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Troubleshooters: Extended TV warranty

READ MORE: Troubleshooters: Extended TV warranty
WILMINGTON -- How many times have you been offered an extended warranty when you've bought a new TV, computer or other electronics? One Wilmington woman spent hundreds to keep the TV she bought from Best Buy under warranty, but now that the TV needs repairs, she's getting the runaround. Caroline Reel's 32-inch television suddenly stopped working on January 1. She said, "I turned it on one night, got up went to the garage for something, when I came back it was off and it wouldn't come back. So I don't know what happened to it." When reel bought the TV from Best Buy in 2003... She also purchased a four year warranty. When that expired, she renewed it with a two-year service contract. So when the television quit working, Reel and her son-in-law Terry Rowe called the number on the service contact. Rowe said, "January 2 we called them and we've been calling them ever since -- at least seven or eight times -- and they say that they understand. In their office it shows it's covered until 2009, but it's a paperwork glitch and they can't get it to their repair shop." Rowe called the 1-800 number again, and once again he was told someone would call him back in a few days. "I've called so many times I get agitated that I don't want to talk to them. I think that's what their whole ideal is. They aggravate you enough you'll just give up and leave them alone." So much time has passed Reel bought another television set. Now, she wants the TV repaired so she can just give it away or be reimbursed for the money she spent on the warranty renewal. Reel said, "It's just them taking the money and then not wanting to do anything after you buy the insurance. And I thought that's what insurance was for." Rowe said, "I didn't think she needed to be ignored like that. They took her money, they ought to honor their policy." When I called the number on the service contract a representative told me she had no record of any calls being made regarding this contract -- even though I witnessed one of them. The representative told me Carolyn Reel would be put in touch with an authorized service center who will repair her TV, and late Wednesday afternoon, she was.

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Another Best Buy Problem

On March 24th Our 42" Toshiba HDTV went out on us. We also have had a 4 year extended warranty. The TV was purchased January 2007. We have been without a TV since The TV cost us over $2,000.00. We were told that 2 circuit boards needed to be replaced which would cost $500.00 each board and they needed to get authorization for the repair. After numerous phone calls, we are now told that one of the boards is backordered til May 17th. They refuse to replace the TV. So we now have a 42" TV in our living room, which will take at least another month before the parts come in from backorder, and then they tell us, THAT may not fix the problem...BEST BUY is a JOKE!!! any ideas from anyone???

BS warrenties

These warranties are a try to separate you from your money. Plain and simple. Never buy them. Check out and see for yourself. They never pay for the work they promise to fix and they find loopholes to exclude you from getting satisfaction. And when your time is up they try to get you to pay again, you bought it the first time. Why not? How many people do you know actually got what they paid for? NONE! I dare you to ask around and justify it. Cannot be done. Circuit City is the worst one in the area. Oh, "they will fix anything!" But, "that isn't covered" is all that you will hear when you start asking for service. they cannot even get you the right phone numbers to call for service. Sue them in small claims court for anything less than $5K, and get a judgment. Then you might get satisfaction. Don't take a lawyer. Just go do it. They will pay then. Circuit City promised that if a beaver ate my laptop they would replace it. They said I spilled a drop of water on it and it wasn't covered. Sued the crap out of them and got five grand right then in a court judgment. Easy money!

best buy means you best buy somewhere else

Our son who goes to UNCW got a tv from best buy in Wilmington after he got back from Iraq and got the extra coverage, the tv worked for 2 months, quit, was fixed about 2 weeks later, worked for a couple of weeks, quit, was fixed about 3 weeks later, worked for a couple of weeks, quit a third time, was fixed a couple of weeks later, worked for about 3 weeks and quit again, and all of this was within the first 6 months. Now the real fun starts, we ask for the total replacement which the extra coverage provides after 4 repairs, and was told that the set had only been repaired one time because it is not considered a completed repair until after 30 days, they did not even care that the set wouldn't work for 30 days so they could keep you going forever at that rate, 29 days or less working and that doesn't count as a repair. We had 4 service receipts but only one repair?????????????? The only thing i can say is thank GOD for the better business bureau. Tv was finally replaced with their help as well as the military's help. extra coverage no way even the factory coverage isn't any good there. Go to Sam's club the best place for a new tv.

