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Triathlon traffic


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It’s a busy weekend in the Port City, and traffic will prove it. The 5th best triathlon in the world kicks off Saturday morning, and athletes will be traveling all over New Hanover County on bikes and by foot. Registration was Friday afternoon, and folks from all over the country converged on the old Convention Center. Beach2Battleship Race Director Jeremey Davis says traffic is to be expected, but the good outweighs the bad.

“We understand completely. I hate sitting in traffic; I know everybody does. The only thing I can say is these athletes are out there working out for 8, seventeen hours, some of them. They’ve been training for a year. It’s one day out of their lives, and hopefully they can understand this is a big, major economic impact to the city,” said Davis.

To make traveling a little easier Saturday, Davis suggests sticking to the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge instead of the Isabella Holmes Bridge.

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I had to wait in stand still traffic for an hour so these granola bar geeks could run and ride their little bikes to and fro. What is the reasoning behind taking up one of the two major entrances into the city? There is plenty of other places to hold this event to where it wouldn't have as much of an impact on traffic. I'm glad I wasn't transporting someone to the hospital.

Oh, C'MON!

You have GOT to be kidding me?!? Could you SOUND more small town!??? First, you really need to get out more - Wilmington traffic, especially on a Saturday, is NOT bad. You really need to drive in DC, NY or LA - and even THEY hold awesome races. One day out of the year ain't gonna hurt you, and maybe it'll even inspire some couch potatoes (maybe you?) to get up and MOVE. You want them to go to a small school track?? You plainly have no idea how far they run (swim & bike).

I thought it was freakin' awesome, congratulations to the participants, what a great accomplishment - and it was a beautiful day for it, too!!!

Said In a nutshell.

I second everything you say!

Why the 5th best triathlon?

Why the 5th best triathlon? Bit of a random statement. What are the other 4?

What is the major economic

What is the major economic impact? Dollar Amount?


As bad as the traffic is in and around Wilmington, the last thing the city leaders need to allow is a group using the highway as their private track, especially when it involves both bridges crossing the river. There are many, many other places to run in this area that would not stop traffic. How about all of the school tracks? I bet they are idle today, while the road is full of runners. How about the North campus of CFCC?
It seems very simple to somewhere other than the highway.

It didn't involve both

It didn't involve both bridges, just the Holmes Bridge. And really, a track? We're talking about 1600 people, cycling either 56 or 112 miles, and running either 13.1 or 26.2 miles.

It wasn't a secret that the triathlon would be going on, and there was no shortage of simple alternate routes. And there is more money spent in this community each year by the triathletes and their families than the TrafficWhiners will spend in a lifetime.

Why can't the clowns just

Why can't the clowns just run laps around the airport?

GuestTH4321, you sound like

GuestTH4321, you sound like a real smart guy. Where do you suggest the swim be held, Smith Creek? What laps shall the bike course involve? Remember, 1500 competitors...

Do you want triathletes to come and spend their money in Wilmington or not? Do you want Wilmington to be a tourist destination, or just a crappy harbor town full of cranky, rude, hateful New Yorkers?