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Traffic tickets up during lean economic times

READ MORE: Traffic tickets up during lean economic times
You might want to think twice before putting the pedal to the metal on your next road trip. In a tough economy slacking off behind the wheel is more likely to cost you. According to a 14 year study of 96 North Carolina counties, every one percent decline in local government income means a third of a percent increase in traffic tickets the following year. Drivers say the relationship is to be expected. Derek Bowens said, “That's probably true. It makes sense for it to be true. So I would say I agree with it.” Trooper Ashley Stephenson said regardless of how much revenue the government brings in, the NC Highway Patrol’s focus remains the same. “The Highway Patrol only works one way and that's to keep the roads safe; if we see violations that are clear cut and substantial violations, that's what we issue a citation on.” According to the study, a decrease in government revenue isn't the only indicator of increased traffic citations in tough economic times. The number of people heading to places like the Employment Securities Commission, due to higher unemployment rates also affects the number of people being ticketed for traffic violations. Some drivers aren't concerned about the numbers. It may even make the roads safer. Bowens added, “If you do what you're supposed to do there's no need to worry about it so it's no big concern for me.” But even when the economy starts to speed up again, that doesn't mean you can. According to the study the increase in tickets remain after the recession. According to Trooper Stephenson, it is illegal for highway patrol to issue incentives or quotas for traffic tickets. So if you get one, an officer is not trying to reach a goal by the end of the month.

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While I have the utmost respect for law enforcement, I can't help feel annoyed that the system still has flaws that are blatantly disregarded. In my experience a woman is far less likely to be issued a citation rather than a man, particularly if she is young and good looking. Several of my female friends have told me all they have to do is cry a bit and they can easily get off. In addition, family members of law enforcement or the enforcers themselves never get ticketed. How is that in any way fair? Also Doctors & Nurses. Ridiculous!

I know several LEO and they

I know several LEO and they say they make a determination on whether the person is going to get a ticket or not before they even see who is in the vehicle, with a couple exceptions. They say that if you are rude or a blatant attitude you may just talk yourself into a ticket. Also, for any female that cries, she will automatically get a ticket. The officers I know will pull cars over for going up to a certain speed over the limit and just write warnings or give a warning. Once they reach a certain limit, it doesn't matter who you are, you get a ticket. Usually that limit is set at 15mph over the speed limit