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Troubleshooters: Teen molested by uncle upset at lack of penalty

READ MORE: Troubleshooters: Teen molested by uncle upset at lack of penalty

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- In this week’s Troubleshooters report, we have an unusual story about a local 16-year-old who was molested by his uncle. He's upset with Bladen County authorities, over the way they handled the case. Even though the uncle was convicted of engaging in a sex act with the teen, he's serving no active jail time, and will not be required to register as a sex offender. Making matters worse, the victim was arrested too, at school, in front of his friends.

Because of his age, and the nature of the story, we won't identify the teenage victim in this case.
We're going to call him Matthew. He and his sister were staying with their uncle, Jerry Squires, for a few weeks last summer while their mom was out of state. Squires is a respected member of the Bladen County community, and before this happened, he served as the head deacon of Natmoore Baptist Church.

Matthew says on several occasions while staying with his uncle, Squires made inappropriate advances towards him, and ultimately forced him to engage in sex acts. "After I told him no, that's when he grabbed my like this (puts his hands around his throat), and he said if you tell anybody, he said he would kill me and chop my genitals off," Matthew recalled. "I was wondering why. I mean, he was like a father figure to me, and the whole time, I kept blaming myself, maybe it's me, maybe it's me.”

Matthew says his uncle told him the sex acts were payment for staying under his roof. After Matthew's mom got back to town, he says he broke down and told his family what had happened.
"The whole time, I was thinking I was going to hell, and you know, God would never forgive me - how could he forgive me for something like this"

Matthew's family convinced him to go to the authorities. He told his story to Detective Sue Lutz with the Bladen County Sheriff's Office, and says right off the bat, he got the feeling he wasn't being taken seriously. "She told me that even though I was choked and he threatened my life, that he did not have a weapon, a gun, knife, shovel, something physical, so basically, it was consensual,” Matthew said of his conversation with Det. Lutz.

Matthew says he was told if he pressed charges against his uncle, he would be arrested too for engaging in the sex act. So Matthew opted not to press charges. A few months later, out of the blue, Matthew says a sheriff's deputy showed up at his school to arrest him. "I got arrested, put behind bars, I was the one that was facing 15 months. It was like everything was happening to me - but he was the one that did everything. But it was like, I'm the victim here, I'm the one that came forward, but y'all are punishing me for it."

Squires was also charged with a sex offense while in a parental role. When the case was handed over to the District Attorney's office, the assistant prosecutor quickly decided to drop the charges against Matthew. “Based upon what I thought, as opposed to maybe what the charging officer did, I felt it was in the best interest of justice to dismiss the case against the young man - and to proceed on the adult,” explained prosecutor Elaine Kelley.

Jerry Squires was indicted by a grand jury, but before the case went to trial, the prosecutor offered him a plea deal, and Squires pleaded guilty to Crimes Against Nature.

Although Matthew told us what happened with his uncle was not consensual, the detective said it was. That's what she wrote in her report that she handed to the D.A. "I look at what I'm going to be able to use to convince 12 reasonable people in this community - unanimously, of someone's guilt,” explained Kelley. “The willingness of the victim to participate, according to what my evidence was, played a strong role in [offering the plea].”

But according to the law, even if Matthew had agreed, consent is no defense to sexual activity by a substitute parent. Even though the prosecutor secured a felony conviction, Jerry Squires was not required to serve any active jail time, nor is he required to register as a sex offender. The victims family says that's not good enough.

“They protected the criminal, and I'm very, very angry. I want this man behind bars,” Matthew’s mother told us.

The prosecutors office never interviewed Matthew for themselves about what happened.
Matthew's family is also concerned because they say Squires has a relative who works in the Bladen County Sheriff's Office, and several employees of the Sheriff's Department are members of Squires’ church.

We spoke to officials with the Bladen County Sheriff's Department about the victims concerns, and had hoped for some kind of response by now, but we didn't get one. Jerry Squires declined our request for an interview.

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Matthew after reading someones comment i was wondering did you and your Uncle attend the same church? if so did the church support him and you like the other person stated it happen in their church? and do you still attend that church?

