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Trial begins for ex-cop accused of sexual assault on duty


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Jury selection is underway in the trial of a former Wilmington police officer. Former patrol officer Wotzvely Albert Perez is charged with assault on a female and sexual battery for an alleged on-duty incident that happened in December 2008.

Opening statements in the trial are expected to begin tomorrow.

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Whatever happened

to speedy trial? This took place over 2 years ago.

Chances are that the delays

Chances are that the delays were requested by the defense. Defense attorneys love to ask for continuances. They are hoping that witnesses will move away, forget things, or lose interest in the case. They are hoping that maybe the police officers or D.A. will mishandle or lose evidence. And if a witness happens to pass away, there goes the case. Cold and callous (sp?), but any way they can legally get a dismissal or acquittal is fair game.

New Math

Is this the new math you talked about in another post? If you use real math, December 2008 would be LESS than 2 years. Now I'm sure what you mean by new math, it's numbers you pull out of your behind.

And how

is your post relevant to the real issue? The right to a speedy trial?

Amazes me how some go to such lengths to show they can not come up with an original thought.


It has nothing to do with a speedy trial just your "New Math" that you told me in another post I didn't know how it worked,now I do.
Whats so original about your thought,everyone can see it took a long time to go trial,your just the only one who thought they needed to comment on it.I'll try this thought for you,maybe his attorney kept postponeing it.

You must be

a liberal Democrat. When you have nothing concrete or positive to contribute, just post some mindless blather. If you're going to refer to one of my former posts, at least be specific so I can look at it and benefit from your imput.

But this is much easier. Make open ended statements with no relevance to the post.

Please, the Republicans are

Please, the Republicans are also masters of mindless blather, as you put it. It comes with being a politician, not party affiliation. These days, it's more about how a politician can criticize the opposing party rather than to actually talk about his own views.