sam's club is doing the same thing to me

2000 dollar tv from sams club with five year warranty...told today that the warranty only covers the things that don't go out????? the service tech came pulled the lamp out of the back held it up and said "yup bad lamp" not covered and left. after examining the lamp myself it think he lied because the filament is still firmly attached at both ends and the tv will light up but goes back out. I am going to have to get a tech to come out to replace the lamp and if that doesn't work I am going to the better business bureau and get me a lawyer.


this tv wounld not be a audiovox by any chance would it? It took me 1 YEAR to get mine fixed by them...then they put the wrong brain in it so when turned on it said panasonic...then it lasted about 2 days...then the fight was on and I ended up being put with the company OUTSIDE of the US and a year later they replaced the tv. Best of luck!

Best Buy is a rip off they

Best Buy is a rip off they got sued about 4 or 5 years ago because they were selling new computers with used parts in them. What was happening is when some one would return one they would fix the problem and sell it as new. Someone found out and sued them and won. I have never used best buy and never will. I have always had luck with circut city which I did purchase a warrenty on my cd player a few years ago and I did end up using it and they took care of everything for me and had another one in a week. so it was worth the 20 bucks.

Don't leave out Circuit City

Don't leave out Circuit City from this scam. They told us that the policy we bought would cover everything, no matter what. Come to find out when we sent the laptop in they said it didn't cover spills on the computer and sent a pic. It was of another machine because we had the computer opened up when we got it back at a local computer shop. Didn't even look like the same gut's inside. Brought up pics from the e-mail to show the computer shop, even the tech said it was of a different style machine. And as far as anyone could determine the thing just quit working and it never had anything spilled on it. The computer shop guy got it working temporarily, but wanted hundreds to fix it which we could not do. So, they didn't make good on their promise either. The store just sent us away and told us to send it in. Did that and they told us it wasn't covered. Then, months later they sent us an offer to renew that damn warranty for some more money! I could have went down there and strangled someone from Circuit City if I thought it would have helped. Instead I sent an e-mail to the Circuit City headquarters and never heard another thing but more ads from them because they must have put my e-mail address on some silly mailing list. Grr... Anyone want a "like new laptop"?

extended warranty

i bought a side by side kitchen aid refrigerator from best buy brand new about 5-6 yrs ago and bought the 5yr extended warranty with it at the time. one month before the extended warranty was to expire, the ice maker motor siezed up. i called and they sent a nice young man out to fix it. he could not fix it, so he ordered the part and about a week or two later, the part came in and he came back and replaced it with a new motor. i have never had a problem with best buy and extended warranty's may not be the worst thing you could do with your money.

Terry Rowe is not only a

Terry Rowe is not only a great son-in-law...but also an Awesome Realtor. Go Terry Go! Tim M.

Is is great!! I wish he

Is is great!! I wish he would join my team:-) BB

Such a nice guy

Terry is a wonderful man, almost like a son to me, so much so I wish I could trade Sherwood in for him. Helping his mother in law is just one example of his wonderful character, sometimes I wish he was part of my team. Great job Terry! Cynthia S.

Sea Coast is also a great

Sea Coast is also a great company Tim

Extended warranties are a waste of money

I bought an extended warranty when I bought my 46' DLP TV from them. The original warrant was for one year and I was offered the extended warranty for around $300 which gave me a 4 year warranty. I was reluctant, but I bought it anyway. I will never buy another warrant again, but luckily this time it worked out, sort of. One of the bulbs went out and a bulb costs $350. I saved an extra $50 buy getting the warranty. They came out the next day and fixed my TV. Now this is something very simple so I don't know what would have happened if it was something major. Extended warranties are a waste of money. Very seldom does something break down after the original warranty is up. I will save my money and take my chances in the future

Extended Warranties are a scam

Not surprising. Extended Warranties are one of the biggest scams out there, just ask my man Clark Howard

Once again Scally Wag ....

