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Tregembo Zoo's "Woodchuck" Day

READ MORE: Tregembo Zoo's "Woodchuck" Day
Monday at the Tregembo Zoo will be all about shadow. No we are not talking about shadow the lack leopard, but the shadow of groundhog Monkey Junction Mike. Sunday, the resident weather forecaster was right on schedule with his pre-game routine. “Sleeping and eating that's all they do anyway; sleeping and eating this time of year,” said zoo owner, Sherry Tregembo. This year, Mike is making an effort to cast a slimmer shadow, if he casts one at all, by getting in a little run before the big day. In fact, Mike doesn't like to be called a hog at all. “The woodchuck would be more the official name. Groundhog because they kind of look like a little pig rooting around, I imagine that's where the groundhog name comes from. Ours gets insulted being called a groundhog, it would rather be called a woodchuck,” said Sherry. There's a lot of pressure on Monkey Junction Mike and not just by the humans. The spider monkeys, Venus and Poko, depend on him for warm weather so they can return to their outdoor homes. And of course, his feathered friends look to Mike for direction on when they can return north. The event is so big for the Tregembo community; the animals are already making sure they have a good view. Some are having better success than others. Unfortunately for Simba, that means he'll have to give up his title, at least for the day. On Groundhog Day at Tregembo Zoo, Monkey Junction Mike is the king. If Mike sees his shadow tomorrow it will mean six more weeks of winter weather. If he doesn't, we should be in for some warmer weather.

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This park is so disgusting. Looking at these poor animals cooped up in their tiny enclosures. If you are going to house animals likes lions and zebras there should be a minimum amount of space they have to run around and be as close to their natural habitat as possible. On Tregembo's own website right next to a picture of their lion in it's cage it states that lions prefer the grassy plains, Savannahs, and semi-deserts. It says nothing about small cages in coastal North Carolina! Personally I say boycott the place...


And you should get a life.

can't believe

I can't believe they way people are so judgemental now, why are you so negative, I grew up in Wilmington, and I really have seen a big change in peoples attitude, why be mean, what goes around comes around, remember this.


Sorry, just the way I feel. I have also commented on here defending public servants like police officers and sheriffs. I just think that having these animals in this tiny zoo is wrong. That's my opinion and i stand by it. Thats what this message board is all about...expressing opinions both positive and negative.


So I just your parents NEVER took you to the zoo when you were growing up! Zoos help kids that can not go to these places to see the animals in there real habitat.


My parents did take me to the zoo when I was little...the NC Zoo in Asheboro which has massive habitats for their animals which mirror their natural habitats. I have no real problem with professional ones, I have a problem with these side show cage zoos like Tregembo that have no business caring for large animals.

and if you

are old enough, you remember the elephant which was kept in a pen so small it barely had room to turn around.


I vaguely remember hearing about that and thinking it was crazy for an elephant to be in Wilmington. This place just isn't built for big animals

I agree

I agree with you WilmingtonMAJ. I visited Tregembo zoo and was so upset by how small the cages were. Visit real zoos not crappy roadside ones.