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TroubleShooters: Insurance company won't cover sick woman

READ MORE: Insurance company won't cover sick woman
PENDER COUNTY -- A Pender County woman is in New Hanover Regional recovering from a severe illness. When it was touch-and-go, her husband called their life insurance agent and that phone call only added to their troubles. We look into why they were told the brand new policy is no longer in effect. Cody Ball and his then-fiancée Donna called Prudential the first week of January to buy life insurance for Donna. Cody Ball said, "We picked out an insurance policy that would suit us and we wrote out a check for $159.75." The couple says a nurse drew blood and performed other tests to make sure Donna didn't have a pre-existing condition. The tests came back OK. "[They] called me up and told me verbally there's a policy written, and he wanted to make arrangements to come up and talk to us about the policy," Ball said. But then Donna became severely ill and was rushed to the hospital. She nearly died. Donna said, "This disease that I got, did come out of the blue, it's called sepsis, probably going to have to be some limbs removed and things." Cody called his agent and told him it wasn't a good time to drop off the policy. "He asked why and I told him my wife was sick. I told him why, he asked what she had. I told him she came down with sepsis, she's in ICU and when I told him that, it changed everything." Cody claims the next day his agent told him Prudential could not offer Donna life insurance. Cody wants to know why, since he paid Prudential the premium and he was verbally told the policy was written and ready. "I think Prudential life insurance should stand by their words and cover my wife," Cody said. "This was totally unexpected, totally out of the blue. We thought we were insured by a good insurance company, that's why we went with them." A Prudential spokeswoman told us the company was working directly with Donna and her husband to address concerns or questions they may have. The Balls say the agent told them the company is now reviewing the policy. A life insurance agent with another company explained the situation. He says Prudential should honor the policy. Since the couple paid the premium, the coverage should be binding.

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It was also a LIFE INSURANCE policy, folks

***NOT*** health insurance! Do you think she was planning her own death?

Please before you judge

Please before you judge these people about her all of a sudden getting sick read up on the disease, SEPSIS it is a sudden illness


why wasn't it sign at the time of premium payment. How did the insurance company come up with the payment price. Something had to be drawn up. But, if he didn't sign anything or copies. they can refund his money and the policy never was. Should have been since at time. even you do online. You have to sign and pay. You would have been given a policy # Something doesn't sound right here on both ends

It is a company, they are out to make money

It is a company, they are out to make money and then capitalize on the rewards of doing a successful business. They cannot make money on sick people. Pre-existing ones at least. They deny the care for those that slip through. What do you think will happen when the Democrats pass a universal health care system that taxes every one for each person personal dues plus the illegal aliens and then the unlawful fraud cases and such. Health care won't be free to no one if that goes through. Just wait and look for your tax bill. At least the FAIR TAX would address that problem and make the illegal aliens pay for part of their own way. When they buy a new toaster at Walmart/IllegalMart they would be paying taxes used for the enforcement of our borders. We owe to be educated. Before you vote, at least look at the issues.

"What do you think will

"What do you think will happen when the Democrats pass a universal health care system that taxes every one for each person personal dues plus the illegal aliens and then the unlawful fraud cases and such." that sentence made absolutely no sense. "Health care won't be free to no one if that goes through" I think you meant "anyone" "We owe to be educated." yup, you just summed up your point very well. I know Cody Ball, he is the salt of the Earth. He has never taken advantage of anyone. You equate this poor guys plight with border security? poor you!

I see that the policy was

I see that the policy was paid, but it appears that the paperwork wasn't signed, at least thats what im getting from the article. No signature, no deal. I can see them getting their money back for it, but next time sign first, then pay.

contracts in NC

In the great state of NC, a verbal contract is just as good as written. I can hold up in civil court as a his word against theirs. Just my $.02....

He said, she said

You will need some type of proof there was a verbal contract...otherwise it a he said she said...and a judge won't rule on that

I'm sure the check they

I'm sure the check they wrote can be considered an offer and acceptance, just get a copy of the cleared check to prove the acceptance. As far as Prudential now reviewing the claim, I am sure Prudential has a log of some sort that they keep for each policy underwritten (most companies do). Have an attorney request a copy of that log, it should have some kind of verbage saying that the policy is in force and on what date.

Solid advice

The above is correct and worth pursuing in a civil case were a jury will decide the negligence of the insurer. This will be a later option, now is for dealing with the illness at whatever the cost.

I find it odd that this lady

I find it odd that this lady is perfectly healthy and as soon as she(they) get an insurance policy she becomes deathly ill. I'm not saying their claim isn't legit, but you have to admit the cirumstances are a little questionable

You may say the

You may say the circumstances are questionable, but you do NOT know the entire story. I have known Mrs. Donna for years & the story is the truth. Maybe you should read up on Septic infections, then you can make an educated comment. The same thing could happen if you were to go out & get an insurance policy today & get killed in a car accident tomorrow. That is how quick sepsis sets in & that is just how things happen.

I did look it up. And I

I did look it up. And I never said the claim wasn't legit. I just stated, that from an outsider, it does look a little suspicious