It is ashame that he has

It is ashame that he has done what he has done. I think this man has a big problem and if he dont go to jail he needs to go to dorothy dix. I dont stay in Kelly but I have friends there and they are really mad because he is still lose and this can happen again if someone dont step up. I stay in Charlotte but If I had someone next to me like him I would hire a lawyer myself to get him out if it takes all of my money that I worked hard for. This is a sick man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is matthew who ever asked that ? Lutz took my report and when I started telling her what happened she stopped writing and just started listening when the pastor was going to make Jerry step down as the decon of the church he called my grandmother and was going to come up there with the other deacons of the church and ask some questions so when it was getting late my grandmother called the pastor and asked where he was at and they had said that kendel had showed his step dad the report they didn't need to talk to me that came from the pastor own mouth but someone did tell my grandmother that kendel took out and added some info in my report along with Jerrys thats all I know the people that told my grandmother about the report are very reliable sources and they said kendel said he would do anything to keeep his uncle from rotting in jail.

So is it closed for good are

So is it closed for good are can it be reopened? Matt i am so glad you are on here and i am so sorry for what this man did to you. Atleast here you have a voice and it may help someone elses child.

? to Matthew

Matthew was it Jerry's Nephew who took your statement? and if so are not did he having anything to do involving your case?. Maybe that's the problem...



why was he able to do that

why was he able to do that knowing that Jerry was his uncle? i feel like anyone should be able to see that would be a problem. is there anything legal that you can go back and do now?another question since this is how to get the answers is from you what does Little mean that you changed your story? do you think that he may have did this before? sorry for all the question just wanted to get the facts since the other party want comment.

Thats the key word His

Thats the key word His nephew and it should be opened back up to investigate somemore. That was wrong. But look at everything else that is why the world is erupted today. They cant stop the mean stuff that goes on.

Thank you Ann for finally

Thank you Ann for finally letting the worm out of the can and shedding light to the community of Kelly on a man who called himself God fearing and a christian. I know God forgives everyone but how can some of this people on here still support him for what he did. I don't care who you are but he is still a sick and perverted man for what he did to matthew.

It's amazing

to me how some people react to a "God fearing" man and a "Christian". I am a Christian and was in a church where the pastor admitted to sexual assault of a female member of the church. Instead of rallying around the victim and edifying her, the church as a whole chose to villify her and rally around the "pastor". Needless to say, I have not been back to that church.

I don't know the particulars but I am going to throw in a couple of "ifs". If the police officer was related to the accused, then he should have removed himself from the case and let an unbiased party investigate. If the prosecutor in the case did not talk to the victim then there should have been no deal. If the accused is in fact guilty then he should hold no office of any kind in any church. Most (not all, but most) sex offenders are repeat offenders, that is why they have sex offender registries.

Matthew, if you are reading this, I am appalled at what has happened to you and I urge you to seek help from a psychologist. I have seen firsthand the long-term affects of what you have been through. You are in my prayers.

A day will come when Det.

A day will come when Det. Lutz will be free to exercise her right to the first amendment of the Constitution as you all have.
A 20 year veteran of supporting the laws of North Carolina with 9 years in Special Victims Unit in Robeson County. I think she was well qualified and certified in interviewing a 16 year old teenager.
She did her job as required by statute and all you who have expressed how unprofessional and idiotic her actions were have heard only one side of the "story".
Det. Lutz did not cut a plea with Jerry Squires,nor did she condone the plea agreement.That's the District Attorneys job. Her character has been tarnished with only hearing half truths. Maybe one day she will be able to defend it with the whole truth.

Det. Lutz

For number one senior det. she doesn't show any sign of that she does not know how to handle a molestation case. she would have listened to the victim when he said he did not want to press charges but that fool lutz don't know what she is doing and if she is such a good det. she would not have made a smart comment like thanks for my four hours of overtime like she didn't give a crap and whoever wrote that comment is involved and is very corrupt right along with her
Signed Matthew


Matthew,that person is just another supporter of CHILD MOLESTERS..AND MUST BE A CLOSE FRIEND OF lutz.All the people that support jerry squires in anyway will answer for it one day and it might be threw there own child.KEEP YOUR HEAD UP HONEY YOU DID THE RIGHT THING.I know your uncle and i am not suprised at all by his actions.


