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TROUBLESHOOTERS UPDATE: Warrant issued for Dr. Hot Tub owner


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- In tonight's Troubleshooters report, an update on a businessman who has been on our radar before. Gordon Smith runs a business called Dr. Hot Tub. In the past our viewers have complained that he has taken their money, and then failed to do the work he was paid to do.

There is now an order out for his arrest. New Hanover County Sheriff's Detectives are charging him with fraud for continuing to take people's money and not performing the work when promised, if at all.

If you know where Smith is, call the Sheriff's Office.

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hot tub repair

after reading the reviews I do not have believed them??? I called this guy and he was extreamly fair fixed my tub and showed me future concerns to be aware of. His pricing came in about 200 lower than the next quote and he does the work not sub it out to lower paid trainees. I think he is being railroaded by the big hot tub companies

We never had a problem with Gordon

We had a brand new spa bought from a lousy, well-known company in Wilmington. They were never able to service their own spa! We happened onto Mr. Hot Tub and have been thrilled to have him service our spa. Anything he said he would do, he did. I was extremely happy with him and wish I could get in touch with him again.

no arrest warrant!

There was a fraudulent arrest warrant for obtaining property through false pretense. I was arrested on fathers day, posted bond, showed up in court a few days later. We showed the evidence to the DA that the warrant should never have been taken out and they immediately dismissed it. Once again Amy mcadams is telling a partial truth.
In the original article on this station last year no mention was made that the hot tub cover was delivered to Polly after Amy promised the amount still owed would be paid. Money is still owed to us this day. Once again partial coverage.

Amy, looks like its time for me and you to meet in civil court.

Sally the poster above, should have already been contacted with our civil suit by our attorneyney, since I never had possession of her cover nor sold it. She left it when her house sold. The cat 200 board was returned to us when shipped to us. The 20 owed to her was applied to shipping.

Dr. HotTub

Gordon Smith Is a cheat, he did me. He never did the work and only after i filed a compliant in small claims court (which the sheriff never could find him to serve so i was out those court cost) did he show up and did partial but never got the hot tub totally repaired. If i was not in a wheelchair i would have kicked his.....

Dr Hot Tub

Dr. Hot Tub offered to sell a control board and a hot tub cover for me. He also had some extra chemicals that he was to sell for me. I have an old email that he sold the materials and owed me money...but I never heard from him again. I join everyone who was deceived by his jovial personality. He is a crook and owes me money or my materials!!!

GOOD...PUT him in jail!

This idiot is not only a crook, but he also doesn't know what he's doing. He installed the wrong control board on my hot tub years ago and completely fried the whole thing. Thankfully he was working under a company that was bonded and insured at the time!

circuit board

You obviously have a Catalina Spa. The wire size on almost every spa I have seen them put in was not the correct 6 gauge. The company that sold them recommended an electrician that used a THHN wire that was under sized according to their top engineer Chen at Balboa Industries that makes their circuit boards. We clipped several pieces of their wire and sent it to them with the pictures I take when I arrive at a spa, while working on a spa and the after pictures when I am finished. Since you have chosen WilmingtonMAJ to hide behind a screen name I can only guess that your one of the very first I worked on there before realizing the wire size was wrong and was in fact destroying almost every circuit board I went out to replace. (They caught fire and burned from the undersized wire) There are digital photos, that can be seen of your accusation. Not knowing who you are though keeps me from posting them or responding to this. I doubt I made that mistake nor was the reason your hot tub wire is most likely undersized. I have always had liability insurance from the start to the end of that business. If there had been a problem a simple phone call by you could have been placed or email. Those parts are not something I paid for if the repair was under warranty and all of the referrals from that company were for tubs that were under warranty. For the short month I took on their repair work before realizing I needed to quickly walk away from them due to the liability with the wiring issue, I replaced very few circuit boards. 17 of the first 20 repair orders were for their customers that had problems at least 6 months to 14 months old. We still have all the paperwork to prove it. We did make copies of everything for the NC Electrical Licensing board and Balboa Inc. since they both wanted to know more about all of the burnt boards and fried heaters we were seeing. Good thing we had/have pictures.