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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Leland man upset with tax help company

READ MORE: TROUBLESHOOTERS: Leland man upset with tax help company

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- In tonight's Troubleshooters report, a Leland man is less than satisfied with JK Harris. You may have seen the commercials for the tax resolution company offering to help you settle your debts with the IRS.

Bill Childers paid JK Harris $5,000 to help him settle a six-figure debt with the IRS. He says what little the company did he could have done himself, and it did nothing to reduce what he owed Uncle Sam.

"I saw their ad on TV like everybody does, and I said, 'Well, I'll give them a shot and see what they can do for me,'" Childers said. "So I called them up, and they said, 'Oh, no problem. We'll fix it for you.'"

Childers went to the company's Wilmington office, a non-descript room in the Murchison Building downtown, and signed a contract. He paid $5,000 for JK Harris to negotiate with the IRS on his behalf.

"My situation with the IRS kept going down hill," Childers said. "JK Harris had done nothing on my behalf. The only thing they did at the end of 12 months was file an installment agreement that I did not want filed."

In fairness, an installment agreement is what Childers agreed to, according to his contract with JK Harris, but he said he was under the impression the company was going to negotiate his debt down to a more manageable amount. So why didn't they?

"Income taxes are owed, and if they can be paid within ten years, then the tax payer usually does not qualify for an offer and compromise," said Bill Wandel, a JK Harris licensed tax representative.

JK Harris said the IRS will only compromise on the amount that's owed if the tax payer has a true hardship, like a major illness, unemployment or bankruptcy. If you have any assets of worth, including equity in your house, automobiles, even your IRA, the IRS will likely ask you to liquidate them to pay your debt.

While commercials for tax resolution companies may lead consumers to believe the companies can make miracles happen, Childers says be skeptical.

"They play on people's fears," he said. "People get a letter. They get scared, and the first thing you see on TV is JK Harris: 'We'll help you with your problem.' They can't help you. There's nothing they can do for you."

If you are in over your head with the IRS, know that you can do a lot of the negotiating with the IRS yourself for free.

Childers isn't the only person who's had problems with JK Harris. There are 849 complaints on file with the Better Business Bureau, but representatives for JK Harris were quick to point out, that represents only one percent of the company's client base.

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JK Harris

And for that one percent of

And for that one percent of complaints, at $5000 multiplied by 849, then have stolen $4,254,000.00 with their lies and fake set up.


My husband made the same mistake. He trusted this company and they did nothing but take his money. They sent us forms to fill out and when we sent them back they claimed that they didn't receive them even when we sent them certified.My husband tried to get his money back but they said that he violated his contract by not sending in these forms. I faxed them, sent them certified and e-mailed them. They still said they didn't get them.DO NOT TRUST these people with your money-they are crooks. My husband died without them ever helping even though they have thousands of dollars of his money.

duh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did you

Why did you think you could get a free ride.

What to do when you owe taxes

If you owe taxes, you probably made some money and spend it all before you paid your taxes. Too bad. I hate taxes, but pay all that I owe. So go pay you taxes and quit trying to find the easy way out. You are no better than the moocher on welfare taking from the rest of us who pay thier taxes.

Tax Hater/ People Hater

Dear,tax/people hater. Until you walk a mile in others shoes keep your comments to yourself. If you where single had cancer of the liver had to live on your retirement to support your family and your tax advisor didnt take enough taxes out, what is a person to do? live on 992.00 a month and try to repay your dept back. Do you think you could do that? I am not a mooch as you rudely claim. I have worked since the age of 12, always payed my taxes, got into trouble and needed help. JK Harris are CROOKS !!! DO NOT LET THEM FOOL YOU. I learned my lesson the hard way. As for you tax/people hater, at least I am brave enough to not only fight my cancer but to also submitte my name.

Pay your Taxes!

Try walking a mile in my shoes where the government wants part of my money every step of the way. I have to pay more because of the moochers and looters who take from the government and don’t pay taxes.
I’m sure we are not talking about a few thousand dollars that were a mistake on his withholdings. He paid $5,000 to try and get out of paying a much larger amount that he owed. He spent all of his money and didn’t save any to pay his taxes. Not my problem.
He was dumb enough to get in the situation, and dumb enough to try and pay someone else to get him out cheaper. I bet that $5,000 would have made several payments towards his taxes.
No he owes his taxes and is out another $5,000. How much deeper is his he going to dig. Maybe he should think about selling a kidney??
Maybe you should sell one of yours and pay off his taxes for him? I’m sure he would accept it. Moochers will take from anyone. Just quit taking from hard working, taxpaying Americans.

got me to

they got me the same way several years back ,did nothing but take money "beware"