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TroubleShooters: Parents have problem with school bus stop

READ MORE: TroubleShooters: Parents have problem with school bus stop
BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- A parent wants to know their child is safe when riding the school bus home. But two incidents in Brunswick County left one couple upset that their young daughter had to walk down a rural dirt road...after the bus dropped her off. About a half mile down this dirt road is where Lisa and James Girard live with their children. It's a rural one lane road that snakes through a wooded area, a path they don't want their eight year old daughter walking down alone. But that's what happened twice this school year. Lisa said, "There's one house out here, and I don't know the people that live in that home, my daughter can be dropped off, she can be picked up by anyone. She's an eight-year-old little girl." The school bus doesn't drive down the dirt road. It stops near the entrance, where James, Lisa or their older daughter are always waiting. But there have been times the bus beat them there. "Usually when this happens the bus is early, usually 10-15 minutes early, if they have a child that doesn't ride the bus that day and they're earlier, letting us know that this is going on," Lisa said. When the Girards complained the school sent transportation safety officers to take pictures of the road, to see if a bus could get to their home. But state statutes, as well as the condition of the road, don't allow it. "You have to consider we have 60-some-odd kids on a 45-foot-long bus, it's not like taking a jeep down the road," Brunswick County Schools Executive Director of Operations Steve Miley said. But the Girards say the road isn't the big issue. "I feel like the school board should be governed by the same laws that I am governed by," Lisa said. "Because if I drop my child off in the middle of nowhere I would lose my child. DSS would come or someone would come and I would lose my child." Miley offered another solution. "if she contacts school we'll bring the child back to her school and basically monitor it, take care of it until they can pick it up." James said, "That would be great, I would rather them do that than to drop them off here in the middle of nowhere, that's common sense." The Girards called the school to ask that the driver not to leave their daughter if no one is waiting. Bobby Taylor, the director of transportation, says the district is looking into a system in the future that has a GPS tracking system for school buses. It would actually call parents a few minutes to let them know the bus is on the way. But it is very costly.

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I know how you are feeling

I have a 5 year old boy who started school this year and we have to walk down a wooded area and he is so scared when he has to and i called the school and they wont allow the busses to drive up my road.... It is a hassle every morning to get him down there..I dont see why they cant go up our road... Its just so cold now when he walks down there and they dont care.... im always really early to pick him up from the bus stop but i still worry that he might get dropped off to early and mommy aint down there waiting on him and that scares me...

I am so suprised at all of

I am so suprised at all of the nasty comments that these people have made about an 8 yr old child. Are you adults or in elementry school? If this child had been abducted raped or murdered then you would have had a different reaction. What is wrong with being proactive? I cant believe some of you would want your child to walk that distance alone. The parents never asked to have the school bus drive down the road, and they appeared to be accepting of the offer from the school system to return the child to the school if they were not there to pick her up. I believe this story was done to make parents aware of what could happen to your child. If you want to make comments about this story stick to the story and stop degrading a little girl. GROW UP and act like adults and set good examples not bad ones.

People around here are

People around here are vicious and evil.

Those who have replied.

Wow! I agree that the parents should be there in anticipation of the bus arriving to ensure their child's safety. I also agree that there should be some guideline in place about safety of rural bus stops or any for that matter, and leaving a child unattended. Frankly the school is not dropping her off "in the middle of nowhere." It is where the parents have chosen to live and call home. A child 8 years old is old enough to be home alone according to the fire law that DSS uses justify when a child can remain unattended and when they cannot. I don't agree with those of you sitting here taking pot shots at an innocent child, or her family about their weight. Are you in elementary school yourself? Very well they could equip their child with a cell phone that she could use to notify them herself in the event the bus was going to be early. My concern is that the media has now advertised to any potential predator that their is a child vulnerable and have even gone so far as to give there names and a photo!

Sometimes the truth..... not pretty. Somtimes the truth is painful. Never forget, however, that it IS the truth.


I would like to tell part of this story that was not aired on the news cast. To begin with there is someone at the end of the road 10 to 15 minutes before the time the bus arrives EVERY day to pick my child up. The 2 times my child had been droped off the bus was quite earlier than that. The real problem is the schools pollicy that it's ok to drop any child off in such a situation. before involving TV3 in this the only answer given to us about this was it's school policy to allow childern to be droped off regardless of time of arrival or guardian being there. We are very responsable about picking our child up and are not asking for them to do anything but to either wait until closer to regular droping off time, call one of us and inform us the bus is going to be early, and the school now has proposed that they take the child back to school in such a situation witch also would involve making a phone call to one of us. All fo witch is better than leaving the child unattened.

