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Troubleshooters: Man protests driving regulations

READ MORE: Troubleshooters: Man protests driving regulations
In this troubleshooters report: A Pender County man who refuses to get a license plate, registration, or insurance on his truck. Donald Sullivan says the Constitution gives us the right to travel the public highways, and he shouldn't be charged or regulated for simply exercising his right. You might be surprised to hear a judge ruled in his favor. Sullivan said, "I can govern myself. And America is about self-government." "If a person proves he's responsible, leave him alone, he can govern himself, he doesn't need to be bothered by the government," said Sullivan. Donald Sullivan isn't your typical guy. The retired Air Force Lt. Colonel voted for Ron Paul in the recent election, and says our government has gotten too far away from the republic our forefathers founded. "We don't have control over our own property anymore, our own lives, our own anything. The state regulates and taxes everything," said Sullivan. Sick of the government micromanaging his life, Mr. Sullivan staged a unique form of protest. There's no state issued license plate on his truck. You won't find an inspection sticker either. Sullivan says he doesn't need them and he's been driving around without them for the last year and a half. Sullivan said, "I wanted to get a ticket, and I wanted to have the vehicle impounded, and I wanted to be arrested, because you have to be standing in a court to pursue these kinds of questions." He finally got his wish. A trooper pulled Mr. Sullivan over in January, and the case was recently heard in court. The judge denied Mr. Sullivan's motions regarding the court's jurisdiction over him, but found him not guilty of the driving offenses in question. Mr. Sullivan says it was a huge victory, and says the next time he's pulled over, all he has to do is show the officers the paperwork with the court's not guilty finding, and he is off the hook. But the lawyer we asked said, not so fast. Attorney Griff Anderson said, "The court made a determination, for whatever reason, that the state had not proved beyond a reasonable doubt, that which they had to prove to prove someone guilty." "What happened in this case is particular only to this case -- what occurred on the roadway when the trooper cited him. What happened in this courtroom has no bearing whatsoever on what could happen in any future instance on the road," said Anderson. While Mr. Sullivan raises some interesting questions about individual liberties, Attorney Griff Anderson says it was a very unusual case, and when it comes to driving, the law is clear. "This has been challenged in the courts, and routinely, North Carolina courts, US courts, other states have upheld the right of the state to regulate the way people travel. They can't prohibit people from traveling on public roads, but they can regulate it by requiring licenses, license plates and insurance," said Anderson. We're not sure exactly how Mr. Sullivan got off the hook in court, but attorneys tell us being found not guilty is very different than having a case thrown out. Any number of technicalities can cause a case to unravel. In case you're wondering, despite his distaste for traffic laws, Mr. Sullivan concedes that car insurance is a good idea.

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The trooper did the right thing... The government has the responsibility to track, record, and identify EVERY individual because what people do not understand is that in order to be free you must submit to the whims of a benevolent big government and let them make all decisions for you. History has proven that slavery is freedom. By that logic, the more totalitarian a society gets the more free the populace will be to live happy and productive lives.. After all this is a free country, always remember that! There is no possible way that our freedom could ever be taken, EVER! So thing is just roll on your side, lay down and let big brother take care of you, because you are nothing but worthless, human cattle incapable of deciding for yourselves. If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on the human face forever.


Driving is an action in commerce to transport [move] goods or passengers for hire. All the codes are there to regulate commerce. So what make a trip to Grandma's an action in commerce? Can you write off the trip on your taxes? If not then your not engaging in an act of commerce.

We do indeed have the Right to Travel

The right to travel has been found by the higher courts, both for the US and for many of the states to be a natural and inalienable right. The fact that all of the states act to suppress this right without any legitimate authority doesn't change the fact that the right remains. Unfortunately, to exercise that right one must risk life, liberty and property as agents of the states act, without due process and under color of law to compel us to comply. As our "public servants" do this they violate their own oath of office to uphold the constitutions in favor of statutes that are not constitutionally compliant as it relates to the average man or woman. The "traffic" statutes are being enforced for profit and control by the state acting as a criminal enterprise. It is time that our "public servants" be responsive to us rather than we to them. Anything that one person does not have the right to do to another can not be delegated to the state. If you want to keep the collar around your neck, then so be it as it is your choice. But don't belittle those who refuse to give up that liberty. Too much liberty has already been given up and it is time for us to push back.

Oh Please

Thats right....we don't need any laws at all, we can govern ourselves. Let's do away with stop signs, stop lights, seat belts, speed zones, road markings..... we don't need none of that stuff. GET A GRIP!!!!!!!!!!!

Apples and oranges

We need to get a grip on politicians that have over regulated the typical citizen but have no regulation on the people that have us in this 700 billion dollars mess. They walk away with billions in their pockets and their hand out for more. Maybe that's because these politicians have their own hand in the cookie jar. Stopping at a stop sign or obeying speed limits have nothing to do with what this man is trying to say. You sound like Nancy "It's not our fault" Pelosi.

Well, I guess if we follow

Well, I guess if we follow the logic of this guy we shouldn't have to pay taxes anymore either

Right on brother!

I agree with Mr Sullivan! We are being smothered by the monster (government)! Let's follow his lead and band together and push for our freedom. The way our forfathers intended it to be. We only loose when we give up and our government wants us to give up and hand it all over to them.

I was told that the judge

I was told that the judge found him not guilty because he didn't want to overcrowd the Superior Court Room. Because we all know that he would appeal all charges. I TOTALLY DISAGREE! Now we have said to society that this action is acceptable. Where do we go from here............???????

