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Troubleshooters Conclusion: Officials Respond to Questions about Molestation Investigation


We got the answers we were looking for in that Bladen County investigation, involving a 16-year-old who was molested by his uncle.

Even though Jerry Squires admitted to engaging in a sex act with the teen, he was offered a plea bargain, and won't have to serve any jail time or register as a sex offender. The teen was also upset that he got arrested at school by Bladen County Sheriff's deputies, for engaging in the sex act with his uncle.

We talked to Bladen's Chief Deputy today about widespread concerns over the way this case was handled.
Chief Phillip Little assured us this situation has been handled internally. He couldn't get into details about how this was handled with the investigator, Detective Sue Lutz, because it's a personnel matter, but he said it's been rectified. Chief Little also said he would be more than happy to sit down and discuss this with the victims family.

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With the handling of this

With the handling of this invesigation and the handling of the school shooting investigation, there should be no other reasons needed to show the citizens of Bladen County that we need a new Sheriff. Do the citizens of Bladen County realize that these two crimes will go unpunished?
The current sheriff dept. endorses Eric Bryan. That leaves only one choice for your vote in the runoff, Prentis Benston.


There has been no response from officials regarding this case. Their response has been to assign blame to the VICTIM. I am appalled by the way this case has been mis-handled. I think that heads should roll within our 'fine' sheriff's dept. It seems that the "To Protect and To Serve" pertains to the P-R-E-D-A-T-O-R and to the 'Law Enforcement Officers ' that have thus far been involved. I live in Kelly, and now I am ashamed to say that I live in Bladen County, where cover-ups and having family working for LEO can allow a felon to roam our streets free. I am a parent to a teenage son and is clear that I need to fear for their safety, not only from the criminal in our small community, but the people that we raise our children to believe are going to protect us and bring criminals to justice...our Bladen County Sheriff's Dept. Chief Little....this should have been handled LEGALLY...I really don't believe that you can 'assure' anyone of anything at this are a boil on the face of Law Enforcement, as are any officers that were involved in this.

This is what inspires vigilantes

When law enforcement and the criminal justice system fail to do their jobs, outsiders have to step in and take action to protect society and achieve justice.

thank you

i am also close to the victim and i would lyke 2 thank all of da people dat support matthew. it means alot 2 him and to us. and a special thank to ann mcadams.

Chief phillip little is a

Chief phillip little is a SORRY chief if he is saying the case was handled in a good way.I bet if it was his child he would have handled it different.maybe he should let his child or grandchild spend a day with JERRY SQUIRES.I would like too know what on earth he thinks setting down and talking too the family is going do.they already know that bladen county sheriffs department doesn't care.There is nothing they could say that would make me understand how this case was handle.Too everyone that let this man go free there is gong too be a day when someone close too you comes in contact with a "JERRY SQUIRES"and when that happens i want you too think back to the day you let this man go with out even a slap on the rist.He should have never been offered anything but jail time.Shame on everyone that took part in this case.

Law is Clear

one word - Cover Up

There don't need to be any

There don't need to be any sit down with a crook like Chief Little. There needs to be an investigation from the SBI on this for all of Bladen County Sheriff Department. They are crooks who helps only their friends out. The boy was plainly raped by his uncle, and they arrested the boy. Bladen County does not have their act together. The state needs to take control of this now, not tomorrow.

to be honest

i remember reading this story a couple days ago and thinking two things .

it doesn't sound right "as in it sounded fishy"
the cops wouldn't have did what they did without a reason.

and it's personal.

"as in this story is about a minor and his uncle a matter that should have been left to the authorities that where handling the case"

the whole thing sounded like a case of the teen or "parents" trying to play the media to win against a decision and a reporter not knowing better to not too post this story,

Please tell me if the

Please tell me if the teenager was willing. knowing that the case is over what if anything does he have to gain.....2nd do you think the uncle would had came forth if he wasn't tipped off..The case is closed but thanks to the reporter we now know who this person is..and who would want this media are and complete idiot for even thinking like that..

things that make you go HMMMM

I'm sorry, but he admitted to sex with the teen, yet doesn't have to register or serve time? If he is 6 yrs. older than the teen, consensual or not that is statutory rape. Or did the laws change in the last 2 weeks?