....dose not know the facts. I dont work for Best Buy however I buy from them as much as possible due to the Rewards program and the fact that they can work with you on the price on large ticket items. Anyway, we bought a washer from them a year ago, it went bad after about 3 months, because we had bought the service plan and after 3 back to back calls for the same problem they replaced the washer for free under the plans "lemon" policy. They were nice, fast and in the long run we made money off the deal. I would recommend a Service plan on any item that cost over $400.00 AND uses water (must be both). Your man Clark Howard who is normally right on the money got it wrong this time. And as usuall you just got it wrong.

Maytag LOL

I have never read anywhere that it is good to buy extended warranties. Everything i have ever read said they were a waste of money. We just bought a front loader washer to match our MAYTAG (go me) dryer from BestBuy, there was no negotiating on the price.... I asked 2 sales people and they looked at me as if i was insane so i don't know how you get them to work with you on price. Appliances are not that hard to fix, even I have repaired many of them. If you can identify the part needed it is normally simple if you have some tools and a little intelligence. ALL new products come with warranties. Big ticket home items ALL have 1 year or at least 6 months. There are also "Lemon Laws" to protect us and if you had just a regular warranty and not spent $$ on the service plan BB/manufacturer would have had to replace the machine anyway. I have never had a problem with any major items so far but i guarantee this, if i do and i do not get service or i am put off i will be showing up at the store with my item in tow and dealing face to face with the manager until i get it.

not true

a manufacturer warrenty does not cover bulbs unless it was put in wrong if it goes out it is a wear and tear issue your out $350 or more It is not considered a defect.

After 3 months it should

After 3 months it should have been under the standard manufactures warranty. Maybe you should consider buying a maytag next time, go ahead I'm sure you're worth it and next time leave the name calling on the playground it's very unbecoming of you.

name calling?

So somebody must read these posts to you Scally Wag because if you look above I didn't call you any names. I did mistype though, it was 3 months when the first problem started, the third problem occurred about 18 months later (outside the 1 year warranty). The point was, in my case, it was very worth the cost 120.00 which covered both the washer and dryer, which brings me to the second point which is that you don't know what your talking about as usuall. Truth hurts, but people tell you that all the time on this site so I am supprised you were offended. And yes, you are beneath me. To the other post - unless they have changed their practices in the last 6 months Best Buy will work with you on the cost. It may only be 10%, it may be free delivery, but get a manager involved. Maybe the way you look at people is why they are looking back at you funny. Think about it. Dont be greedy.

The only time I am beneath

The only time I am beneath you is when I'm replying to your grammatically incorrect posts. An example of many mistakes in your two posts you misspelled usual with two L's. Sorry you feel the need to belittle me to make yourself feel better but they now have medication for that.


Is it greed to ask if the item is going on sale in the next week or was it just on sale and if they could match that price for us? I was paying cash and I did not need delivery. I am VERY tactful and respectful to sales people even if they are twits. Perhaps having sales people with a little knowledge of the product instead of just saying "yes, we have that in stock" would be nice.

gotta agree

I have to agree with Scally Wagg and Clark Howard. Usually these extended warranties aren't worth the paper they are printed on.

Not So Best Of A Buy

SO Everytime you buy an appliance you are told by a Best Buy sales rep to purchase that warranty! My sales rep told me that it would cover ANYTHING even cospetic to my stove... Ehhh!! Wrong! These cheezy sales reps get spiffs and bonuses for the extended contracts that ARE NOT WORTH IT! I believe it was CNN that had an article a few months ago.. Unless it was THOUSANDS of dollars and HEAVY, DON'T EVER BUY EM.. THEY ARE A RIPOFF!

TV Follies

Consumer Reports states that paying for extended warranties is not worth the cost. Best Buy does pressure you each and every time you buy an electronic item. They try to sell you an extended warranty. If I was her I would have left the TV with a big sign saying defective TV on their front entranceway. Best Buy sold me an extended warranty and now they will not honor the warranty. It might not be Best Buy's warranty but they sold it and they should have intervened in trying to resolve the problem. Big business, they want the money but are not willing to resolve problems immediately which is only good customer service. Customer service in Wilmington, where can you get some?