Take your child to school

I understand your worries about your child being dropped off early and I'm sorry for your situation, but here is my problem. All buses cannot go down a dirt road. I was born in Wilmington 41 years ago and when I went to elementary school I lived down a dirt road and I was dropped off by the school bus at the end of the road and had to walk to my house. When I got off the bus my mother was there to wait for me. She was always there 15-20 minutes earlier than usual because of the bus schedule. I'm sure your child is not the only child who lives down a dirt road, but I don't think its the school's responsibility to call you if the bus driver is running early or late. If the school did that for your child they would have to do it for every other child and that would be outrageous. I feel if you don't like them being early or late have a friend or family member that you trust pick up your child and take your child to school. I do, however believe that if the bus is supposed to be at your stop at 7:00 it should not be there at 6:30 because that is why they make bus schedules so that the children can be there at the appropriate time to catch the bus. Everything is not perfect I hope you get your situation resolved, but I really think that we are only hearing a portion of what is going on. Hope everything works out !


How's about, you could Move into Wilmington, Then you could worry about Prostitutes, crack dealers, drug users, drunks,Drunk Drivers, (yes even in the Morning), Hoards of Homeless people, Male Hispanic's "kidnapping" your child, please do tell, your problem again? Not knowing the people, YOUR NEIGHBORS, down the road? I agree with a previous poster, Looks like you could "walk" down too the Bus-stop, it's healthy for you.. AND your daughter, looks like She could use the exercise.. I know I do, every morning, Me and My S.O., rain or shine..With our 3, 16~17 year old daughters.. You ought too ty it sometime, Meet your neighbors, talk with them, you may find something in common, becoming Life-long friends and Neighbors. Whom May *look-out" for suspicious activity on your *rural* dirt road.. In addition,Besides, whats 20 minutes out of YOUR life compared too that of a 8 year old child's, if the Bus is arriving early OR late.. either way.. Or buy the bus Driver a TRAC FHONE, buy the minutes, it's 30.00 total(phone + minutes), to have the driver call you when the *time* is close for the child to be dropped of.. Less expensive than a GPS.. Yes, I used too live off Mt. Misery road.. There's a reason Why it's named such... (really just kidding).. For those of you that complain about *shelter* for kids, it's as old as the hills, the complaint I mean.. Our Parent's, grand-parents etc. done this, I guess WE can to... Then Again, I walked 2 miles to school, snowing, 2nd hand shoes.. Walked; UP-HILL both ways,, ahhhhh, those were the days...

Guest 211 weren't you ever

Guest 211 weren't you ever taught if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all? Physical exercise isn't the only thing that's good for us, so is mental exercise. Using racist comments and negative language about and eight year old implies you are slacking on the latter. Just a friendly suggestion.Oh yeah and the phone suggestion, yeah that really wasn't such a good idea, you see they already pay taxes for the school to provide proper and safe transportation for their child, the prblem is that the school is failing to do their job-not the parents. NOTE:Refer to above suggestion on mental exercise if you do not understand.


I don't think you have to live in Wilmington to see drug deals going down. I live in Brunswick County and have witnessed many deals going down right in the middle of the road, only feet away from a bus stop. Isn't it weird that the police can't see this same thing? Maybe they do, who knows. It is terrible what some kids are exposed to these days. In the same area I was approached by a woman with over 900 dollars of food stamps wanting to sell them for pennies on the dollar so she could go out and party that night. Another time a woman told me what she would do for 25 dollars, and if I wanted everything I could dream of it would cost 50 dollars. As for the bus putting the child off with no one there, that is not suppose to happen. As I understand it, the child is suppose to be taken back to the school and the parents called. Bus drivers are supplied cell phones in Brunswick County, but are not suppose to use them unless they find a safe place to pull off the road and stop. If observed using a cell phone or even wearing a blue tooth they can lose their license for 1 year. All call records are also logged. As stated in the bus handbook students and parents are suppose to be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before the regular time of arrival in the AM and PM. It only takes a minute or so to put a child off at their stop. If the bus leaves the school at the regular time, in order for the bus to be over 15 minutes early getting to a stop, around 15 students would have to either be absent or picked up at school. I can see a bus being 15 minutes late getting there for numerous reasons, but not 15 minutes early. This doesn't sound right to me. I think the parents are stretching the truth a little here to make their story sound better. Riding a school bus is a priviledge, not a requirement. How many of you have ever driven a school bus? Do you have any idea how hard they are to back and turn around? There are reasons why they don't go down every road, they can't, it is impossible. There is also another option, go pick her up from school. Where there is a will there is a way. How far do you live from the school? You are right about one thing, the teachers, bus drivers, and everyone else that is caring for your child during the school day should treat each and everyone of them as if they are their own child. It only takes a little common sense. The parents also have to use a little common sense too. Once the bus arrives, if no one is there to meet the child, it can't just sit there blocking traffic and wait for someone to get there. Maybe if you see you will be late you could call the school and have them keep the child there until you can drive to pick her up. This guy was lucky, he had shoes, but he must have grown up somewhere else, because I only had to walk in the snow a few times, I had to walk in hot sand and try to dodge the sand spurs and rattle snakes. In the winter it was in cold mud for the 2 miles I lived from the school. Not many hills around here either.

