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Trail being built to connect parts of Wilmington

READ MORE: Trail being built to connect parts of Wilmington
Are you looking for a way to get around town without using gas? Monday, Wilmington residents had a chance to learn more about the planned Cross-City Trail linking parts of Wilmington with Wrightsville Beach. A bike and pedestrian path will pave the way for people to get out of their cars and on to their feet. The first leg of the Cross-City trail, paid for by $1 million of the $21 million parks and open space bond referendum passed in 2006, will connect Halyburton Park with the Cameron Art Museum. Wilmington recreation supervisor Andrea Talley said, "Everybody that I've talked to is really looking forward to the trail, and just wants to know how quickly it can be built." Wilmington resident Karen Malina said, "I come to Halyburton Park probably like five times a week, sometimes seven. So, I'm all for more trails, more nature walks. I mean anything that will promote physical fitness for our neighborhood, I'm all for it." Once it is all said and done, the Cross-City Trail will be 10 miles long. Walkers, bikers, joggers can start at Halyburton Park and go all the way to Wrightsville Beach. The path will also connect Empie Park, UNCW and Eastwood Road. The majority of the Eastwood Road leg of the project is complete, and it is already being put to good use. Wilmington resident Meghan Davis said, "I love it. I used to always want to ride my bike from where I lived down to the beach, and it was real hard with all this traffic and the busy road, so I'm really excited that they have this bike path so I don't have to worry about all the cars passing by." The hope is the entire project will be done in the next five to seven years. The path connecting Halyburton with the Cameron Art Museum is expected to be done by the beginning of next year. A section of the trail not funded by the bond is already done along Military Cutoff Road.

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I welcome the chance to

I welcome the chance to catch up with other responsible cities of the US and expand our walking and biking trails here in Wilmington. However I am a bit leery of the safety factor for people utilizing these paths. For me to use it there would have to be police every hundred yards and I would have to have a concealed pistol with. Not to be paranoid but there are entirely too many muggings, rapes, killings etc. in this town. When it gets a bit more civilized, maybe I will try it. Until then, I will drive to Wrightsville Beach and walk the loop. Caution overcomes stupidity.

You are being paranoid

Your reaction is so fraught with paranoia that I'm inclined to suggest you get psychiatric counseling. Seriously... go dig yourself a hole to hide in, or find a nice, safe rock to crawl under. As for myself, I'll continue to use the existing trails for commuting to work and for exercise, all the while using my own good judgement and reasonable caution to avoid unsafe areas or situations.


I love this idea. My only concern is crossing Military Cutoff. I live off of Eastwood Rd. and am always wanting to ride my bike to Wrightsville Beach but i am detered by the thought of crossing five lanes of traffic. Maybe a cross-walk would be in order.

I concur

I wholly agree on that. As it is, I'd rather ride down the street a bit and then cross over and wait on the median in-between lanes if need be.