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James Taylor concert enjoyed by all

READ MORE: Tuesday night's James Taylor concert enjoyed by all
A gorgeous night, an intimate setting and James Taylor; not a bad way to go if you were one of the 900 ticket holders at Greenfield Park Amphitheater Tuesday night for a concert with a mission. People waited in a long line just to get seats for his concert. 900 seats were available, and those without a ticket had to watch from the other side of a fence. It was standing room only as people packed into the amphitheater to listen to James Taylor sing and hear his political views. “It's been a long time since we've felt good about the way things are running in Washington,” said Taylor. Taylor has made 5 stops in North Carolina in 3 days. It is a battle ground state which is one of the reasons Taylor felt it was important to give free concerts to encourage people to vote, and to support Obama's campaign of change. "I'm hopeful that it will help energize people who are Obama supports to vote and everybody should vote, it's their patriotic duty,” said Leo Warshauer, an Obama supporter. Not everybody was there for politics. Stewart Pitman, a McCain supporter, said, "I'm actually here for the music. I'm not here to support Obama, I'm a Republican and I'm voting for McCain.” Despite political differences people seemed to enjoy the concert and no one seemed to mind waiting in lines or parking far away. Police said no one complained or caused any problems; they just listened to the music.

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when oboomer takes office....everything will be free....spreading the wealth....hahaha. vote john mccain president....honesty is the best policy.....unless your a democrat!!!

Another Liberal Entertainer

I like his music, but here we have another liberal entertainer, as they usually are, trying to further the liberal cause. Rich, elite Hollywood, or where ever they live in expensive real estate, enjoying capitalism to the max, sheltered by their money, supposedly in step with the common, not so rich, man. Since the Democrats use entertaining glitz, and the boob tube, to get votes, Taylor fits right in.

missed it

I like JT but I refuse to show any support for nobama.

My mother went to H.S with

My mother went to H.S with JT and he's a stand up guy. I seriously doubt JT's concert swayed anyone to vote for Obama nor McCain. Most have already decided. Too bad Sean Hannity's not running huh guesty?

would be better

Sean Hannity would be better than nobama. Heck, my dog could do a better job than nobama and would only spend half as much time licking his butt.


We are glad you stayed home. Trust me, no one missed you at all. I'm sure you will be sick on November 4, 2008 when he is annouced "The PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES". Maybe you will stay home then ha, ha, ha.


If you all think Bush is gonna let his seat go on NOV 4, please see my email for some property I have for sale. I think that he will say "since the country is in war I will have to stay here". That is scary to think of, but so is letting the White House go to either one of the two candidates. Too bad we can't just pick up some "plumber Joe" off the street and put him in the big seat. I truly think that to prevent a riot, the president will declare his seat needs to stand since we are at war.

Very true

That is very true, you wouldn't miss me because you don't know me and I don't hang out with the welfare masses looking for a handout. It is also true I will be sick if nobama is elected. The only upside is I'll be able to claim all you welfare recipients as dependants since I pay for your lifestyle.

What has he done?

NObama has you brainwashed by his SERMONS! The rookie tries to talk a good game but has nothing to back it up, except for the 200 advisors that he has to rely on. He is nothing but a puppet. He has all of the liberals fooled! God help us.

Its ok to vote for a black

Its ok to vote for a black man. They don't Bite.


yea your right theo. and when obama takes office they probably won't have to work either. right?


Black, white, purple, red. A socialist is still a socialist no matter what color you paint them.


Here it comes. If you don't vote Obama your a racist. It's not because you disagree with him or don't feel he is the best man for the job or something reasonable like that. I guess they are getting the excuses ready in case he loses.

There you go again...

"Black" has nothing to do with who will get my vote! I would have gladly voted for Colin Powell if he had run for president, at least until I heard he was an Obama supporter, so disappointing. If Obama gets elected because of the total ignorance of basing his qualifications on his skin color, ALL of us are going to be in big trouble! Black, white, yellow or red...nothing will come free for any of us and the ones that do work will suffer even more. I would just like to see a man that is experienced, has integrity, loves our country, works for the people of this country and tries to keep this country away from the socialistic practice we are heading for. Does anyone remember the USSR, what that was all about, how the people were treated and how little they had? If not, then get out a history book and brush up!!! This is a scenario coming to a country near you!!! Very near! So, if voting for a black man is what this is all about and that's why people got to the voting booth, we can all just hang it up right here! Serious trouble is on the horizon. I am still quite amazed to see the ignorance that people will exude by writing down in black and white in these posts, absolutely amazing!

Obama isn't "black". Obama

Obama isn't "black". Obama is bi-racial.


is bi-racial anything like half honky...half donkey?

No problem with race

I don't have a problem with nobama's race, I have a problem with his inexperience, his leaning towards "wealth redistribution plan" and other socialist activities. He is trying to take survival of the fittest out of the equation and make it survival of the lazy and inept.

Look where capitalism got us.

Greedy banks, forclosures, sky-high gas prices- this is what an unregulated market creates. Schools, Roads, Bridges, A Police Force, Regulated Electricty, Sewage, Water, The Blue Ridge Park Way, Homeland Security, public parks and beaches, unemployment, bank insurance, tax breaks for mega churches, technological research that create jobs...all these things are socialist ideas. When you are down in the dumps your neighbors help you out, why? because you would do the same for us. No one is too good the lend a hand nor accept one. That is socialism. Socialism is not a sin.


Ahhh...I will gladly help a neighbor in need. I will NOT gladly help those willfully unemployed who count on gov't checks to get their kicks every month. Socialism may not be a sin in the biblical sense, but it's highway robbery in common sense. *anyone else notice Biden slipped in the info that the big $250,000 tax magic number to $150,000?