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Tuberculosis results back for Brunswick County Jail

The tuberculosis tests are back for people possibly exposed to the disease in the Brunswick County Jail. Of the four hundred plus tests administered to inmates and employees, 33 people tested positive. All but two of the positive tests were inmates. They have been quarantined to keep the disease from spreading. Monday, those who've tested positive will have physicals to determine if the TB is active. Tuberculosis is only considered infectious, and active, if it reaches the lungs. The health department found out about the contamination when a former inmate tested positive for TB, and indicated his old cellmate at the Brunswick County Jail as the possible source.That inmate has active TB, and has been transferred to Raleigh for treatment.

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What are the incarceration

What are the incarceration dates of the "former inmate"? Are there inmates that have been released that were housed with these same infected inmates?


why on God's green earth is she not wearing gloves??? seriously, there is a tb outbreak, she is going to inject someone w/o any gloves on?????

Nurse not wearing gloves??? Stupid!

I work in the medical profession and I can assure you that this is an OSHA violation....shame on her for not wearing her PPE (gloves) for her protection. I hope you follow up on this and let the public know that you should never allow anyone in the medical profession to perform any procedure on you without wearing gloves. It is for your protection as well as theirs.

ummmm? must not be well

ummmm? must not be well educated. TB is an AIRBORNE disease not BLOODBORNE. So unless she is licking the persons arm she isn't infecting herself or the patient. Check your facts and do research before you make comments!!!

check you facts

Let me guess, you're the idiot in the photo not wearing the gloves or mask :) that explains the ignorance in your post! I do pray for your sake whether you are the one in the picture or not, that you do not contract anything whether it be TB or something else since you are obviously are not concerned enough for your own safety to protect yourself.

Check your facts response

Not the nurse in the picture, but someone who has given PPD's in the past. check the cdc websites regarding immunizations. It states that gloves are not required when giving immunizations, because gloves cannot prevent a needle stick. A mask only needed to be worn if the patient was actively coughing and sick. Surely the nurse in the picture would have worn a mask if she felt it was necessary to protect herself.


TB is not a bloodborne disease however healthcare professionals should take responsibility to use protective barriers like gloves for not only their protection but for the protection of the patient from germs on your hands. Your comment about licking the patients arm is just silly. That is like saying hand washing is not necessary because we can't see the germs. Maybe UMMMM is not a healthcare worker but she is very smart to call attention to what she noticed...that a healthcare worker was not wearing protection. How would a patient know that the healthcare worker sanitized their hands before performing a medical procedure on them.

wearing gloves

I'm thinking two problems: 1. If it's airborne, then isn't a mask called for? 2. When health workers wear gloves, they are not necessarily wearing gloves to protect against what's being checked. Universal precautions protect us against what we don't know. Neither health professionals nor lawyers should be excluded from universal precautions.