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Troubleshooters: Libel and slander

READ MORE: Troubleshooters: Libel and slander
In this Troubleshooters report, we are taking a look at a relatively new website created by a man active in the local film industry. He claims he is on a mission to expose people who are lying on their resumes. His efforts have landed him in some hot water, and possibly getting him sued. Joe Stauffer started a website called The website is aimed at exposing people Stauffer believes are lying on their resumes and tarnishing the Wilmington film community. In one video, Stauffer records a phone conversation between himself and a man who has applied for a job with him through Craigslist. That man, Joe Montanti, had no idea he was being recorded. Since Joe Montanti did not even know he was being recorded, you can imagine how surprised he was to find this embarrassing encounter broadcast on the internet. Montanti claims the video has damaged his reputation in the film industry, and is hindering his ability to get work. "You give people a heads up, you just don't ambush somebody. Yeah, I fibbed or I stretched the truth on my resume - a lot of people do in the regular world. It bit me, but he had no right,” Montanti said. While FCC regulations prevent news reporters and radio DJ's from broadcasting recorded telephone conversations without people's knowledge, those rules do not apply to the general public - even if they are putting the recordings online. Attorney Thom Goolsby said, "He can say whatever he wants as long as it's true. Now will get sued? He might. Will he win? If he's telling the truth, he should.” It is considered slander if a person says something untrue; libel is when they put it in writing. In order for someone to legitimately claim slander or libel, the information that is being said or written about them must be false. "If you are a liar and a cheat, and someone accuses you of doing that, and you are a liar and a cheat, too bad,” Goolsby said. In the case of Joe Montanti, he admits to flubbing his resume, but there is at least one other person who is discussed on Stauffer's website, David Schifter, who said what is being said about him is a flat out lie. Schifter has hired an attorney out of Raleigh, who has filed a lawsuit against Joe Stauffer. We spoke to Stauffer over the phone Tuesday. Stauffer said Joe Montanti's claim on his resume was so obnoxious it inspired him to start the website, but he had no idea it would generate this much attention, much less a lawsuit. Stauffer stands by what he said on his website, and said he has no intention of hiring a lawyer to defend himself.

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Joe Montanti is at it again

There is a page that Joe Montanti has on facebook called The Wilmington Casting Call that is a scam! He is not a casting director, producer, director and he was just a extra. He copies all the ads from other casting directors facebook pages all on one page. He has said people are stupid and lazy and that's how I will get them to come to my page. He lures everyone there so people will think he is some hot shot film exec so when he makes his little short sad films he can get people to work for free. He promises all these things to people which are all lies, just so he can make a film to try to make it to film festival. He has no filming permits, he is not registered with the state of North Carolina film commissions, he has no LLC or federal tax id number. In other words he is still scamming people.

He has on multiple occasions tried to go after people and destroy their careers. He has made up lies, fake websites, fake reports all to manipulate people in the film community. As a page owner who claims to represent the film community to put out fake reports on people to try to expose them really shows "there is nothing too low for Joe Montanti". Many many many people Joe has tried to destroy over the years. When is enough going to be enough? What does he hope to gain by doing all of this? He has demonstrated how professional he is and acts as if he owns the film community! He does not. He has been banned from every set he's ever been on! No one that knows him takes him seriously but there are many who do not know him and think because he has 20 something thousand people on his facebook page that he is somebody in the industry. It's people like him that give the film industry a bad name. Good grief enough already, Grow up Joe. Get a life of your own. Live it and leave everybody else alone! Stop trying to hurt people by trying to destroy them. when is enough going to be enough Joe? Cause we have had enough of you!

Who are you and what have i done to you?

Dearest Kelly Shaw

1st off I do not represent the film industry here in Wilmington,

2nd I am not 300 pounds I am 240 pounds,

3rd get your facts straight to scam is to take money from people and this is free.

4th Yes I will post scams on that site as warnings, I also receive emails from casting directors from all over the South East asking me to post their calls (Free of charge.

5th You need to get your facts straight what you are doing is slander, Now why do I get praised by people for doing this?

I have been in this biz for 8 years and I'm not going anywhere!

That's Bull Joe Montanti

Everything you said was a lie! Did you not go into Stricklands Surplus and acted the fool when they told you to leave! You tried to film there with no permit. You said "Do you know who I am? I am Joe Montanti the largest casting director on the east coast and in NC" Did you not say that? Hmmm??? Have several witnesses who said you did, plus the oners. Did you not threaten them as you do everyone else who will not kiss your fat ass? "I'll have you ran out of business" remember saying that?

