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Truck hit by passenger train in Robeson County

Two people are dead after a passenger train hit a truck Sunday in Robeson County. Investigators say 19-year-old Devin Locklear was driving around the crossbars when an Amtrak train hit his truck Locklear and his passenger 18-year-old Amber Mercer were killed. The crash happened about 12:30 p.m. off Saint Anna Road near Pembroke. Amtrak reports no one on the train was hurt.

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i'm from pembroke...where this accident happened...and there were eye witnesses who saw them going around.

Truck hit by passenger train in Robeson County

Two young people are dead. Who says the driver drove around a gate? Who are the "investigators?" Were there any witnesses other than the AMTRAK engineer? Did law enforcement check to see if there is an Event Recorder at the crossing? There most likely is an Event Recorder there. It would show whether the lights / gates were working and for how long. AMTRAK trains often travel at 79 MPH and cause track circuit detection problems. In other words, the train isn't detected and the warning devices aren't turned-on (1) total failure--NO detection or (2) late activation---warning devices are activated a few seconds before the train reaches the crossing instead of the required 20 seconds. I wish the news media would refrain from blaming the driver until a complete investigation has been done. AGAIN, who are the "investigators" who claim the driver went around the lowered gate? Railroad? Law enforcement?

How do you know the these

How do you know the these things weren't looked into? Due to recent rain, maybe there were tire tracks from the truck as he tried to make his way around the bars? You complain about the investigators making assumptions and then you turn around and do the same thing. And if you know anything about the laws that govern trains, when they are in or around city/town limits, they have speed restrictions they must follow.

Journalistic Responsibility

Either way, it was the journalist's responsibility to look into all of this information before submitting the article. I'm a journalism major, myself! It would make for a much more interesting article if the reporter did look into more in-depth information, such as the rail road arms not processing the approaching train. The journalist should recognize that they have an opportunity to make change by bringing issues to light. You could save lives by uncovering information and sharing it with the public if you find out that there are malfunctioning rail road arms and the county has the pressure neccessary to fix said problem. ...I'm going to bed, it's 4:30 and I've been up all night writing an article for an eZine about Proposition 2 in California. I did my research though, and I feel that it covers the topic nicely! G'nite people! Stay off of the train tracks!

Investigation results are in...

It's very need for need for an investigation. Car vs. Train...well...Train wins everytime! 2 young people are dead because of bad judgement. Regardless of defective warning systems, inoperable gates, gate bypassing, etc., all vehicles approaching a railroad crossing should always be aware of the potential and proceed with caution. This is why it is a law for schoolbusses carrying children to STOP at all rr crossings. Trains aren't very quiet, so if you approach the crossings somewhat slowly, it just may save your life and whoever may be with you!

train guy...

you have a lot of time on your hands.