook and cranny that I saw two cars getting police escorts to whereever they needed to go...unbelieveable. I agree with previous posters that something could have been done to avoid cleaning this up in the middle of rush - hour. Even if stealing was occuring...its not like people just walked up and grabbed a piece and ran off - a cop or two sitting there arresting people who stopped to get wood should have been enough.

what accident?

the mess that occurred yesterday was not another accident. Yesterday's mess was due to bad judgement.

The Bridges and Traffic

I sometimes think that no one has given thought to how the bridge raisings impact rush hour traffic. When I see those ships leave from further up the river during rush hour, I want to know why they could not have left later or even earlier. This is not a small town with inconsequential traffic. It is time for those who manage such things to think in terms of a sizeable metro area. I should add that radio stations should do the same especially in providing traffic reports. It is time for Wilmington to grow up.