1st let me say i do know

1st let me say i do know this family and have for many years. i feel sorry for his kids,wife,brothers and sisters but it doesnt change the fact that he was wrong. i'm not going to say he cant get forgiving because he can we serve a Great God..But calling what happen a lie doesn't make it better he ammited guilty and thats enough..2nd me myself was molested and it was also a family member so i know what Matt is going through. a child molester looks for week and low self esteem everything that this child had.there is no way to change the fact he was a grown man this is a young boy just getting to learn about life what if anything would he know about this sex acted and had he ask for it why would any straight man do this.Who knows it could have happen to him but most of the time it will be a repeat offense. me myself to protect my kids don't and want allow him around them are any other sex offender. i cant and will never support what he did but as a child of God i can forgive him but never can are will i take a chance with him and my kids and if you do i pray to God you will never have to see what Matt went through...sometimes you have to put yourself in the other persons shoes and think what if anything would this 16 year old have to gain. as far as BS(bladen County sheriff Dept)thats just what it is BS....

I can't even begin to say

I can't even begin to say how angry I am at the way this has been mishandled. Det(and I use the word loosely)Lutz really isnt one to determine what a threat is, now is she? Someone needs to have a shovel(?) to threaten a minor...really, REALLY??? Are you kidding? Hmmmm, what if the perp(or perv) had a spoon...does that constitute a weapon?What size spoon, would it need to be? Or maybe a fork can SHE determine if that is threatening enough? This poor CHILD is the victim of a crime and she says that since there weapon involved that makes it consentual? So, if someone were to put their hands around HER neck and choke her, it would be considered consentual, unless they also had a hmmm,say, shovel? I think that Det Lutz and the rest of the BC Sheriff's Dept need to head back up to BCC and take a refresher course.

Ann McAdams...thanks for bringing this to light. I live in Kelly and wondered what happened to this was talk and then suddenly, no one knew anything. I know the creepy child molestor Jerry Squires, and can only hope that thru your stories, he will be brought to some sort of justice. This whole thing SMELLS and needs to be investigated! Thanks again!!


Let's stop this nonsense folks. You are holding a detective for responsible for the district attorney's office. First of all the detectives job is to gather the evidence and then based on general statutes (yes they are for public view through the NC judicial site) they are presented to the "the district attorney" for review and approval. It is also this same district attorney who makes the decision to prosecute or not. So before you get your torches and pitch forks out, try placing the blame where it belongs. I will close by saying that I think child molesters are scum and there is not enough time for a sentence but you folks are way off base in some of your comments and I would not be surprised if these comments are being made by two or three under different names.

Prayer Needed Immediately

I have attended this Church in the past & was well recieved. But in the past, some of the Church Members(or those) who make the DECISIONS have been wrong in the way they handle their Christian Priorities. We had an instance where we lost a Family member & we were told by the Church(or Decision Makers) that the person we wanted to Preach the Funeral would not be allowed to do so. This person had problems in the past, but was trying to get his Life straight. So you're telling me someone can Molest a young Man & continue serving in the Church? You know the Lord speaks of Hypocrits in the Bible, so you better re-think your decisions in the Future, God is watching & taking names!!! I Pray the Lord's will is done in this situation!! Thank you Ann McAdams for listening!!!!

this man should never be

this man should never be able to be around children or teenagers.jerry squires you should be ashamed of the things you have done.just stay away.

Well Matt he may not have to

Well Matt he may not have to go to jail and he may not be a register sex offender but at least for your speaking out we as a community know what he looks like and we can protect our kids.


who are the ones that allowed this criminal to take a plea bargin? where is justice for this child? whoever is incharge of allowing this man off without any punishment needs to be voted out of office! these are our tax dollars not apporiately used. the people of the community needs to continue to speak out/take a stand for those who can't speak for themself especially when it is a child.


