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Traffic woes continue

READ MORE: Traffic woes continue
The irritation lingers Thursday among drivers who had to cross the bridge to Brunswick County. If you were in it, you know what a big mess it was. Bumper to bumper from downtown Wilmington, nearly all the way to Leland. It made a normal commute of several minutes into an ordeal of hours. "It took me two hours to get home and it usually takes me 45 minutes," said Meredith Tedder, a local. Rachel Carter said, "It was standstill for quite a long time, all the way up here on Front Street." Tuesday, an eighteen wheeler carrying lumber flipped over at a critical junction, just where Highway 421 merges with Highway 74 in Brunswick County, across from the battleship. The mess was moved to the shoulder of the road. But Wednesday night, there was still remaining debris. By not closing the lane down, drivers had to stay alert to avoid all the debris. Highway Patrol called the DOT along with County Line Wrecker Service to help clear the road. Highway Patrol asked them only to do what they could before rush hour, so come early Wednesday afternoon, there was still debris in the road. The wrecker service was called again to get a crew together, but by the time the crew got on scene, cars were piling up heading home from work. Local agencies will meet next week to discuss how to better handle a situation like this in the future.

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I can understand doing what

I can understand doing what thay could do befor rush hour on Tuseday But why not stay till after rush hour or even get in after the morning rush closer to the middle of the day insrade on waiting till another rush hour thay said one of the reasions thay sent a crew out in the afternoon was becouse people had been stealing the lumber. Did thay not thank that people had been stealing it all during the night So why not get it at night fall and befor wensday

No "I'm sorry"

I was hoping to watch the broadcast last night and see someone being accountable for the mess on Wednesday night, instead it was the blame game. At this point I have made my mind up that I will note for anyone who is currently in office again. This is not a new problem to Brunswick County or Wilmington. The only thing we ever hear is that "they are taking it to Washington with them" or "we are working on it" etc. I think they are more interested in getting a huge bridge that,like someone else had stated we "can get stuck on". The only way "we the people" can make change is to be heard, the only way to be heard is to get on the phones, emails etc. Hopefully they have realized what a huge mistake was made and fix it, we can only hope!