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Troopers issue 50,000 tickets during statewide speeding crackdown

RALEIGH (AP) -- More than 50,000 motorists were ticketed during a weeklong, statewide crackdown on speeders by the North Carolina Highway Patrol. Troopers issued 51,198 charges during what they called Operation Slow Down. Of those citations, 24,274 were for speeding and 954 were for driving while impaired, or DWI. The leading cause of traffic fatalities and accidents is speed. Spokesman Lieutenant Everett Clendenin says the Highway Patrol plans to continue the campaign using helicopters, motorcycles and unmarked patrol cars. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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As usuall the MORONS speak.....

It's funny how there is always people out there that think that they know everything but cant comprehend the truth. "The leading cause of traffic fatalities and accidents is speed." Not only is it written in the article but it is a fact. Don't believe me, go to the DOT website, The NITSA website , hell just GOOGLE it. Nobody writes a ticket for 6 or 7 over unless your being rude. Careless and Reckless driving is very dangerous but it is not even close to the leading cause (SPEED #1). And as far as the Moron "Webguest" I guess you know so much that you know where all the cops are going at all times. Trust me , I know your type , your the first to complain about no bluelights and the first to complain about why it took so long for a Cop to respond to your pathetic complaint about the neighbors dog. Grow up "Webloser".

#1 Killer

The number one killer in todays driver isnt the speed and carelessnes. Its the ones who are playing with cell phones, dropping things and bending to ge them while driving, and not paying any attention to what they are doing. If people would be a little bit more precaucious about what they are doing then it may be a little safer out there for us to be able to drive on the worlds roads.

The leading cause is not....

Speed is not the leading cause of is reckless driving and Driving while impaired. You can drive reckless without speeding, that is called just plain stupid. Speeding more than 10mph over the speed limit is a little uncalled for, but crap, if you can give a ticket for 6 or 7 mph over the speed limit, hit those that do that much under the speed limit with the same ticket. That is a traffic hazzard as well.

You are partially correct

Speeding is the leading cause of accidents. reckless driving accidents usually includes high rates of speed and most of your DWI wrecks are caused because of impairment at high speeds. As for writing tickets to people driving less than the speed limit, it can only be done if there is a minimum speed posted on the highway which there usually isnt. Officers who write tickets for 6 over the limit do not live in the real world but in a world. Most officers I know dont write speeders until they're aroun 13mph over the limit. Dont forget that just because LEO wrote a bunch of speeding tickets during the last 2 weeks, the next 4 weeks are Booze it & Lose it weeks so be smart and dont drink and drive.

I have to agree..

I have to agree. I know the response by law enforcement is that the speed limit is the limit and not a guideline. I agree, but how many times have we all seen Troopers (and other LE) fly past us without blue lights and not on call. Yes, there may be a few exceptions, but stop the hypocrisy. The law applies to ALL.

the law

The law doesn't say cops HAVE to have on lights and sirens if they are running emergency traffic. The law also states that speed limits do not apply to LEO responding to situations as long as they have due caution. It also is safer for them to respond without lights since running with them tends to make other drivers become dumber than they already are.