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TroubleShooters: Car wash gone wrong

READ MORE: TroubleShooters: Car wash gone wrong
WILMINGTON -- Marshall Mansolillo went to Buff Masters car wash at the corner of Wrightsville Avenue and College Road in Wilmington. But while his car was being washed it was rear-ended by the unattended car on the conveyor belt behind it. Now, both car owners want the car wash to pay for damages, but say they're getting the runaround from store managers. Mansolillo said, "The car came off the ramp, and it went right into my car." It's been a month since Marshall Mansolillo took his car to be cleaned at buff masters car wash. Before he left the car had $1,700 dollars in damages. Mr. Mansolillo still isn't sure exactly what went wrong, but he thinks that car wash attendants left another customer's car in drive instead of neutral when it was put on the car wash's conveyor belt. That customer, Antonio Bradford, had even worse damage to his vehicle. Mansolillo says the owner of the car wash, Mark Johnson, left his customers to fend for themselves. Mansolillo said, "He said, 'Well, I'm not going to do anything to help you, the only thing I'm going to do is to help you get Mr. Bradford to pay.' I said, 'Why should he have to pay, he didn't do anything, he left the car in your hands, just like I did.' And he said, 'Well, I'm not going to do anything,' and then he hung up on me." When we called Mr. Johnson to find out the details about the accident at his car wash he hung up on us too. But not before telling us he had forwarded the investigation on to his insurance company, Ohio Casualty. Attorneys tell NewsChannel 3 they think the customers have a great case for small claims court. "It's called bailment, and the person who takes your car is supposed to be careful, and not be negligent," Attorney Thom Goolsby said. "It sounds like a pretty simple cut-and-dry case to me. They have to be responsible for the cars they take in, particularly if their employees are the ones who are controlling them, and if damage happens, they're responsible" These customers have their own car insurance, but don't want to pay the deductible or watch their premiums go up when they say the accident is not their fault. We'll let you know what happens.

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POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Buff Masters of Wilmington, NC advertises that if you give them your email address, they will give you a free car wash on your birthday. That is written clearly on their email request form that sits at the front desk. But when my wife and I took our Kia Sportage in on her birthday, they charged us $2.00 for it being an SUV. I asked the manager for the $2.00 to be waived once as a courtesy due to the misleading advertisement for a "free carwash". He refused to waive the charge and suggested I talk to the owner if I have a complaint. I paid the $2.00, and then went to the owner, Mark Johnson, who happened to be in the office. I explained to Mark that I was concerned about their false advertising, and requested that an asterisk and note be placed on their ad stating that "additional fees apply for larger vehicles." He not only refused to consider the idea, but accused me of abusing the spirit of the ad. He expressed that his company was offering free birthday carwashes as a charity to the community, and that I was wanting to take advantage of their charity by complaining about the hidden $2.00 charge. When I reiterated that I only wanted it to be explained more clearly in the ad, he stated that our conversation was over. So I'm listing my complaint here and will not give any more business to Buff Masters.

I am a car wash owner myself

I am a car wash owner myself if this may have happened at his store you probably don't know all the details just like people normally tend to leave out. I will say this one time at my full service which I own two car washes but that just like on time when I had a customer that had a Jeep Cherokee who told use to leave his car running through the car wash which we normally had cut them off but we left that one running it then took off down the car wash and luckily we had a car wash employee catch the car before it exited the car wash and no damage was done. I will say this Jeep Cherokee have a throttle cable problem and will take off while in neutral beware because it can hurt someone. I don't know what type of car this but if was maybe go back to the company that makes them.

Car Wash Owner

Pay the people...for goodness sake! Or I'll sick Judge Judy on you---and you don't want that!


Boy talk about kicking a man while he is down! It sounds like the public might not know all of the facts. Also, alot of customers expectations going through a "car wash" are actually expectations of a "detailed vehicle", there is a difference. Some things take processes that a "car wash" will not take care of. There is not any buisness out there that can have %100 satisfaction. Buffmasters, hang in there, success never comes without bumps in the road.


Does anyone that is writing these slanerderous messages really know Mark Johnson? He has been in business detailing the finest cars in Wilmington and even beyond Wilmington for as long as I can remember. Things happen in any business, maybe the sign wasn't the best thing for the business to do. I personally know Mark Johnson and have known him for years.He has and will always have a great reputation in Wilmingon. People need to get the whole side of the story before they start voicing derrogatory statements towards him or the business. There was alot more involved than Ann McCAdams reported, she needed to get both sides of the story before she started this.He was advised not to talk about the situation to anyone, especially news reporters!! If the insurance companies are handling the sitiation then let it be. Futhermore, it is to my understanding that Tom Goolsby has and will continue to do business with Buffmasters Carwash and Detail Center. Before anyone continues to slander the name Mark Johnson or Buffmastes, why don't you all stop by the carwash and talk to him and all the employess that were present the day the incident happened and then get back on and voice your opinions. Mark cares about the reputation of the business as well as his customers,he has always tried to do what is fair and just. Things happen in businesses. Mark Johnson cares about the satisfaction of all his customers and tries to handle things in a fair way.

I've met Mark, and I will

I've met Mark, and I will NEVER give him business again because of his poor customer service, as well as his false advertising for "free birthday carwashes" that you later discover cost $2.00 for SUVs and minivans.


I know Mark Johnson, and he is very dedicated to running his business with proffesionalism and coustomer satisfaction. I worked for him for about a year and although he has a though exterior he loves pleasing his customers. He built that business from the ground up and if you were to go to Buff Master's you would get nothing or curtious and excellent business. I highly recommend it!!

Car wash gone wrong

Your comment about your former employer was full of spelling errors! It makes you and Mr. Johnson look very uneducated.