not so funny

this subject would not be so funny if it were your 8 year old daughter who got kidnapped and raped because the bus arrive early, which is what happen to our 8 year old daughter, here in wilmington, It could happen to you, there are mean people everywhere and we need to protect our childern, keep the safe,

When my daughter was in

When my daughter was in elementary school, I would always wait with her at the bus stop. If it was raining, we'd sit in the car. Sometimes the bus was very late or didn't show at all. We had a lot of issues with the buses one year, and I do blame the administration for not communicating effectively with the bus drivers, and vice versa. Whatever the issue was, though, I took full responsibility for getting my child to school and getting myself to work on time. It's just what parents do. I know I'm sitting in judgment of this family that I know nothing about, but I think it comes down to not expecting others to do for you what you can find a way to do for yourself and your family. Good luck.


Sounds like they need to make a point of getting to the bus stop earlier.

Do you know that Walmart

Do you know that Walmart sells umbrellas??? As for standing out on Mt Misery Rd. Where are you when they are waiting there? If you are that concerned maybe you can share the burden with other parents and take turns standing out there with these children.

Your Child...YOUR responsibility!

i live in brunswick county and know exactly who and where these people live. it is a matter of getting off your butt and meet the bus. if you have to leave your house 20 minutes early everyday, then do so. if you are that worried about your child then be ahead of the game. my child rides the bus and i meet the bus every day and arrive EARLY, in case the bus does come early which will happen. brunswick county still has a lot of dirt roads and if buses had to travel everyone of them our kids would never get home. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN children.

The entire family...

...looks like they'd benefit from that one-mile,round-trip walk.

lmao .... thats stone

lmao .... thats stone cold common, I agree this family owes their own child the responsibility to be there early and make sure their child is being met, not the county's problem. Policy should be if no parent/guardian is present at the bus stop, the child should stay on the bus and return to school at some nominal fee to the parents.

i agree

I agree that something needs to be done. I live on MT. Misery Rd. The speed limit is 55 MHP on that road my 5,7,11,15 yr olds have to stand at the end of a dirt road to wait for the bus. It is very dangerous for the little ones. There also is no shelter for them to stand in the bad weather. Something needs to be done. The least they could do is drop the children that are under the age of 10 at there homes. Cars are flying down that road everyday. Say there is an accident by that bus stop and the cars are slammed into one of those children down there. That would be terrible. But NC acts like you have to loose so many lives before actions can be taken. Thats sad!!!!!!!!!

Just walk!

I grew up in north charlotte in a area of extremely high violent crimes and I had to walk exactly four tenths of a mile just to catch the bus that would ship us to the high class side of town. It wasnt fun having to ride the bus for an hour after everyone was loaded just to get to school. Brunswick "COUNTY" has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the state and the chances of kidnapping are far less than getting hit standing on the side of the road or hit by a drunken driver. The bus ride should be appreciated especially with the cost of fuel. Maybe a ride to the bus stop or a ride home from the bus stop would suffice you!


People need start being personally responsible and quit putting blame elsewhere. Is it going to hurt you to get to the bus stop early and wait for your daughter? NO! It wouldn't. Go ahead, most of us already know what your excuses will be.

I cant believe the school

I cant believe the school rep. referred to a child as "it".They'll monitor "it"? What the hell? Brunswick county school's are messed up in a bad way.