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Troubleshooters: Is fabric protection for furniture worth it?

READ MORE: Troubleshooters: Is fabric protection for furniture worth it?
Audrea Haas has two young sons, who spend a fair amount of time on her furniture. So when she was couch shopping at Rooms To Go recently, she paid special attention to the saleswoman's demonstration on fabric protection. "She spilt Coke on the showroom furniture, and it just beaded right up with a rag, it was like it wasn't even there,” said Audrea. “I was like, definitely yeah, I'm going to get that because I have boys, I definitely need to have it. I purchased it thinking it was going to do what it did in the showroom." Audrea paid an extra $140 to have her new couch protected. She thought it was money well spent, until she spilled water on her new furniture. As she showed us, the water soaked right through the fabric, and did not bead up at all like it had in the showroom. WWAY called Rooms To Go to find out what went wrong. They told us there was a chance Audrea's furniture had accidentally been shipped before being treated, but even if that was the case, they would still honor her three year warranty if her couch got stained. While that is better than nothing, Audrea is disappointed. "If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't have got the fabric protection,” she said. “I wouldn't have spent the extra money for fabric protection. It doesn't work like they showed me." Rooms To Go declined our request for an in-store demonstration of how the fabric protection is supposed to work, but we were able to find a demonstration online. In the video case, Scotchguard appears to work quite well, offering some protection against spills. Despite Audrea's bad experience, most experts we talked to still think it is a good idea to pay to have your fabric protected, particularly if you have kids or pets, if you eat on your couch, if it's a light colored fabric, or if you paid a lot for the furniture. While the level of protection may vary, at least you have a warranty to have the fabric replaced if the stain will not come out.

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frabric protection

I see no one is mentioning buying a fabric protector from a hardware store and applying it yourself. Does anyone know if that works as well as the store bought application? As long as it is close to working as well it might be a good alternative since it costs so much less that way and I don't imagine it is difficult to spray on.

Fabric Protection

I'm confused. If a furniture manufacturer is going to charge you +2000 for a living room set, won't they apply some sort of fabric protection to make sure you were happy with your purchase over the years? Saying that you would apply fabric protection only if you have little kids or pets or the furniture is in the living room, not in the family room makes no sense to me. They are essentially saying if you are not going to actually use the furniture then it is ok not to protect it. I would think the furniture company would want their product hold up well and gain a good reputation. The protection should be built into the price.

That particular item that

That particular item that stores present to you is an add-on. The factories that make the furniture don't supply it to the store. (most factories anyways) Besides, if you are purchasing a microfiber/polyester fabric piece of furniture, you don't need fabric protection on it. You can clean it up with soapy water and plain water to get any stain out. Better yet, go to your hardware store and purchase scotchgard from a can, does the same thing and it's cheaper.

Use some common sense

I worked in the furniture industry for over 15 years and have sold a variety of products including Fabric Protection. Yes, it is an 'add-on', but you should check out the benefits of that add-on. For all the furniture companies I worked for they would replace the furniture if the stain could not be removed with similar or like quality furniture. Use common sense in what they show you in a store. A. They are demonstrating how colored water is repelled on a piece of kleenex that is treated with a fabric protection coating A1. That tissue is a 'tight weave' design so yes it is going to repel the water and 'bead' B. If your type of furniture isn't as tight a weave as the tissue they demonstrated the 'bead' on, then of course it isn't going to repel the water. B2. If they were to put so much fabric protection coating on your furniture as is on that tissue then when you sat on your furniture it would 'crunch', because it would be like plastic. Fabric protection is there for the FABRIC, not for the space in between the weave of the fabric. I have been out of the furniture business for several years, however, IT IS WORTH EVERY DANG CENT you pay for it. If you think otherwise, then don't buy it next time you buy furniture and when it stains for whatever reason and you call the store and say 'hey my sofa is stained', and they tell you 'you should have purchased the fabric protection and we would have replaced it' can kick your own-self in the butt

Waste of money most of the time

It is a waste unless you are spending a ton of money. Most couches will wear and stain and get worn after a period of time. This is normal. If I put a little bit away each month, in time eventually when my old couch becomes worn enough and stained, etc I buy a new one. People need to stop treating their couches like some priceless artifact never to be touched and god forbid a speck of dust leaves a mark.
As far as people calling and complaining. That is the most moronic thing I've ever heard. What kind of imbecile would call a furniture store to complain about a stain. Hello, I recently bough a couch 3 months ago. Yesterday I was eating and due to my own negligence and incompetence I clumsily spilled ketchup all over my couch. SO I WANT TO COMPLAIN. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT! It's YOUR FAULT. Really what kind of idiots call furniture store to complain when they spill things on their own furniture. I'd love to know because I never called to say "Hey My sofa is stained". I'm not stupid enough to hold them responsible for my own mistakes.

fabric prtoection

I don't know if its worth it or not but calling someone a dummy? If you purchase it then its not stupid to call if you cannot remove the stain as that is the whole idea of the protection no matter who spilled the ketchup! Furniture can be really expensive so if people want it, then so what. I hear it should not cost more than 10% of the purchase price. What are you talking about???? Some people actually care about their furniture looking nice and clean.....And if you did spill something red on your beautiful beige sofa and it wouldn't come out, if they can't get it out then you would get a new sofa. Now that would be nice.

You Dummy! It's a waste of

You Dummy! It's a waste of money and you know it!