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TroubleShooters: Blue Hippo computer refund

READ MORE: TroubleShooters: Blue Hippo computer refund
A local man is having a hard time getting a refund from a computer company called Blue Hippo. He canceled his order back in December. But he's still waiting for his money. You may have seen their ads on TV. Blue Hippo sells computers, targeting customers with poor credit and allowing them to pay in installments. William Emanuel wants a refund. He said, "Everything sounded good over the phone and I decided to go forth and give them my checking account routing number, and they told me on the 20th my account would be drafted for $124." Emanuel ordered a computer from Blue Hippo, but then says he realized they had charged him for an extra media software package he didn't want. He decided to cancel his order. That's when the trouble began. "At the time when I cancelled it, they didn't tell me that it would take 45 days to cancel it, and all this management would have to approve it, and then it would have to be a 45-day waiting period for them to put it back in," he said. Emanuel says the 45-day waiting period has long since come and gone, but he's still waiting for his $124 refund for a computer he never received. NewsChannel 3 called Blue Hippo to find out what's taken so long. Several different customer service agents all said the 45-day waiting period wasn't up yet. "I think it's just an absolute scam," Emanuel said. "They're hoping I will just give up, throw it all away and forget all about it." The Better Business Bureau knows all about Blue Hippo. It has almost 2,000 complaints on file, ranging from failing to deliver the merchandise customers ordered, to making unauthorized withdrawals from customers' accounts. The Federal Trade Commission has also gone after Blue Hippo for unlawful business practices, resulting in a multi million dollar settlement. Another note for buyers: Emanuel would have paid over $2,000 for his computer through Blue Hippo. That computer would normally cost around $500 for a regular cash sale.

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I made some payments to BlueHippo some years ago, I was trying to have my money back which I couldn't do it.
I would like to know if someone know how to obtain at least part of my money since the company now is on banckruppcy

Thank you

I live in Oklahoma and im on a fixed income and can't afford to lose any of my income on a risky thing like a computer scam. Thank you for the heads up. God bless. Torie in Okla


Blue Hippo deducted $1800 from my checking account and did not deliver computer in 13 weeks as promised, so I closed my account and dedmanded my money back, they send me credit under the condition I pay an additional $200 to $300 shipping fee...I know I will never get my money back or have a computer delivered and that really sucks!

Thank you for this advice.I

Thank you for this advice.I figured out this company a long time ago when a friend of mine tried to buy from them.When he told me the deal I was do not even waste your time with this .This article is needed there are alternatives to get a good computer

Blue Hippo Blues

I started noticing debits out of my account in April of 2008. After I called my bank I discovered that the company debiting my account without my consent was Blue Hippo. When I finally got through to their customer service department they refused to give me my money back which was about $600.00 Please help me!

i got screwed

i too have the same prob. i put 1,900 into this comp. and have been trying to get my refund i would like someone to contact me as to what i can do about this


Same thing happened to me how can we get a refund from this company?


Maybe it is in the mail like your obama check.

I need my money back

Blue Hippo is definitely a scam. They have been taking money out of my account since July and I still have not received a computer. Eveytime I call, I stay on hold for 45 minutes just to speak with someone who says, "your order is still in the shipping department, any day now you will receive an email about your delivery date." It's January 2nd, and I am still waiting on my computer. I have paid them over $900.00 and they said I can only receive store credit, will someone help me and tell me what I need to do to get my money back. I'm frustrated.

When blue hippo goes into

When blue hippo goes into the account do they show up as bluehippo or another name my bank can't do a stop payment unless they know what name their going in threr as please help me


Wait till your checking acct. statement comes in and then you will know what name. OR check your acct. online every night till you see it.

Bluehippo ripoff

Im curious have you been able to get in contact with anyone at bluehippo other then the so called customer service reps ? I to had fallen for their scam and requested a full refund, they never shipped out my lap top, I requested a refund and never heard back from them. I would like to know how to get in contact with the owner, what have you found out? is there another class action suite being put together? if so I would like to take part in it. Rich


I have been trying to get my money back also here in Bakersfield CA and they told me that I can only get store credit. I also need help getting something back, not store credit. I just ordered that last part of Dec. all I want is my $99.00 back plus the overdraft fee for the copany taking money the day before authorized. I am more than upset at this point. Vesha cobb Bakersfield Ca


I to was taken in their web,After hearing it on TV, I made a call and all of my personal info was giving.My cc was debit for 99.00.I didn't fell comfortable about it. so i call back about week later asking for my money back.I was told i couldn't get my money back. but can recieve somthing else on the shopping page but i have to pay shipping handling.if i would have gotting something else and not losing my money i would have felt little satified.

