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Troubleshooters: Pender woman doesn't feel safe as a result of neighbor's dogs

READ MORE: Troubleshooters: Pender woman doesn't feel safe as a result of neighbor's dogs
Charlotte Mahn is still recovering from a dog attack two weeks ago. While she was walking her dog around her Rocky Point neighborhood, she says a neighbor’s pit bull came after her. "She actually came out, and just flatly came across the street and Charlotte Mahn is still recovering attacked… my pants leg was completely drenched with blood at the time,” Charlotte said. Charlotte said the same dog has attacked at least two people, and she can't understand why it's still sitting in her neighbor’s yard. She says another pit bull living next door to her has also been on the attack, killing tw neighborhood animals and injuring a third in the past month. Despite multiple calls to Pender County Animal Control, Charlotte says it's been taking far too long to fix the problem. "I just feel helpless, and like, ok, I'm obviously not safe in my own neighborhood anymore, but it kind of makes me wonder, what is animal control thinking?” We made a trip to animal control to find out. The animal control supervisor is on leave for five or six weeks, but we did talk to the shelter manager. "I never relate to a case that I don't investigate, and that was investigated by a different officer," said Darlene Clewis. Clewis stays busy juggling her duties at the animal shelter. The county just took over housing the animals when the Topsail Humane Society recently closed its shelter. There are only two shelter attendants and two animal control officers on staff who get called out at all hours of the night, on top of their daily responsibilities. The computer system for tracking complaints and nuisance animals is less than optimal, and things seem to be falling through the cracks. Darlene says the only person who has a master list of dangerous dogs is a supervisor out on sick leave, and if reports were taken when Charlotte was attacked in her neighborhood, Darlene couldn't find it in the system when we were there

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I wonder if the same

I wonder if the same residents complaining about the Animal Control's response would be willing to see an increase in their property taxes in order to add personnel to the staff? I also find it hard to believe that this lady got bit by a dog and there is no report. Did she seek medical care? If so, then the medical facility is bound to report it as a potential health issue (rabies). If she did not go to the doctor or hospital, then why not? If these animals are as poorly maintained as she claims, why would she assume that they have the appropriate vaccinations? Sounds like maybe we're not getting the entire story. Another consideration is that officials will respond to an incident in kind. And if the person being bitten did not feel like it was serious enough to seek treatment, then perhaps animal control felt the urgency was not there either. If the victim had sought treatment, she could sue the owners of the dogs in small claims and recover her bills. Sometimes hitting them in the pocket is the only way to get their attention. I don't live in Pender, but my neighbor has two pits that she turns out without any thought as to who is in the area. I know that by the time animal control gets out here, she will have them back in the house and lie that they were never out. With that in mind, when I want to go for a walk, I go in the other direction. Until the economy improves and more funds are available, that may be the only option here.

Property taxes are not an

Property taxes are not an issue. Actually they are not that different then my former home in NHC. I cannot speak for Charlotte, but when my husband was bit we filed a report with animal control and with the Pender County Sheriff. They took the dog away for 10 days and on the 10th day she was back that evening. We were told that the supervisior would be the one to decide if the dog was dangerous. Not sure how many folks need to get bit to have something done.

Owner Needs To Control Dog

I understand the frustration! The owner needs to do the right thing and control the dog. Animal Control can only be in one place at a time. Until we walk a mile in the shoes of an officer from that department we can not judge their job. Lets support them, not throw them under the passing bus. Meet with them ask what you can do to help. Neighborhood watch, keep a list of problem dogs in your neighborhood, let your neighbors know you are doing that. Be an Animal Control friend, not a snyper trying to pick them off as they try to work. Just an idea!

Animal Control

I feel for the animal comtrol officers. I know the day we called them, the only one on call was on the Pender/Bladen county line. Animals get loose in our neighborhood all the time. I have brought neighbors' dogs home as well as they have called me to tell me that mine are loose. I feel the line is crossed when one of these animals hurt another animal such as a chicken, cat, or another dog or hurt a human. There are a lot of children that live in this neighborhood. When are these dogs deemed dangerous? When they kill someone? What bothers me is that the owners are not concerned about the dogs behavior. What can law enforcement do to help Animal Control?

Darn People, no darn dogs

The people are the problem. My husband got bit protecting me from the same dogs. The female came charging at me during a walk around the block and my husband stood between me and the dog, he now has the scars on his leg from the bite and the hospital bills of course. It's not the dogs' fault the owners don't keep control of them. I say rehome the dogs and lock up the owners.

the dogs are still loose

i live in this neighborhood and drive by the house everyday. they dogs wer still loose in the backyard as of 8:15 this morning 6/4/09. there are always tons of teenagers at this house and i rarely if ever see adults there.


THOSE dogs shouldn't be in little pens either. Irresponsible pet owners !!

Pender County Animal Control

I live in New Hanover County and I know that comments from "outsiders" aren't received well, but...Pender County needs to be held accountable for their lack of action in these cases. Any dog, regardless of its breed, that bites, needs to be kept from harming people and other animals. A citizen should not have to be afraid to take a walk in their neighborhood. Also, the horses that were rescued are unhealthy and not cared for properly. Officer Lewis did the right thing and is being treated unfairly. He should be thanked, not punished! Thank you Officer Lewis!

Give Animal Control A Chance

I know for a fact that Ms. Mahn has had trouble herself with her own dogs getting out and running in the neighborhood. They also killed her neighbors chickens. Maybe they should be dangerous also. Animal Control works very hard, they are overworked and I am sure they are working on the situation. What is wrong with the pen that the dog next door to Ms. Mahn's house is being kept in. I know that pen was recently constructed. Now Ms. Mahn it looks like Animal Control may have done something there.