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Troubleshooters: Unsolicited Faxes

READ MORE: Troubleshooters: Unsolicited Faxes
Patrick Nolen said his number is listed on the do not call list but that doesn't seem to be helping. Some of us have fax machines at home and even more of us use them on a regular basis at work, so you may be familiar with the concept of junk faxes. "I'm getting unsolicited advertising faxes for prescription drug plans, vacations, health insurance," said Nolen. Patrick Nolen's fax number and home phone number are one and the same. His number is listed on the do not call registry and while that's stopped the telemarketers, it hasn't stopped advertisements from coming in by fax. "And it's annoying because I come in and there's stuff on the fax machine and it's not relevant to what we're doing," said Nolen. For Nolen and lots of people like him, it's not just annoying, it's expensive. Nolen said, "It's got a toner cartridge in it, and it's burning up the toner cartridge left and right. I've had to change the toner cartridge twice in the past year. It's about $40 or $50 a piece." The bad news is the do not call laws don't apply to fax machines. The good news is there is a law that does. In 2005, congress passed the junk fax prevention act. The rules make it unlawful to send unsolicited advertisements to any fax machine, at a home or a business, without the recipient's invitation or permission. There is one exception. If the sender has an established business relationship with the person they're faxing. Even then, the sender must have a clear opt-out notice telling you how to stop the company from sending you future faxes. If the junk faxes keep coming, the sender can face fines from the FCC. For more information on the junk fax prevention act, you can visit the FCC's website on fax advertising. One other note worth mentioning, there is a company called eFax, that lets you get your faxes via e-mail. The subscription plan costs $16.95 a month, but depending on how much you fax, it may be worth it after you factor in the savings on toner cartridges and paper with a traditional fax machines.

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Them there are the FAX!

Them there are the FAX!

Fax Back

My father used to get the Fax number of the Fax Spammer and fax them back a couple of all black pages with a tiny white spot in the middle on which he wrote "TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST" Of course, in today's digital world, this doesn't work as well as it did when the offending faxer also had a machine with expensive cartridges connected.

Alternative to try

I work with MyFax and they have a strong anti-spam policy. You can read it online at . The service is only $10 a month.


THEY SHOULD allow the 500 dollar per violation to the person who owns the fax machine....I could make a living just checking my fax machine every morning.