Best part

The best part is you could've had a rocking system from Dell for 1/3 the $900 you have spent on nothing. But like I said months ago, if you have to finance a computer you need money management classes.

6 months

...and you haven't called your credit card company to cancel the automatic draft? duh.


I saw the ad on TV about getting a computer from Blue Hippo no matter what your credit score is. I contacted them, everything sound great. They were given my account information for electronic withdrawal. Blue Hippo told me they would send me a shipping conformation form which I never received. After making withdrawals total of $140.01. I contacted Blue Hippo about about the shipment, they said I haven't returned the shipping form. Which was never sent. I explained to them I haven't received the form. The Rep. said she is going to send me a hard copy and one via email. I waited and waited, no form was sent as promised. After the withdrew $140.01 from my account and not receiving the computer I called and asked for the account to be cancelled and my money to be refunded. Blue Hippo cancelled my account, and took another payment saying, a payment was due a day before I cancelled the account; But the withdrawal was taken a day after. A total of $189.00 was taken from my account, and the computer was never sent. I requested a refund, Blue Hippo said the only thing they are giving is online credit. I told them I don't need online credit, I need my money back. I was told I would be refunded within 30 days of which I've lost count. My next move is to take them to court for my Money. I kept my end of the bargain, they didn't, they took my money, but fail to deliver the GOODS. I don't need online credit I need my MONEY

sue them i know /where do

sue them i know /where do i get the money it cost alot to sue them but when you win which you will they pay plus damages to y

bluehippo lied

they told me i had store credit because i canceled and i can not find a store to use my credit at the are a bunch of liers

blue hippo struck again

Incident saw ad on tv get a computer free printer and digital camera wso i called them qand said i need 99.00 down and 69.00 bi monthly payment once u payed the 99.oo they ship the pc they never sent any emaiols or paperwork they took money out my acc0unt and caused me to over draw at bank so i called them to cancel they guy said i could not get refund only in store credit so i told him id stop the account he said il see about that then told him im calling beter bussinese buera he said i did nothing wrong then he said wee can still draw from youre account

Not suprised

Joseph Rensin (CEO of Blue Hippo) is the man you should be talking too. Don't be surprised by this guys character. He also ran a company called Credit Trust.


I'm sorry but WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND buy a computer from a company with an ad like Blue Hippo?? The first time I saw the ad I laughed and thought to myself "Some POOR fool is going to fall for this". Guess I was right! My advice - be EXTREMELY CAREFUL of what you buy off TV and WHO you give your account information to. If you dont get your money back, take it as a lesson learned!!

a lesson learned

I would like to address the comment made about lessons. This is a time of financial despair for many including myself. I like many others in my position saw the televised add and thought it was a great opportunity. Im a full-time nursing student with children. I also work 32 hour weekends with little pay. I nor anybody else should have been taken advantage of. Instead of ridicule I think suggestions would be more helpful.If you didn't make a purchase,what gives you the right to comment?

can't afford it

If you can't afford it, do you really need it? If you have to finance a computer, you really need some money management help.

Me too!

How Ironic, finally exposed they got my mom too. She finally realized that they were not going to refund her money she just let it go and took it as a loss. This company is a skam because they want you to pay in at least 5 months with no computer and then you have to trust that you'll get it. I recommend you really ask questions before handing over your account info. Sad but true they won't refund your money. The best thing you can do is report it to the Better Buisness Bureau.

If you can't afford it

If you can't afford it outright then don't buy it. Credit lenders prey on those that are uninformed with weak credit scores.

Blue Hippo

I agree with SW. People in the "Gotta have it now" USA are so in dept from buying things on time or on credit. If you do not have the money to buy things then you should not have them. Work more or get a better job. My husband and I have great credit and we only have 1 credit card each(ON PURPOSE) with large available credit lines. We use them on occasion but pay them off that month or within a few months. If we do not use them occasionally the credit card company will close them, had that happen before. I can build you a heckofa PC for 500.00 bucks, for the 2400.00 he would have ended up paying i could have upgraded you for years to come. That Blue Hippo PC is probably already low end and will be out of date in no time. Save your pennies, then buy one here in town.