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Troubleshooters: Local consignment shops

In tonight's troubleshooters report, we find more customers getting burned by local consignment shops. You may remember all the people who lost money or merchandise when Hand-Me-Downs on Kerr Avenue changed owners. Customers told us the old owner took off without paying them for what sold, and didn't return remaining items. Susan Freeken was one of those customers. She started consigning at a new store on Kerr Avenue, called Redo Consignments. That store is now closed, and Freeken says she lost her money and merchandise all over again. "She would always say we're going to send you a check in the mail, but we never got one, and she said we will find the stuff, but they never found any of it," Freeken said. The woman who ran Redo Consignments, Kathy Rokoski has opened up a used furniture store across the street. She says this is all a misunderstanding, and said people should contact Jessica Marsh, her daughter-in-law and former owner of Redo. Freeken says she's taking Rokoski to small claims court.

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My personal experiences with consignment shops

My wife and I used to rent several booths at consignment shops and one day I woke up and realized that we're doing all of the work to make the owners of the shops money.

At one place our rent was $175/month. We were selling small items for between $1 - $25 each. We had to find these items, load 'em up in our truck, drive to the shops, unload them, and then label/price them. That's a lot of hard work to make little or no money. I simply got tired of it and stopped doing it.

The bottom line is that we would have been better off to have our own yard sale or donating these items to charity for a tax credit.

Oh please

If anyone's junk was so worthwhile, they'd have no problem selling it themselves. Consigning one's items is like one last futile attempt to find someone who might find some value, albeit usually only a few dollars, in one's discarded possessions.

Hand Me Downs

I tried selling on consignment at Hand Me Downs with the original gentleman owner and the next owner (Barbara?)--my experiences with both were very positive. I believe it was last year that Hand Me Downs had a new owner who is not to be trusted. I was told that my account had a zero balance and there was no record of my items. She told me it was due to the computer program not be transferred in the sale and it was too costly for her to have the records restored. I was welcome to pay for it if I wanted!!! As I looked through the shop I found some of my items and the labels indicated they were "new" that the day they were shelved was that month. I approached the owner's mother who said I needed to talk to her daughter but she had no idea when she would be in and would not give her a message to call me. Everytime I came in the store the "daughter" was not there. Basically my items were sold to the new owner and she never paid me. DO NOT TRUST THIS OWNER--very shady, dishonest and rude. Its so unfortunate that the founding family of Hand Me Downs hard work has been ruined.

What ever happened to yard

What ever happened to yard sales????

just put your junk on

just put your junk on craigslist instead of letting someone else sell it. Otherwise, just expect when you hand something over to some business that you are essentially giving it to goodwill. If the consignment shop doesn't have a web site, then the odds are they won't be able to keep up with all your transactions of your items. Try Fairy Circle on college


I resent the fact that Guesttie (nice name) has the nerve to call other peoples things junk! The reason people sent their clothing to a Consignment Shop is because it is in excellent shape and was quite expensive to start with! If my things were junk, I would throw them in the trash! I donate to Goodwill several times a year. When I consign, I am trying to recoup some of the money I spent on that item. Please think before you call people's things JUNK!!

I think G meant one mans

I think G meant one mans trash is another mans treasure. I don't think they meant to be rude to your used stuff, that is "junk" to you or you would USE IT!
This type of instant argumentativeness is what makes this place lose tourism and films! Get over that attitude Janice (nice name remark was an example of that common rudeness I spoke of)

Consignment Shops

I am not sure that consignment shops are all they are cracked up to be. I was ripped off by two consignment shops. One consignment shop that was downtown I never got a dime for any of the stuff that I took there. She opened another shop at the end of Castle Street. The other shop My Girlfriends Closet was on Kerr Avenue beyond Just Like New Shop Restaurant. I received about four dollars for all the merchandise that I took there and when I told them I wanted to get my merchandise back, I was told that I would have to go through the racks and find the clothes myself,and then they got rid of them without a phone call.They were also rude when you called on the phone, and not very organized.

My Girlfriends Closet

She ripped me off big time. I hope to God she does not open another store. I know I am responding late but I just found this article. I think she is a crook

Ripped off

I was ripped off big time ,I took in things the night before closing and she took more of my things with a smile,The computer was always down.Any luck with small claims just wondering Karma is tough

Consignment crooks

I was taken advantage of by a local consignment shop! Three years ago I bought a beautiful faux-fur jacket for $150.00 at the same consignment shop I sent it to in order to sell it. It was worn about three times and I got $40.00 for it! Now they will be able to mark it up again and sell it to another gullible patron! I should have handed it to a homeless person downtown, it would have made both of us happy

Consignment Crooks??

Hi I just saw this and I know its like 4 months after being written but as a owner of a consignment store, the consignment store you went to def were not crooks, you bought a jacket for $150, brought it back, maybe this time they sold it for $100, and you received 40% like most consignment stores give, and you received $40..not bad considering that it could have not sold at all and you would get nothing. I have this problem with alot of my consignors they don't seem to understand that they are getting a percentage of what it sells for not the full amount! If you wanted more money for it you should have sold it yourself, not call the company crooks!

As an accountant, I would

As an accountant, I would recommend donating used clothing to charity and taking a deduction on your income tax return. Just make sure you document exactly what you give away and be sure to get a receipt. I would prepare an itemized list of the donated items, and maybe spread them out and take a photo as well, for your records in case the IRS or NC DOR audits your return. If you had done this, surely your deduction would have been greater than the $4 your received from the consignment store. (That is, assuming you itemize deductions) Doing this can help reduce your taxes (money in your pocket) and support a charity for the needy.

I totally agree!!

I totally agree!!