You remember several times you went to Carolina Beach to film without proper permits? Permits are free but you knew that already didn't you? You are just going to do everything Joe's way and screw the rules and everyone who won't bow down to you! How many times has police shut you down because you sneak film? You don't care about doing what is right because you think you are above the system and everyone else.

You have zero regard for others! You are rude and crude! It's well known and many will come forward about you hitting on young girls, put your hands all over them, make inappropriate sayings and gestures, and are a known racist. All you do is threaten and try to expose people who you think might out do you by making up lies and all kinds of fake crap up. You slander people all the time and have been put off set for calling people the N word over and over again!

Point is, no one cares you are here! I mean really, they don't because everyone knows what you are about. All your supposed friends talk all kinds of crap about you and tell your business. What you need to do if you want to be legit: 1. Get the proper permits to film, 2. mind your own business and leave others alone that you don't like or disagree with, 3. Get a federal tax id and a business license, 4. Stop trying to bring other people down that is doing something you are not or can't do, 4. Realize everyone messes up and deserves a 2cnd, 3rd or 4th chance, 6. Help people instead of threatening everyone you have problems with, and from the looks of this page and all the people who know you it's quite a lot.

The thing about you Joe is you do not have the ability to reason with people through discussion that you don't like or disagree with. You have no ability to talk things out. That's a shame. It's a shame you will not give people a chance to try talking things through to come up with a resolve. Everyone deserves a chance to change.....even you, but sadly we all know you never will. So with that said, until you are willing to change quite a few of us write you off. Good bye Joe and I hope you humble yourself and see the error of your ways. So much good you could do, if you'd just stop, care and try.

RUN away from this guy, as fast as you can!

I don't know how this Joe bag of dirt isn't in prison. He is a typical con man but he also tries to hit on every girl he sees. He is short and fat, easily over 300 pounds, and the most disgusting person I have ever seen. He puts his hands all over any girl he sees, he constantly gets kicked off of sets where all he has ever done is EXTRA work.

Why isn't he in prison?

Joe is up to his old tricks again!

Well, it's been a few years since I dealt with Joe but I'll tell you he's up to his old tricks again. Anything Joe touches he destroys! He is a terrible person and I refuse to be around him, work with him or recommend him. He has been put on the blacklist and no casting company will hire him because of the things he does. If he can not get a casting call and finds out you do he will do everything in his power to talk crap about you. If you do anything that makes you money he will make up lies and talk about the person. This is not random! He has been doing this for years! He will destroy your reputation by making up fake profiles on line then post comments about you. There is nothing to low for Joe Montanti! People have found out just what kind of low life clown he is!

I'm glad others see what Joe

I'm glad others see what Joe is all about, the lies, the cheating, the fraud.

Do not trust this guy

Joe pretty much destroys everything he touches. I would never work with him, recommend him or even want to be around him. He is a terrible person and I am glad others have seen through his BS and know about him.

This is not an isolated incident with Joe. Funny how people have to make up lies just to cover other lies.

I don't understand

So Joe Montanti lied, was caught in a lie and now is mad because he has been exposed as a liar?


Montanti said "I fibbed or I stretched the truth on my resume, a lot of people do in the regular world " Maybe in YOUR world....I do not know anyone that feels the need to do that. Dishonesty is a flaw and starting a resume with lies shows what type of person you are. Pretty dumb. The Stauffer guy that posts the videos needs to get a life. He seems super angry and vindictive. Just because someone has the ability to "produce" YouTube videos does not mean that they should (perhaps that is all he can do).Grow up and let other people screw their own lives up.

It's a Good Thing

Stauffer has more than the ability to just produce YouTube videos... any moron with a camera can do that. Stauffer is a professional. You say: "Grow up and let other people screw their own lives up." As an employer, I applaud Stauffer's efforts. People who lie on their resumes do more than just put their own careers in jeopardy... they can cost employers money, which in turn affects everyone in the company. It can also cost an honest job applicant a job offer... when his or her resume is compared with that of someone who lies. Of course, if Stauffer doesn't use this Swacked site as a means of exposing a lot of other resume liars, that is a pretty clear indication that he is small-minded, vindictive and petty. I'll bookmark his site and revisit in a couple of months and see just how much of a community service he is performing. Maybe TV 3 will want to do a follow up. Keep up the good work Stauffer.

This is so awesome. Mr.

This is so awesome. Mr. Stauffer has exposed that "someone" is going around and making untrue claims on there resume's. He protects himself by Bloping and bluring the liars voice, and name. The Liar then calls the news because he's upset. Well now we know who he is... not to bright... he was protected, but I guess not from himself.

My thoughts as well. Pretty

My thoughts as well. Pretty funny. Simple solution... don't lie! .. and no, I don't lie on my resume either because I never wanted to be called out on it.. and I don't need to :)