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Troubleshooters: Online fraud,

In tonight's Troubleshooters Report, a Wilmington woman wants to save you from a lesson she learned the hard way. Cynthia Martin teaches art at a local elementary school, and went online last year to order some Van Gough posters for her classroom. She found the posters she wanted for $5 a piece at The posters came as promised, and Martin didn't have any problems until this year. Now she says the same set of posters just arrived in the mail again, 3 times, and her credit card was charged $79 for each delivery. She called the company to complain, but can't get an answer, or a return phone call. "A year later, they should not still have my number. My credit card number. So that is why I called you, because I knew this was some kind of fraud," Cynthia Martin, said. When we Googled online, we found dozens and dozens of consumers with the same problem, complaining about being scammed by Martin has contacted her bank to dispute the charges, but is still waiting for a refund, with no guarantee she's going to get her money back. Our best advice, use a retailer you know and trust before giving your credit card number out online.

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Went to the website. If you actually read the TERMS before you clicked OK and realized that you where JOINING a club, you would have read that you would get future shipments, so technically this isn't fraud. # The total cost of your initial order of 5 posters will be $25.00. There is no additional charge for shipping. # Your initial order will be shipped to you within 10 days of your ordering. Please wait at least 2 weeks from placing your order to receive the initial shipment. Cancel anytime by calling us at 877-807-2929. # Twice each month, you will receive 2 shipments of posters. Feel free to log into the site and modify your selections at any time to choose which posters you will receive. You can choose exactly which posters you would like to receive each shipment as part of your membership, or you can take advantage of the in-house poster experts at They can choose your selections for you based on similar topics from your past shipments. For example, if you ordered a Red Ferrari poster in your first shipment, we will follow it up with another exotic automobile poster, like a yellow Lamborghini. A classic Picasso painting will be followed by a Claude Monet Impressionist painting. # You control what you get once you receive it too. We will issue an instant refund if the poster you received is one you would prefer to not get or you change your mind. We are happy to refund partial orders too if just one or two of the posters are less interesting to you as long as they are unopened. # Semimonthly Program: Twice a month, you will receive a package with 2 posters and will be billed $13.95 per poster, plus $5.95 per poster for shipping and handling. Your total per shipment will be $39.80. # Refund Policy: It is our policy that we cannot offer refunds for any returned items. Instead, we will issue you a store credit for your returned items. Store credits may only be given for packages within 30 days of the ship date and are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. As always, if you receive any products that are damaged, we will reship the new product(s) at no cost to you. # Semimonthly shipments are an estimate. They may be more or less frequent. # At this time we only ship to U.S. addresses. # If you have any customer service issues, please call us at 877-807-2929 anytime from 10am - 6pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Not sure of doing business

Not sure of doing business with a 1st time transaction with a company online or otherwise??? Go to the Better Business Bureau web site and check the business out in question for any violations/disputes. Easy as 1,2,3.


on...the article makes it sound like she WONT get her money back...if she used a credit card she most CERTAINLY WILL get her money was a fraudulent charge...and it's the law.

Fraudulent re-use of a credit card by merchants

A way to avoid this scam: A growing number of credit cards offer a "one-use" credit card number that you can use to purchase from a merchant. If the merchant applies another charge to that number, it will be rejected by the credit card company. Get the number from your credit card's web site before you shop.


If you have a Paypal account you can do a one time credit card charge. Its free. Paypal toolbar inserts the credit card info for you (not your real cc#)and saves a receipt in your acct. for viewing. I always use Paypal online for any transaction and with their new one time use CC even if the website you are buying from doesn't take Paypal this still works. Money comes from your linked accounts at Paypal. The card # given to the site you bought from can never be used again....I have used PP for many years and never had one problem.