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Traffic Snarl Around Wilmington & Brunswick County 2 Days in a Row

READ MORE: Lumber spill causes traffic backups for second day
While the drive might have be clear Thursday morning, Wednesday night's commute over the Cape Fear River to Brunswick County was an absolute mess. The cause of the traffic was the lumber truck that overturned Tuesday afternoon. The truck dumped lumber all over the road as it came off Highway 421. While the truck was removed promptly, most of the debris was not removed until nearly 24 hours later. That led to more lines of cars and frayed nerves last night. "I was over on Dawson Street at Oleander and Dawson, so I decided to come this way. At least I'm not going to be way back there yet because it's all the way past Independence," said Brian Eberhart of Leland. Patti Briscoe of Leland added, "I'm tired. want to go home, I'm having a hard time getting across the bridge and this doesn't make any sense. I've got panic attacks and I've got anxiety." The traffic tie-up is due to a continued cleanup effort from Tuesday's tractor trailer accident. When told this, Brenda Byrd got even more agitated. "That'stupid that it wasn't taken care of. Someone needs to pay all these people some money for the gas they're burning having to spend in these lines." Johnny Walker added, "We've been off for for 2 hours and haven't gone anywhere. I heard it's cause they're cleaning that wood up. That was supposed to be done yesterday wasn't it? " Some people do not let the bottleneck ruffle their feathers, such as Sandy Brooks. "We're going to head home to open birthday gifts. We went down to that bridge turned around, then came down to this bridge to get stuck again," she said. County Line Wrecker finished the cleanup last night, which we hope bodes well for Thursday night's commute.

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The ships up river have to

The ships up river have to leave at high slack tide. Basically that's when the tide is high and neither falling or rising, this is due to the depth of the river and and the ability to safely navigate. Sometimes this occurs during rush hour.

Build a High Rise bridge to eliminate the Cape Fear Bridge

If the Wilmington city council wasn't so worried about aesthetics (they don't want to get rid of the bridge because it is historic), you can build a high rise bridge like they have in Charleston, SC which eliminates the need for a traffic stop at all...then widen the number of lanes going into and out of the city from Brunswick county from 2 lanes to four lanes. Ta da...traffic problems solved.


The traffic back-up was completely avoidable and unnecessarily impacted the lives and stress levels of thousands of area residents. The decision maker that allowed this to happen needs to be held accountable and at the very least owes a public apology to the community. If I were an attorney, I would be looking at into the feasibility of a class action lawsuit. Parents were seperated from children for hours, some paying late pick-up penalties to their day care providers or extra pay to sitters for the additional 2 - 3 hours it took to get home. Other parents were trapped in their cars on the bridge with screaming and hungry infants restrained in car seats and young children that had to use the bathroom with nowhere to pull off for more than an hour. People missed appointments, workers lost wages, and all of us experienced an undue amount of stress and frustration that could have been avoided. Those of us that commute between Brunswick and New Hanover County have certainly experienced a back-up at some point for an accident or a bridge opening and we accept these as frustrating fact of life, but this was ridiculous and should not have been allowed to occur. The excuse is that people were pulling off to steal wood? Really? So, they couldn't just park a patrol car there and clean up the mess after rush hour traffic had cleared? There were officers standing around during the clean-up process anyway doing not much of anything! If the answer to that is "no" because of additional costs that would have been incurred for lights/workers/equipment after hours - SO WHAT! What about the costs incurred by those of us that lost wages, had to pay extra childcare fees, burned at least a quarter tank of gas sitting in grid lock?! As a local tax payer, a concerned citizen and an irrate parent - I EXPECT ANSWERS!

I completely agree. I was

I completely agree. I was too late to our children from day care. It took over one hour to get from Front st. to the 421 ramp and then they shut down the entire road for over 10 minutes to get a trackhoe out of the way. We need answers - someone made an absolutely ridiculous decision and didn't take into account the time of day and the effects on everyone's life that has to commute to Brunswick County!

We demand answers !!!!!!!!!!!!

Good post. Who made this blunderous decision. Obviously both the S.H.P. and the D.O.T. dropped the ball on this one.......AGAIN......

Thanks, Highway Patrol

If we are to believe the news reports, then we have the SHP to thank for allowing that to take place during rush hour traffic. Someone at the Highway Patrol that made that bonehead decision, needs to be reassigned. No, it still doesn't matter that people were stopping and taking the lumber that was laying on the sides of the road. The impact on New Hanover and Brunswick Counties far outweighed the cost of some lumber that could've been recovered later. Idiots.

The long clean up must have

The long clean up must have been job security.

It's because it's Brunswick County.

I've been commuting on and frustrated by that highway/bridge for 31 years. I really think they don't care - they think "it's just Brunswick County." You can believe that people wouldn't stand for delays like that if they happened on a regular basis in the city of Wilmington.

I wish all of you would sit

I wish all of you would sit back and look at yourselfs. You are complaining about sitting in traffic for hours....Think how petty thats sounds when we have soldiers fighting in a war for your freedom. These soldiers are away from their families missing their own childs birth, first steps, first words, holidays with loved ones ect....You missed a few hours of your day!! Some never made it back home and you are crying about missing a few hours or having a late dinner. Come on people how petty are you?

I know it is very

I know it is very frustrating driving our area roads, esp. when there is excessive congestion due to road work, accidents,etc., many of us have worked long hard days away from our loved ones and want to get home to check on our children, start dinner, etc....many of us didn't choose to have to work outside the home vs. be a stay at home parent, where as, those brave men and women of the military that are working selfishly to protect our country, near and far from home chose to join the military, knowing there is always the chance of having to fight and defend our country and those in need of help, be it in our own backyard or in far away lands....maybe we need to stop and think about how great a sacrifice we all make daily to do what we can to take care of our families.....

Bridge Delays will get worse

The proposed Gateway development will take away river access needed to widen the Cape Fear Bridge. Even with the Skyway bridge far in the future, we will need a wider entrance into downtown. They could easily use the existing bridge as a 4 lane exit from town and build a 4 lane bdige beside it to feed onto Dawson street to enter town. Costly yes, but could be done over the next 10 years. Except, the Gateway project will be sitting on the land required to build it.