I am so disgusted over this. Jerry is acting like the community should forgive him for this and being from Kelly --- I always thought he was a little sick !!! He ought to be sent to prison because he is an adult and the boy was a minor ---that is rape !!! The good lord would not forgive him for such a crime of nature ! SICK MAN

you must not be talking

you must not be talking about my LORD, because he 4 gives you from all sin as long as you ask 4 forgiviness.Yes jerry squires is a VERY SICK MAN and should serve jail time and i DO NOT SUPPORT him in anyway.BUT THE GOOD LORD DOES FORGIVE ALL SIN.jerry squires just has 2 ask 4 it.


This is absolutely unbelievable. I feel sorry for "Matthew" and cannot believe authorities are letting this man just get away with this. The town of Kelly needs to be Matthews voice until justice is served. If Jerry gets away with it, he will do it again, and no one wants their child to be next!!!

Who protects our youth?

How can anyone defend this man? What if it were you or your child, neice, nephew? Every dog has his day. The community may defend this man, but they will also pay for his future crimes.

Jerry Squires is a NASTY MAN!!!

I think this is just crazy... And Tater.. I agree with you, he should have to stand by the road and hold a sign... why would someone support this man.. he performed SEX ACTS on a child... AND HIS NEPHEW at that.. I think he should have to register as a sex offender.. Jerry should move far far away that would be great.. I hate that he is living in Kelly.. go away Jerry, no one wants a man like you in our community... I think we should have Jerry go to the ballpark and everyone that lives in Kelly should vote.. rather they want him out of Kelly or not.

About that sign.....

Conveniently, there is a "Jerry Squires Rd." sign right there by his home. Maybe just need a little better direction for 'out of town' gawkers.


JUST TO LET YOU KNW HONEY I LIVE RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM jerry squires.U should stand beside him holding the same me u are just as bad as him if you support him.Call me a gawker or whatever you like but im still not a child molester like the man you are supporting.i know you are supose to stick up for your family..but this time your uncle has went to far and he should be punished.

Well just 2 let you know i

Well just 2 let you know i live right down the road from him.And you can call me anything you want still dont change the fact that he Molested his NEPHEW MORE than one time.While we fix him a sign we will fix you one to that sayes "I SUPPORT CHILD MOLESTERS AND I HOPE YOUR CHILD IS NEXT" because that is what you are saying if you support him.Just to let everyone know this is one of PERVERT JERRY SQUIRES FAMILY MEMBERS.And as big of family he has he only has 4 maybe 5 that support him.

I am very closely related to

I am very closely related to the victim and I am appauled at the way he was treated and the people that supported this disgusting criminal and continue to support him to this day. He didn't even get arrested but "Mattew" did WHAT. How is he going to be the head deacon of Natmore Baptist Church, a parent, a christian, and an active member of the community who has a great role in Kelly and is surrounded daily by many innocent teenagers and children boys and girls. And there are still some people in the church supporting him and backing him up to this day I do not know or understand why. These members of the law gave an oath to protect and serve but they arrest the victim what is wrong with these people's brains. Even the Southern Baptist association said to let this happen one more time before they kick him out of the church. The members of the church that wanted him out and away from their kids contacted the southern baptist association and that is what they said. What is this world coming to that a grown man can molest no rape an innocent and scared teenager and get away with it like nothing ever happened. What if it happens to someone even younger or what if it was your child how would you feel. After you trusted this person with your child him being in such a high position and what if he did this to a member of your family what would it make you think and feel. All these things anger me greatly and I am so glad that "Matthew" came foward it took a lot of guts and we are now trying to inform as many people as possible what kind provacative, proverse, and sadistic kind of man Jerry Wayne Squires is and I say this to everyone that is supporting "Matthew" I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I know how hard this is and was for him and he is very appreciative to you all and to the one person we could not have done this without Ann Mcadams I have personally spoke with her and I know she is doing everything in her power to try and see that justice is served and for that we are eternally grateful.


I have known Jerry for a few years. I am not surprise of this act. Im glad, that the young boy came forward. There may be more, that wont talk. Jerry and this son is always to gather. Is he another victim????????? Jerry use the church and his so call christain life to cover his sick acts. Doing this type of act, is not a christain. He thinks he has friends in the Kelly community, I know he doesnot have as many as he thinks he does. People know how he treats his relatives and how he use the church to cover his meaness.HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL AND LISTED AS A SEX DEFENDER. Others need to know where these people are, too pretect their children.