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Troubleshooters: Couple charged more than expected by movers

READ MORE: Troubleshooters: Couple charged more than expected by movers

In tonight's troubleshooters report a moving company that charged a lot more than expected. 

Mari Knezovich and her husband hired movers for their recent relocation to Carolina Beach. 

When it came time to pay the bill, the company wanted nearly three times the amount quoted in their written estimate. 

Moving is rarely a fun process, but Mari Knezovich said her recent move was a particularly bad experience. 

"I feel like I've been ripped off, really badly," said Mrs. Knezovich. 

She and her husband shopped around before hiring the move makers. The company quoted them $700 to move all of their furniture from Oak Island, into their three bedroom unit on Carolina Beach.  

"My husband went into detail about the fact that we did have two storage units at the Oak Island property. He gave her a pretty good estimate of how many boxes that we had," said Mrs. Knezovich. 

Having moved several times before, Mari expected the total cost might be a little bit more than $700, but she was flabbergasted when the movers gave her the final bill for $2,100. 

But, she says the moving company wasn't about to come off their price. 

And it wasn't just the dollars and cents that made Mari mad. She said the movers showed up three hours late on the day of the move, which turned the move into a two day process -- even with Mari's brother and husband pitching in. 

Mari said some of her furniture was damaged in transit, and the company refused to honor a coupon for 10 percent off the move. 

We called the Move Makers to get their side of the story. They refused to talk with us on camera, but told me over the phone the Knezovich's understated how much furniture needed to be moved. 

In this case, the Move Makers gave the estimate over the phone with the caveat that the actual charge would be determined after the job had been finished.

We were curious what a fair price would have been for this move. We called a few local companies to get estimates, explaining exactly how much furniture was involved, and specifying that there were several flights of stairs involved. 

The highest bid we got was $1,600 -- a full $500 less than the Move Makers charged. 

Another company agreed to do the entire job for just over $800. 

So how can you prevent the same thing from happening to you? 

The Better Business Bureau advises consumers to: 

  • Get a cost estimate in writing, preferably after a walk-through of your home or apartment.
  • Try to get a binding estimate so the company can't hike the price after the move.
  • Don't select a mover based on price alone. In many cases, you get what you pay for.
  • If you have a bad feeling about your mover's tactics or charges, stop the move before your household goods are loaded on the truck.


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I am glad stories like this

I am glad stories like this are run. It is very hard to find reputable business in Wilmington that show up on time and donh't overcharge. Wilmington needs a website to warn customers of these problems and to recommend good services.

Civil Court

This is a civil matter and I would take them to civil court. I would pay them the amount of the estimate and maybe a little more (good faith) since estimates are almost always low, but nothing more. They might try to scare you by saying they will send the bill to collections, but I wouldn't worry about that. If you take it to court, Collection Agencies can't touch it


I recently moved from Monkey Junction to Kings Grant. Did it myself with a truck rented from Pat's Tire. Saved lots of money and Pat's Tire treated me great with the rental.


We have used Two Men And A Truck a few times now and never had this problem. They have a great system. Call them next time.


Movers are regulated by the NCUC. complaints can be filed with the Public Staff c/o Carol Stahl at 919/733-7768.. Movers charges are based on a Maximum Rate Tarrif (MRT-1) Estimates are just that and is not a FIRM price (in this case) It is very difficult to judge what is already stacked and stored ..for time or weight. Consumers should be aware how long it took to move the items into storage and the mover should use good judgement on the number of men needed to do the job..The LOWEST PRICE is not always the best "deal"..the hourly rate will vary from mover to mover..I feel the NCUC should not allow(grant authority) unquailifed individuals the required license to move HHG's in NC. I blame the Public Staff and the NCUC for part of this problem due the fact in this case the Public Staff is aware of complaints on the Move Makers. The fact is the Public Staff is aware of problems of this nature and take little or no action to correct situations such as this not only in Wilmington but all over the state..This gives all movers a bad name and I have been in business since 1986 and I have never had a complaint filed on me.Most legal movers dont "rip off" customers movers that lack the experience and knowledge are a serious problem..

$2100 dollars , jesus christ

$2100 dollars , jesus christ i drive 18 whellers and haul tractor trailer loads from nc to california and i dont charge that much ,man that is a big rip off ,the state attorney general , better business bureau needs to investigate that ,or i need to change my driving profession to the moving business

Labor Ready

move makers openend up after another wilmington company begn doing well and hoped to reap the same benefits... Here is what I have seen besides their trucks broken down continously... ALWAYS charging more than their estimates.. Stay away from Move Makers.. they are a ripoff artist..

Listen to the radio, you have been had

Or you can log onto and see for yourself how people are duped by schemes like this every day. Be glad at three times the price you got a chance to get your stuff back.

MM strike again...

Same experience, same company. Two years ago. Too busy fixing the stuff they broke to complain about it then. Stay away from Move Makers.