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Troubleshooters: Update on Wilmington Nissan story

We have an update on a Troubleshooters report we brought you earlier this year. Pamela Pickett put a $1,000 cash down payment on a used car at Wilmington Nissan. The salesman pocketed her money, and the dealership sold the car to someone else. Wilmington Nissan refused to give her a refund, so we aired a story about it. Attorney Chad Hogston agreed to take Pickett's case pro bono and sued Wilmington Nissan for the refund. The case recently settled out of court. The terms of the agreement are confidential, but we do know the salesman, Leon Burwell, was arrested and convicted of fraud since our story aired. He is now in prison and no longer works for Wilmington Nissan.

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I went there about 6 years

I went there about 6 years ago with a Chevy S-10 and a nice inbed tool box. As I was test driving and decided to buy their Nissan truck, they sold the toolbox off the back to someone that worked there.I had not even signed the papers when I noticed it was gone off the truck.I made them give me another box, floor mats and other items.

that's ridiculous

I can't believe a dealership wouldn't do the 'right thing' by refunding this woman her deposit. This crooked salesperson, took her money, he was employed at the time and was acting as an 'agent' for Wilm. Nissan, and therefore, Wilm. Nissan is responsible for his actions...Shame on you Wilmington Nissan..I WILL NEVER SHOP YOUR about Caveat Emptor...indeed

Wilm. Nissan

Unbelievable that she had to sue. Wilm. Nissan is so off my new car buying list. Low down company. Are the Nissan franchise folks aware of whats going on here? D&E lost Dodge after a long good relationship. Wilmington Nissan may be selling used cars exclusively soon.

Wilmington Nissan

They were one of the most honest Dealers I had the pleasure to work with. I went to several dealers and they tried to scam me. I hust want to say you cant blame a dealer for have a bad employee.

to the person who said you 'can't blame the dealership'..

You are right, you can't blame the dealership for having a bad employee, however, whenever someone works for you, and represents you, in any form or capacity, you are in fact LIABLE for anything they do or say, in actions or words, and this crooked salesperson took her money, they knew it and didn't want to do what was right...that being..give the lady her money back..and then go after the employee legally. You are just saying in doublespeak, by saying you can't blame the dealership, that it's the lady's fault. I applaud the attorney who also took this on pro bono, it would've been an open and shut case anyway in court. Again, SHAME ON WILMINGTON NISSAN, and I for one, am going to including this troubleshooters report to Nissan Corporate Headquarters as I'm sure they'd want to know what their franchisee's are up. It brings shame to the Nissan family and they don't deserve to have Nissan's name gracing their lot. So long Wilmington Nissan, so long..

But you CAN blame them.....

.....for not reimbursing the woman her $1000.00 that was taken on BEHALF of the dealership by that employee!!! The dealership was responsible and should have handed her money to her that very day!!! It would have signaled good faith by the dealership AND kept them from being black-balled from the local community. Nobody in their right mind would consider doing business with a car dealership that acts that way over a thousand dollars. I can just bet YOU got one heck of a GOOD deal! LOL They saw you coming!

I wouldn't buy a car from Wilmington Nissan....

...if Nissan was the only brand left and they were the only dealer! They had a shady reputation before this story and now it is only shadier. No business from me and none from my acquaintences! I spread the word at every opportunity.


after that story...I took the Wilmington Nissan dealership OFF of my list of possible new car purchases

Wilmington Nissan

Kudos to Attorney Hogston and to WWAY for helping this lady. It is no surprise she had to sue. Wilmington Nissan is the only new car dealer in the county with a F grade from the Better Business Bureau. Check for yourself, almost every dealer has an A grade. Let the buyer beware.


You are right the only car dealer with a F from the BBB. How can a dealership still be in buisness and to also represent a national car chain. Well maybe some more people will read this and buy a Nissan from a dealer outside of the Wilmington area.