Taxed to breath air

This might sound silly to you, but soon you might be taxed to breath air. This guy is challenging the system that everyone else is already signed up for and paying like good little tax payers. Good for him. I'm glad there are people like this with the nads to be proactive. He also carries a gun as he has a right to do and now just wants to pursue liberty like he wants. Those that are critical of this just don't understand or are so far down the rabbit hole that they don't know what is reality anymore. I make a lot of money in my cash business that I don't feel I should have to pay taxers on to support those people out there that just suck tax money from others. Welfare is Income Redistribution and a Democrat tool.

read again

Maybe you need to look at your insurance policy again. You pay to cover somebody that hits you without insurance. And maybe you need to read the article again. Did he have to pay court cost? why should he have tags, insurance and inspection sticker... Just another person wanting to practice their free rights for nothing. it is call a FREE RIDE BUDDY

wonder if,

I wonder if i can use this case to get out of my speeding ticket, also this man is a HERO!

why should he be different

Look I am all for my rights, But, if this jack rabbits hits me and I am out of work and a car. What does he plan on doing then. Make my insurance go up. I have to work and pay for all those things what makes him any different? Please people just because you have rights don't mean you don't need to use some common sense.

It's called "PERSONAL

It's called "PERSONAL RESPONSABILTY". If you can't pay your debt at that, time you work it off, period. We have WAY too many laws concerning everything! Of course there is always balance to all things, but if you think that allowing the Gov. to tell you when you should and shouln't wear a seat belt ,for example, is being a good patriot....Wake up! Our personal liberties are always taken in the public's best interest. This is poppycock. Our freedom is dying a death from a thousand cuts. If you think you're free, try doing exactly what this gentleman has done. Freedom is by no means free, and that is why we should all be fighting like hell to hold on to it!

"I am a slave he has to be to!!"

You arent all for your rights, dont even pretend like you are. You are a slave and are content to be one. "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."-Samuel Adams

what are you babbling about?

quit drinking the b_ng water, du...

he said you're livestock...

and you obviously have no problem with living in a police state because of some ill conceived notion of "common good", the fact is that the US constitution is supposed to guarantee the right to travel freely without being stopped/detained by law enforcement unless there is probable cause for suspicion of criminal activity. as motor vehicle offenses are civil offenses (not criminal) your rights are violated any time you are pulled over for any violation of the motor vehicle code. DMV's are nothing more than institutionalized criminal rackets used to generate revenue for the state under the guise of public safety, as such the law is designed to make everyone a criminal on some level, and the police mandate isn't to protect and serve it's to enforce the law (and generate revenue for the state). ironicly, these people who make a living violating your constitutional rights swear an oath to protect and uphold them (call it their hypocritic oath)...

What are YOU smoking?

The fact that motor vehicle laws did not descend from common law and are technically (very technically) viewed as civil offenses in no way, shape, or form means that law enforcement cannot stop you unless there is a suspicion of criminal activity. Wake up call, Clarence! Government has a right (and obligation) to prosecute and prevent potentially deadly civil offenses that could not possibly have emerged from common law. Perhaps you want to live in a society where teens drive 90mph past an elementary school at 3 PM, but I don't. No person with a brain would want to live in that society. I'm sure you consider yourself a libertarian, but if you are advocating the removal of Chapter 20 from the General Statutes, you are far more an anarchist. In fact, if the Libertarian Party faces one major problem right now, it is the inability of so many of its members to realize that there IS a middle, common-sense ground between the Obama/Clinton nightmare we may be heading for, and total anarchy.

Military Tribunals & Hearings

Although infractions are supposedly non-criminal, more then one judge has told me on a case dealing with an infraction that I could not use civil law because it was a criminal court proceeding I was in: NC District Court Rules RULE 1: GENERAL RULES AND POLICIES FOR DISTRICT COURT CRIMINAL/INFRACTION CASES 1.4 Application These rules and policies shall apply to all criminal/infraction cases in the District Court. Fact: State of North Carolina and it's departments along with municipalities and courthouses are all seperate federally incorporated entities [28 USC 3002(15)], just do a few corporate searches on manta[dot]com an you will see for yourself. Did you know the President of U.S. by Executive order has suspended the writ of habeus corpus? Historical key element: See Articles of Confederation X or [10] I have verified with several military personnel that the Military Codes Manual clearly says that Vertical stripes mean times of peace and Horizontal stripes means your at war, well how long have we had horizontal stripes in this country.. Wake up Dorothy your not in Kansas anymore.

Your future without a Republic form of Government

TWEA (Trading with the Enemy Act) Turns Citizens into Enemy Combatants, even if you protest against the regime you will be known as a Enemy Combatant. 8 USC 1101 has all the provision put into it to prepare for a Totalitarian system. The banks are so enrolled into this happening they will stop at nothing.

Yeah, the middle ground, McCain

I'll take that middle ground instead of the socialism that Obama/Clinton will bring and the "everyone fend for themselves" mentality that libertarians represent. Only because I know I'll never be able to convince everyone that there isn't any free rides and to take personal responsibility for themselves. Socialism isn't helping the Chinese to recover their dead much now is it?


I'm going to drive 100 mph to work today...thanks for the info.

attention concerned mom

Check out the bottom part of the article. With personal liberty comes personal responsibility. Mr. Sullivan seems to recognize this and has auto insurance to cover any accidents. I suspect he's doing this because of a sense of personal responsibility and not because a nanny government says he must. If he is in an accident with you, you have the same protections (or lack thereof) as you would otherwise.