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Tree of Life: Remembering the lives lost to drunk driving

About 1,700 lives were lost in North Carolina last year in traffic crashes. Almost 500 of those were a result of drunk driving. Friday those lives will be remembered in Battleship Park. The governor's Highway Safety Program and the non-profit Justice in Motion are hosting the annual Tree of Life and Candlelight Vigil. In addition to the memorial service, law enforcement officers and agencies will be recognized for their efforts to stop drinking and driving. The event begins at 5:30 p.m.

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About Drunk Drivers

Our son was killed by a drunk last year, I think the laws for drunk driving should be stronger, and enforced, also that hit and run laws in this state should be more serious. Due to the fact the person who killed our son left the scene before our son was found, means he is NOT being charged with being drunk even though the state has very strong evidence that he was drinking before he killed our son. I think their should be a sobriety checkpoint @ the door law, meaning that any establisment that sells alcohol especially by the glass, should be required by law to have a checkpoint where any customer who has been served alcohol can blow into a machine so as to check their legal status. Further more I personally think the alcohol level that is legal should be lowered to the same standard as what those who drive trucks have, which is .4 instead of .8 If the government is really serious about preventing more deaths then a sobriety check point law would do that better than the seatbelt laws imho, due to the fact that more people who go out for a social drink would be more careful to not over indulge at the bar, if they knew they had to be legal before they left the bar, or show proof that they had a destinated driver who had not been drinking, or had to call a taxi. (imo anyone who can afford to go out and get drunk can also afford a taxi) I know this idea would not catch all drunk drivers but it would catch more of them, and it would go a long way to saving more lives, And is a law that is needed especially since drunks don't care who they kill or what they do, and drunks are not going to stop getting on the roads unless, it really costs them more than they are willing to pay. People don't have to drive drunk, they can get a taxi, a destinated driver, a place that sells could have a sobering up room, drunks should not have the right to go kill people and then only maybe face six months probation if that, which is basically what we have been told the person who killed our son will get. But it is going to jury trial so it will be a long time before he ever goes to jail, I personally think this person needs to go to jail, and needs to loose his liscense, but he is still driving due to the fact every court appearance has been basically a continuance of some kind and the last appearance he stated he wanted a trial by jury, well I want a sobriety checkpoint @ the door law, I think it could of prevented my sons death, and could prevent the deaths of others. My son is currently in the grave due to a drunk driver, who believes he has done nothing wrong (I heard him say that out of his own mouth, which is another reason I think drunks should be made to understand that they are doing something wrong when they drive drunk, whether or not they kill someone, because anyone who drives drunk may kill someone sooner or later. A drunk who drives is just as guilty of premeditated murder as the one who gets up in the morning & decides to use a gun to go kill his or her neighbor, drunks who kill imho should be charged with first degree murder because they chose to drink and drive and their choice led to the death of someone who did not get up that morning with a plan to die.


My heart goes out to you, I want you to hear my story. I am behind you 100%. One night I had a couple drinks and drove and got caught. I paid a lawyer $1000, I was on probation 2 years I lost my license for 1 1/2 years, I did community service for 24 hours and I had 24 hours of counseling to do, and $500 total fines and counseling to pay for. I also had 5 days of AA I had to attend. I did them all and I learned that I will NEVER do it again. Not because of all the money it costed me but because of people like you who lost someone for no reason. But, the people I spent the time with going through the same thing did not care. The people did not care, all they cared about was the money. It was sad for me to see all the state makes you go through does not effect the people. I thought along time afterwards what could be done to make these people realize what they did there in no excuse for. They should be happy they were caught before someone did die. I work in a store now and I see many people drunk buying another beer. It actually sickens me. I believe one thing police can do is sit in a convience store on a friday or saturday, especially in the summer in plain clothes and catch them when they leave. But, I also know that their unfortunatly is politics involved because I know even OIB does not want to upset their visitors, so this again is so wrong. I wish there was a way the state would change things and police get serious on drunk drivers no matter WHO or where they are. I'm sorry for your loss.

I am glad to hear you no

I am glad to hear you no longer drive drunk, I wish that the politicians would just get out of the way, and make laws that would actually deter drunk drivers before someone died, and I personally believe a sobriety checkpoint at the point of sale would be a great,because maybe it would prevent some drunks from getting on the road. Anyway, I think that a sobriety checkpoint @ the point of sale would do more to keep drunks off the road, than most anything that I can think of at the moment, and would save lives, imho. And I believe that my son would not be dead due to a drunk driver if there had been a sobriety check point @ the door law. Anyone wanting to buy alcohol could blow into a machine to see if they were legal Before they made a purchase at a store, and before leaving a place that sells by the glass, and places that sell by the glass could be required to have a sobering up room for those who don't have a destinated driver, or won't call a taxi, I think it would be a good law if you really think about it,it would only cost those who chose to over indulge themselves instead of costing people who never got up with the intention of being in the morgue instead of returning home on time. It bothers me a lot that people just seem to think it is aokay to drive drunk, it's just not a good thing at all,


What bull!!!! If you had a couple of drinks you would not have been convicted of DWI. You had a lot of drinks.