If he really cared....

...why would he hang up on the media? If I KNEW that I was right, I'd welcome the opportunity to tell my side of the story. His actions betray his claims of innocence.

Nice post, Mark.

Nice post, Mark.


I have been using Buffmasters for years and always had great service. I think these guys are trying to get something for nothing. Shame on you for reporting one side of the story.

Answer this 'beaalj'

How could they report Buffmasters side when Mr. Johnson of Buffmasters hung up on the reporter? Try to read all the words next time.

Antenna and a small violin

Eight months ago at Cruisers my (expensive) power antenna broke off. Perhaps I should have taken it off or perhaps they could have told me.. It was really a no-fault.. HOWEVER.. Cruisers offered immediately to pay form the damage, gave me three free washes and a sincere appology.. Wow... I was treated like a human being.. Now we have this jerkoff on the other side of town at buffymaster who is Soooooo mature that his billboard has slanderous and libel comments on it.. I hope his cleaners gets taken to the cleaners... I hope no one in Wilmington would dare patronize someone this unethical, mean, and immature. It is one thing to be angry but to act like an insensitive human being with no compassion for others is unaceptable. And now he is stepping on the media's toes ? Wow.. Apparently an investor or mommy and daddy gave his this business because if it was out of his own pocket, it would have been closed a LONG time ago ! L-o-o-s-e-r ! When his business goes under I'll make sure to break out my small violin and play him a song... Not..

you people have no life

those typing on behalf of buffmasters--it is blatantly obvious that you are the owner trying to drum up good press for yourself. i personally think your service is a scam--my paint was scratched after using your service and my cds stolen from my car as well...the rest of those fakes comments--get a life!

They should be reported to

They should be reported to the BBB and Attorney General, as well. Disgraceful!

Saw the sign

I saw the sign last night on my way home. "Ann McAdams tells lies" That is really mature of what is supposed to be a professional business owner. I have $20 that this place will be closed in a month; especially after reading of the other incidents of poor customer service. I know I will never set tire in there!!


Have you ever been to Buffmasters? If not how could you say that. Do you know ANYTHING about detailing a car? No obviously not!! Maybe that wasn't the most mature thing someone should have done, however do you really think that posting your message here was a very mature thing to do? If you really want to be mature about this situation go by Buffmasters and ask the employess that was there what really happened and then put your response on here.

Yea right

Why would i want to waste my time and go in and talk to them. He had his chance to go on camera and tell his side but chose not too. His actions by displaying the sign speak volumes so I will never go there just like I said I won't. I do not need to know anything about detailing cars to voice my opinion on this matter either. Knowing how to use Armor-all has nothing to do with it!! I just know what has been reported. I was telling someone about this today and they also said they would never go there either. He had his chance to tell his side, his loss! Actions speak louder than words! I still have my $20!

I guess that is why

I guess that is why Cruisers has been voted best in Wilmington year, after year, after year.............. They also recycle their water.

not surprised

Next time try the Crystal Blue Car wash in Ogden/Porters Neck area. They are fast, cheap, have excellent customer service, and would never treat a customer this way. I have been using them since thy opened, and have had outstanding, quality service every time. I can take them my dirty mini van and get it spic and span with no complaints.

Well, there's a business that should be OUT of business

It sounds as if Mister Johnson has absolutely no comprehension of customer service.....or even what's right and wrong. His employees were responsible for the safe passage of the cars but his employees obviously made some kind of mistake, failing in that assigned task. He's certainly free to fire the responsible employee, but either he or his insurance company WILL wind up paying. However, he obviously doesn't realize that by hanging up on customers and the media they had to turn to, this minor incident will wind up costing him much more than the damage to two cars. Who, in their right mind, would patronize a business so unethical?

I filed my small claims

LoL. Funny. I just recently filed my couple of days ago and waiting for trial date. I did talk to an attorney at and they also indicated I had a small claims case in the amount of $3,000.00. I re-post after my trial as to what happened. Brad Jenkins...

Sign at The Car Wash

Hey There was a sign at the Car-Wash about wwaytv3. It claimed that they told lies. If the Car-Wash is at fault they should pay. Later Concerned Wilmingtonian.

Bad Business

I guess I wont be taking my business to this place ever again


"Care and Control", is what this incident falls under pertaining to insurance. Mark Johnson is a highly professional individual and I am confident things will be taken care of properly and all parties will be happy.

care and LACK of control

Let me are Mark or his buddy? I will not go there again. Mr. Highly Professional would have handled this pronto through the car washes insurance, they should have been called immediately along with the police. Your customers automobiles are you TOP priority and responsibility.

Not the first time

I took my Van, after a cross counrty trip to this car wash. It did not get properly cleaned the first time around. A was charged a small additional amount of money to have it washed a second pass. (Road Grime). The second pass did not make any difference and the manager refused to do anything about it. I simply asked for the small amount to be refunded to me since it did not make any difference. (I was still out $15.oo on the initial purchase.) The tire shine was not evenly applied. To make a bad experience, worse.. The manager was hostile and told me it was my fault the van was so dirty and that he was not refunding anything. He got very angyy with me for politely asking. So this story does not come as a surprise and sounds like the same guy.. Sometimes the cheapest, truely is NOT the best...

Sounds like the owner's a

Sounds like the owner's a real jerk. I'll go to cruiser's car wash down the road instead for better service and a clean

I've been treated rudely by

I've been treated rudely by Buffmasters as well. I guess they don't need the extra business.

Accidents Happen

We've always been treated well at this car wash and the car done right. I've always thought this could happen. I doubt people in the car wash business make that much money, but they shouldn't waffle on their responsibility for the accident and their insurance should pay for the damages. I'd still go there because they are really watching their backsides now.