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Troubleshooters: Movers get Stranded in Budget Rentals Truck

READ MORE: Troubleshooters: Budget Rentals leaves movers stranded
Recently, a Brunswick County couple had a tough time moving into their new home. They rented a moving van from Budget Rentals in Knoxville, Tennessee to haul all their belongings to Leland. Along the way, the van broke down, not once, but twice; leaving them stranded on the side of the road. “We were in Marion, NC and the truck broke down. We managed to get into a truck stop, and the truck wouldn't start. We called Budget Roadside Assistance, and then we proceeded to sit there for about 6 and a half hours,” said Bruce Chadwick. That was the beginning of the Chadwick's very long trip to Leland. A drive that would normally take 8 to 9 hours ended up taking over 20. Bruce, his wife Tammy, and their dog spent most of that time stranded on the side of the road in 97 degree heat, waiting for help from Budget. "They wrapped on the alternator, they said they got the brushes freed, they said that if I did not run the air conditioning, the radio, anything unnecessary, we'd probably make it to Leland. And we didn't,” Bruce said. The truck broke down again at 3:30 a.m. along Highway 74-76. A mechanic, once again, came to their aid and got the truck working. After that, the Chadwick's finally made it to their Leland home. But by the time they got there, the friends that were scheduled to help unload the truck were no longer available. An exhausted Tammy and Bruce had to do it themselves; all while racing to get the truck back by the time it was due. Bruce said, “The aggravation was just incredible. There was no satisfaction when you called them. They started off with, “Well we'll give you $30,” then it was $60, then it was, “You have to call - you have to write corporate”." Instead, Tammy and Bruce called Newschannel 3, and we called Budget's corporate office to get some answers. Just a few hours later, the company called the Chadwick’s and agreed to give them a full refund for the cost of renting the truck, as well as a coupon for a free car rental in the future. A happy ending, but the Chadwick’s say it is frustrating that it took two months, and a call to Newschannel 3 to get this resolved. "You shouldn't have to go through this. You shouldn't have to go through 20 people to talk to somebody that can give you a response. You shouldn't have to call somebody like you, although it's been a pleasure, and you did great for us, but it shouldn't go that far,” added Bruce. A Budget spokeswoman said, due to privacy rules, they could not comment on an individual customer’s problem. Generally speaking, she stated that Budget compensation to people for equipment problems is determined on a case by case basis.

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Budget Stinks!

I had a very similar issue with Budget trucks this summer. We were moving from Buffalo to Wilmington this past July and had the worst experience with them. We had called around looking for rental trucks with one way trips and had received some quotes. Then one of Budget's cooperate offices contact us and promised to give the best offer. Well, we were scheduled a month in advanced of our move for a saturday pick up at 8 am. We arrived at 8:15 am that morning (we were told to give them 15 mins to prepare the truck). no truck was available then, so we waited an hour or so...still no truck. so, we called the Budget's distribution center to see why our truck had not arrived and we were basically laughed at for our high expectations of having a truck on time. During our wait, we had to cancel our movers because this was now interferring with their schedules. so, finally late that afternoon, we get our truck. it arrived to their office with a flat tire and no working brake lights! after calling about 20 different people in "cooperate", which got us nowhere, we decided to take the truck, fix the flat and keep our fingers crossed that we'd not get ticketed for no brake lights for our 750 mile trip. Since we were now a day behind schedule due to not receiving the truck on time, we had to rush to arrive in Wilmington to return on time without extra charges. It's been since July and we've gotting the run around from "cooperate" as do what we need to do to get any type of compensation. I will say that the office personal in the Wilmington branch were very nice and helpful, however, they don't handle "discounts" or "refunds". But after the nightmare of that truck, it was nice to have friendly faces here in Wilmington.

budget stinks

i know exactly how you feel. this is the same thing we went through too. the only difference is we were told by budget reps that we had to write "corporate", we tried to e-mail them but they didn't have a link to reach them. this is why we had to call ann mcadams. we didn't want to have to go that far but we sat in 97 degree heat at a truck stop for over 6 hrs. kept getting the run around and then sat again for over 2 hrs...8 miles from our new home in wilmington. maybe you should do what we did. call ms. mcadams and maybe you to will finally get results. i wouldn't ever use budget again, even if they loaded, drove and unloaded the truck. burned once, i'm done.